Saturday, April 23, 2011

Love Gal's Photoshoot!

Ahh~ money is super tight around this time ==;; dance groove fee, tour fee, hair dye, photoshoot fee, and bbq isnt too far away either. Been eating instant noodles or raw egg over rice for the last couple of weeks and prob will continue to do so for a month maybe.. so hungry...

Every gyaru event has a pamphlet/booklet in which the circles and its members are shown. Events are not only to have a good time but to promote circles so that new people can join. Most of the time, circles use "pin-puri" which are solo purikura shots for their photo. But Love Gal's wanted to do something different. We wanted a professional photoshoot.

Mr. Yamada whom ash and I met at Double Hearts was so kindly willing to do the shoot for free. All we had to pay was for part of the studio time.

For the photoshoot we wanted everyone to look perfect so everyone went to get hair-set done. The place we normally go couldnt get us in at the time we wanted so we had to go to another place called Ups. We were barely squeezed in because there was a wedding party getting thier hair done and makeup done.

I wanted to pick a hairset that was standardly more me. I often like to experiement with hairsets if im doing them on my own but since this is a photoshoot for love gals i wanted a set that represented my general style so i picked a hime set but asked her to REALLLY suji it all out. The hair-set lady seemed to have alot of fun with arranging the colors of my hair on my head haha

When we got outside it was raining. It worried me alot. We finally made it to the alta to meet with everyone then we all headed to McDs where we touched up our makeup and put an extra coat of hairspray on to try to make it all stay. We also added glitter to make it look even more impressive. Mr. Yamada explained how the studio is quite small so we can only come in certain groups and rotate around. But in the end we all ended up at the studio together anyway.

The studio is located in Kabukicho. Its a studio where alot of kyabajos and hosts get thier shoots done. But instead of using their photographer we had our own so we only had to pay for studio time. The shoots went really fast paced at first and we got everyone done alot faster than expected so we ended up experimenting with with some more funny shots here and there.

The shoot ended around 3-4ish and the rain was pouring really hard at this point. We all went into a nearby game center and took purikura. A guy hit on miki and gave her his number on a piece of paper she gave one look at it crumpled it up and threw it on the ground.

after purikura everyone was really tired so we all split off.

soon after ash and I received the files and we edited it (lighting and so on ) and sent the files to each of the members so they can choose which one they want to use. Little did we know this photoshoot for our GYARU-SA is going to start a bunch of internet drama.


  1. What is GYARU-SA?

  2. I love reading your blog!! and your really pretty!! By the way I was wondering what kind of hair dye do you use and the brand of the hair dye. thanks. ^_^

  3. Dear Shiena,
    I always love your blogposts! It gives me a real look on what gyaru actually is. You together with Ashley are a big inspiration to me. I think it's sad how everyone in the western community is talking about you two. I don't believe anything of it, because it is ridiculous. I'll keep on supporting you two and don't bother the community, they're just jealous ;) I also think it's really cool that you are in a gyaru circle. I didn't know that a gyaru lifestyle could be really something you have to work hard for and that you have to be really dedicated to it! Although its taking a lot of your time, I hope you're enjoying it (well, obviously you are ;))! But remember to eat good, because that is very important, I hope you will soon find more time for it!

  4. You photo looks great. :) Forget the internet drama, seriously. It doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks! I know it can be hurtful sometimes but in the end your life is about YOU, and letting them make you feel down is counterproductive! Keep your head up.

  5. Your life is so exciting Shiena. Keep on living your dreams :)