Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome Akiho and Happy Birthday Satomin

Due to bad leader, Love Gals was left nearly the entire 7th generation left and only natsuki and matsumi were left to rebuild Love Gals. They gain Yumi, Miki, A-chan as the two of them. Later we joined making the cast about 7. Since then we have been working hard on re-building Love Gals. New members Saki, and Satomin joined and now we have a new recruit Akiho invited by Ash.

Ash met Akiho on mixi. Akiho is a gal from Kyuushu who moved to Tokyo recently to go to university here. She posted on a forum to look for new friends in Tokyo. Ash saw this post and asked her to join Love Gals. Luckily she did it fast because expressions invited akiho shortly after at her school on the day she was comming to the Love Gals meet to check it out. She was very impressed and was really happy on how welcoming everyone is.

Today is also Satomin's birthday so we signed a card and smooshed cake in her face just like how we did to miki. Kinda ironic as that this is prob the first day Satomin wore false lashes.

We all took purikura. It was amusing because purikura machines are not meant to fit THAT many people in a booth at once. But we managed somehow ^^

Im really glad Akiho decided to join because we really need people like her who have ots of energy and motivation to work hard on events. Akiho ash and I got close pretty quickly. She also joined just in time to be able to do Dance Groove and participate in our up coming photoshoot we are going to have for the booklet.

Aside from that things are getting pretty tight with money. Events actually cost money to do. How it works is that you pay a certain amount to participate in the event and you try to make your money back with however many guest come for you under your name. Not only was that due, but the cost for the upcoming tour is due and I had to get my hair done because the circle shoots are due soon and I want my hair to be rid of 2months of roots in my hair... looks like I will be starving for the next month or so. haha...


  1. you and ash are a huge inspiration to me (:

    love your blog! can't wait for upcoming entries



  2. I love your entries, and your pictures are everytime realy cool and cute ^^

    Your Blog is great!

    *hug* Bibi ^^

  3. I love your blog!
    I check back often and these look like new entries, but the date says April? I'm confused!

  4. emiri & ViVi-> aww thankyou~~

    Kittengreen-> thankyou~ ahh yea, in back logged by half a year due to technical difficulties. Im trying my best to catch up though~!

  5. oh, okay! :) Thanks for responding.