Friday, April 1, 2011

A Sentaa and Men’s Egg Youth model hijacked my bed

A couple of days after my birthday party I spotted one of the senta’s hanging around mecca. I waved at him and he gave me a surprised look and waved back. I continued walk to work when a the whole group ran up to me and ash and started to talk to us. Kazuya asked for my number when Men’s egg youth model Ryouchimu came up and asked what was going on all genki. When Kazuya explained that I took a photo with him a few days ago, Ryouchimu said “THAT’S IT?! How boring” then he looks at us and said both of you are cute!! One of you give me your number! Because I gave my number to Kazu, so ash gave hers to Ryou.

On Thursday after I got home after the Love Gals meeting, Kazu phoned and asked where I was. “Im at home” “oh…. Im in shibuya” “Oh yea? Me too” “whut?! I thought u said you’re at home” “I LIVE in shibuya” “Oooh~” a few hours later we ended out hanging out with him and he also brought Ryouchimu. Kazu said he was tiered and cold and asked if he could come over to our house. All 3 of us were like whut? Why???? He kept pushing and pushing and eventually we caved in and said yes because we too were really cold. Our plan was to just hang out for a little while, warm up a little and go somewhere after but faster than kazu ryou fell asleep. Kazu kept asking ash to translate everything. The jist of it was that he liked me and wanted to be my boyfriend. I told him I already have a boyfriend and I don’t really have and interest in boys that are younger than me generally. Kazu eventually gave up and fell asleep too. So ash and I was like now what? So while the slept we watched girls life and eventually fell asleep too.

In the morning we were trying hard to wake kazu up. Ryou woke up just fine but kazu refused. When we finally got him to wake up he had to do all his makeup and so on and we couldn’t leave until they left. Eventually it got to be too late and ash just went with my half of the money with her and I sat down and said well it looks like im stuck on babysitting duty. Ryou laughed. They left a little after Ash got back from ometesando.

Some of the things we talked about was about gal/gyarou in general. Ryou said that recently he’s not very happy with Men’s Egg/Men’s egg youth. He said that he understands that yea that Megg now is tonned down and stuff but Mens Youth was supposed be the magazine that shows TRUE gyaruo but recently its been tonning down too. It frustrated him.

We showed some western gals Kazu (im not gonna say names just random ones mostly manba/bamba) he was looking over them and said that he thinks Pin and Niji are really interesting. He said he saw some of the western gals here and there before as well. His main opinion was that he wasn’t particularly impressed. He said a lot of them were either boring or if they were good, they just look like cookie cutter gyaru out of the magazine. I sorta agreed with what he said in some ways. The bottom line is, try to be a bit more original I think. When I think about it harder, the magazines nowadays have become more of the commercial side of gyaru/gyaruo. You may not see the heavier styled gals/gyaruo in them now but it doesn’t mean its not popular or don’t exist. Its just that gal has become more open to the public and the tonned down styles is a result of that. In the west, I think its easy to feel like its just a fashion, but the deeper and deeper I get into it here in Japan, it feels like its less about being perfect in your hair, makeup and style, but rather a way of being. (but of course, having perfect hair and style etc DOES make you prettier, but it doesn’t make you any less gal if you don’t is what im saying) bottom line there is stop picking eachother apart so badly like a bunch of Nazis with magnifying glasses.


  1. That's a really interesting observation. It's hard to really know about the sub-cultures over there without living and experiencing it like you are currently. I wish I could do that too but I'm stuck in Australia =3=; I love to read about your blog entries relating to your experiences in Japan though ^^

  2. i think it's really cool that you are delving into "what it means to be gyaru" please keep us informed! i also am a bit sad that gyaru and gyaruo fashion seem to be dying out... (althou senta and bamba is kinda too crazy for me so i definitely don't really need to see it come back. lol)

    where did you get Girl's Life!! i wanna see it but can't find it! T_T

  3. xxshirai-> aww thankyou~

    karisuma gyaru-> Actually the point was that its not dying out but the magazines are not focusing on it. It's still pretty alive and going well however the magazines are focusing more on the mild general audience friendly styles. However, I think egg (not really mens unfortunately) is starting to pick up again with Riho Keito and from time to time featuring new mamba and sentaas.

  4. oh cool! i am happy that it's not dying out then ^_^

    egg used to be my favorite gal mag actually... i still love the style, but these days i feel like it is soooo geared towards high school girls, and then it makes me feel really old reading it! T_T

    but yeah, i do wish that magazines would stop being so boring though... it seemed that before, each magazine had a really different style, but now they are almost all the same! meh.