Monday, April 18, 2011

Dance Groove 2011 - Giant Multi-Circle Nagomi

Dance Groove meetings happen every monday like clock-work. We are expected to go on time so to not have our circle look bad. Ash and I decided since the last time that maybe we should be taking off work on mondays instead of thursdays as Love Gals always lets you go for work but for Dance Groove if you have to leave you must leave during the assigned intermissions so not to disturb the flow of the meeting with people going in and out of the room.

Just like in normal Japanese culture where people work hard together then after they all get together and drink to build stronger and more personal friendships with their co-workers, so do gyaru after meetings. We haven't been able to because of work for the past few weeks but this time around we took off so we could.

The meeting started as normal. This was quite an important meet as this is the meet where it is decided which section you are are going to be put in and the sub-leaders for each section. The sections are such as stage, date planning, promotion, graphics, staff? (like door staff, vip room servers etc) etc

Ash and I decided to go into graphics because this is where we think we are the strongest. Ash wouldnt mind going to stage or promotion but I am uncomfortable and shy with public speaking and promotion requires phoning up and talking formally to sponsors and such which I am in no position to do. The meeting were held in formal speech so even though I am at the level in which i can carry a decent conversation in casual Japanese I have a difficult time understanding formal situations. Thus Ash and I had to be in the same group for me to even be able to participate.

The meeting went pretty long and afterwards we were all expected to make our way to Yoyogi Koen. I knew we were going drinking and i thought we were going to go to an izakaya or something so i didnt buy dinner. But due to the great number of people we went to yoyogi koen with sake and owari bought from konbinis.

When we got to Yoyogi Koen everyone was split up into groups. They wanted all the circle members to mix with other circle members so there was a max number on the number of people of the same circle in a group. Each circle was split and spread out evenly. We played drinking games and drank and drank and drank. In the west Im pretty good at games but due to the language barrier I'm still tripping up and making alot of mistakes. Not sleeping much and not eating a thing in the last 12hrs really put my tolerance down low. But I managed to survive quite a bit longer than I expected. Others however were already starting to fall. One sentaa actually started to get a nose bleed out of nowhere and the first thing he was saying was ahh nooo is there any blood on my albarosa coat?? please help me keep it protected. The next thing he said was ahh no i have school tomorrow i cant miss school~ noooo (let alone the fact hes bleeding alot out of his nose) Ash, one other person, kai and i were standing by yuki trying to help him. Kai said to lighten up the situation, that he liked the color of blood and i agreed. Ash looked at us as if we were sick HAHA (stupidvkeipeopleandthiercreepyobssessionofbloodimeanwhat?) Not all of us can help Yuki at once so it was ash who mainly stuck by him.

around 12-1am or so the rain started to fall and we all ran over to sit under the bridge. At this point half of the sa-jin were super drunk some passed out some throwing up. We werent the only ones who didnt eat apparently. Ash and I were still hanging in there for the most part but were starting to go as well.

The cultural thing that is different than the west is that in the west it is admirable to be able to handle your alcohol and be responsible to know when to stop but in Japanese culture it is admirable to continue drinking til you cant drink anymore and never refuse drinks as it is it rude to refuse. Being as such sa-jin will drink to the bitter end. Some may even go as far as continuing to drink with a throw up bag in their hand.

Shortly after some police came. We thought it was because of us so we quiet down and our minors ran off because they can get in trouble being out after curfew. Whatever the problem was, it was dealt with quickly, they went away and we continued.

Prob around 3ish I was way passed drunk and Kai took care of me as i rested my head on his lap while he continued to play the games. When I awoke after throwing up I noticed that ash was completely passed out. I stuck by her til she woke up again. For me the alcohol goes through my system very quickly so even if i get super drunk If i rest for a bit it will be through my system and I will be fine again soon. For ash, shes pretty strong but for sochu it gives her a headache and such. It was starting to approach 4am when Natsuki and I thought it would be a good idea to bring her home. Though Natsuki and I were also drunk, we were still ok enough to walk around and carry her. We took her to a taxi and we rode til our home where we carried her in. After i made sure shes alright i fell asleep too.

This night was pretty intense. I haven't drank that much in a long time and it somewhat made me scared of nagomis for a little bit and made me want to learn the games even better. Next time I will DEFIANTLY eat before doing a nagomi again.

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