Thursday, April 7, 2011

My 1st Hanami with Love Gal's

I came to Japan 2 years ago during hanami season in the spring. However, I was not able to go for some reason or another. My friend explained to me that Hanami is a tradition in which people sit under the sakura trees and admire the blossoming flowers. I thought this was done during the day with a picnic or something of that sort but it is very common for hanami to be done at night with your co-workers or friends with a bottle of sake.

Usually because of location, Yoyogi Koen is often overly packed during hanami season and it is very hard to get a seat. But due to the recent big earthquake last month it was pretty empty. After taking some purikura and a photo with our Love Gal's banner we headed to Yoyogi koen with a big bottle of souchu and bottles of tea, calpis soda, etc. We picked our spot and our leader Natsuki explained to us what a nagomi is.

Nagomis are a big part of sa-life. It is where everyone sits in a circle with a big bottle of sochu and owari (juice or tea etc to mix with. there is also dai-sa style where its just straight up but no one likes that style) and play drinking games. Usually the youngest in the group will be the ones mixing the drinks if they werent premixed and put into big pet bottles to begin with.

Usually our leaders will start off the games. Natsuki taught us each game to us so we will be prepared for future bigger nagomis with multi-circle meet-ups. I found alot of the games hard to grasp at first because of a language barrier. But I slowly got used to them as we played them over and over again.

A little further on a group of young salary-men who were doing nagomi as well next to us with a expensive bottle of nihon-shu (sake) offered to share some of it with us. One of them has connections with the beach and Natsuki and him talked about possibly having a summer event on the beach.

They didnt stay long after and neither did we. We left Yoyogi koen before the last train.

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