Thursday, April 14, 2011

Darts + Karaoke w/ Blaze Event Team

As usual we had our weekly meet with Love Gals talking about some upcoming important dates or Dance Groove and how we need to try our best to recruit new members and such. After the meet was over Natsuki Ash and I went to McDs to eat dinner and hung out further when other members either went home or went to work. Natsuki got a call from Blaze (another circle) inviting us to join them for darts.

When we got to the darts place we were split up into groups and played. Our sweet leader natsuki cant play darts even if her life depended on it so she had a very funny way of throwing them. She would take the entire can of darts and throw them all at once hoping one of them will stick on the board. Every few rounds the teams got switched around. A few members were to choose their teams. Kouya being the playboy he is picked almost all girls. While Nikoru picked who he thought were the strongest which were all boys. The boys in his team groaned while Nikoru was completely oblivious to it all. During darts we also talked and speculated over a few things to do with Dance Groove. The last meet we talked about the Theme for Dance Groove. It was decided to to be JAPAN. But our group was saddened our SM Adult Disney theme wasn't picked. Tomoki was happy that most of love gals wanted it though since it was his idea.

The plan was to play darts til last train but by the time we finished all the trains were gone so we all decided to go to karaoke. On our way to karaoke Linderman asked if Ash and I would help this girl in Blaze with her style. She said she really wants to become louder in her style but doesnt have any clue where to start. We agreed to help her sometime.

When we got to karaoke we all paid 1000yen to our leaders and those with proper IDs showed them because minors are not allowed to go to karaoke after a certain time at night. The bulk of us headed towards to the room while some others went to the konbinini to buy alcohol. The minors snuck in a little later and shortly after the ones who went to buy alcohol came back with another small group who went to the free soft drink counter to bring owari. Other members from other circles such as kou mikado, and bluff also joined in and we filled up one huge room with at least 20-30 of us.

Everyone sang karaoke and played drinking games. Luckily Natsuki taught us a few last week so we weren't completely loosing but still, I wasnt doing too well because when it came to games like Yamenote sen (which is where you name a category and everyone has to say something in it and if they get it wrong, cant come up with something or say something that has already been said they have to drink ) I couldn't understand the category too well.

Also since its karaoke, those who didnt sing karaoke had to drink and so on. Natsuki is apparently known for being akb like so she sang akb. Surprisingly, there are large number of other gyaru who love vkei as Mika sang an old song of Gazettes and Kai sang acid black cheery with me.

During this meet Ash and I met alot of people who will later become closer friends in the future such as linderman, Nikoru, Kai, Tomoki etc

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