Sunday, April 3, 2011

S_Cube Graduation

S_cube is a big umbrella of a bunch of circles such as Sheeps, しぇっPィず, Serpent, Shetlans Shake II, S&S, Shooting Stars, Salvia...

Every circle has generations based on age and every circles has their rules as to what age they graduate. For most Highschool circles the graduating age is 18~19. Most dai-sa's are 21~22. As a general, you get about 3 years in a circle so there are some people who graduate a younger and some who graduate older. However, most circles have a age limit for how old you can be when you enter and so on. Though it is sad to leave your circle graduation is necessary for the growth of the circles. It is the goal of a sa-jin (circle person) to graudate. If you are kicked out or leave before graduation you are often shunned and excluded from circle people. After graduation motto-sa-jin (graduated sa-jin) often continue to attend events and some outstanding members become advisers for big multi-circle events such as Dance Groove, Love and Sunshine, Campus Summit, D-1. For singular circle events of thier previous circle often motto-sa-jin sit in VIP and watch their juniors.

Ash and I were invited to S_Cube graduation by Kazu and Ryouchimu. Ryouchimu is not graduating. However, Kazunyan is. The line for the event was quite long as i rushed to meet Ash and Yumi. I couldnt find them at first when I walked passed atom. When i finally found them Yumi told me that she was wondering who the person with the HUGE hair was. HAHA

When we finally got in, there was an interruption in the line to let all the graduating member's parents come through. Though one might think that everyone is against their children being gyaru but alot of parents actually support their children when they are in circles as they watch how hard the apply themselves at making events, making friends and really putting their all in something.

As soon as we entered Yumi brought us to the drink counter and we ordered drinks (most of these events are all-you-can-drink) and we were made to chug drink after drink while getting cheered on by calls. This is quite normal in every event.

The show began and we moved up to the front. We got to see many para-para, tech shows and so on. A little later we moved up to VIP because Yumi knew a few people in there. We were introduced to DJ Iori, DJ Yuki and a few other Djs. From the 6th floor looking down we had a clear view of the performances. The last part of the event was the graduation ceremony where each of the graduating members gave a speech and told of their precious experiences of being in their circle.

At the end of the event we headed back downstairs and I congratulated Kazunyan and then left with Yumi, Ash and Iori. We all headed to Sentagai and took purikura with DJ Iori and took a few pictures with a couple of people. One being Run-chan a very outstanding mamba.

Again another precious experience. I feel like somehow, all in the course of a week or so I have been swept into the heart of gyaru culture in Tokyo. I feel excited to know that this is the beginning of many new experiences and a oppertunity to see things I have only speculated on in the past first hand.

After meet, I was supposed to see Ai. He said he would come to shibuya for me around 8ish but time got later and later. I fell asleep waiting for him but he eventually came around 12. We didnt end out doing much just chatting and talking about random things. I showed him the photos from today and he was very impressed and surprised. He told me he tried sentaa for a week or 2 then quit. LOL I would have loved to have seen that hahahhaa. He was obviously very tired. He rarely has time so he often goes without sleep to see me... I don't like to stress him out too much so even though he says hes fine (while falling asleep while sitting or standing) I just let him sleep.

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