Monday, April 4, 2011

Dance Groove Event Planning Meeting

Uwa~ Yet another day in which I had to get up earlier than intended on. Recently I found myself rushing through all my meals. Its really sad I don’t get to eat my food at the pace I want. When you pay for food… well at least for me anyway, I kinda like to enjoy it but whatever, things have to be done right? I said to myself that I DEFIANTLY wanted to eat my food normal for dinner.

Not really knowing how this meeting is going to be like but knowing we MUST be there on time because our leader Natsuki is in the running for one of the higher up positions and it reflects badly on our circle if we are late. To try our best to make it on time, we took a taxi to Shinjuku to meet with Yumi.

We all arrived JUST in time but the leaders of the meeting were late haha go figure but at least were weren’t. To my surprise even though it’s a gyaru meeting, everything is quite formal in terms of greeting people in polite speech, (only difference is that we say otsukaresama desu rather than ohaiyogozaimasu) taking special care of greeting leaders a particular way and people who are older than you. (This is when its kinda nice being older than a lot of people)

The meeting started and I was looking around a little curiously at this whole picture. It looked really cool seeing all these gyaru/gyaro all serious in a lecture hall. And normal people don’t think gyaru/gyaruo work hard. Everything was very formal and professional. The point of this meeting was nominating who is going to be in charge for each position. I had quite a difficult time understanding most of the speeches or what was going on. It was the first time being in japan in such a formal setting for so long. (amongst gyaru of all kinds of people is what makes me kinda laugh) The meeting went on til about 9:15 Our leader got one of the highest positions and we were all happy. During the breaks and free time parts were all called the Kyaba-sa (because we all look like kyabajos) and one of the supervisors said that our circle overall had the cutest girls.

Though we really wanted to go drinking with everyone after we had work at 10:30…. I said at the begining of this entry that the one thing I wanted today was not to inhale my food… guess what? I had inhale my food =.= Almost literally too. We tried to cut time by going to a ramenya near our workplace. I ate the ramen a little faster than id have liked though it was very good. But our gyoza took forever to come and by the time it did we had 5mins to eat it all. I bit into each one like 2-3 times and swallowed them all down. It really sucked. Not only did it kinda hurt going down and made me feel sick after, they were good gyoza too and I can tell I would have loved to savor them if I had the time of day. Work was a bit difficult to get through because of the little sleep we ran on and my brain for being tired with the whole day being formal and in Japanese/not understanding because of it, and Ash being tired from translating.

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