Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ai's Last Event In His Host Career

Circle life took ash and I by storm. I went from having a moderate schedule to suddenly having a crazy busy one. I wasn't the only one busy either. While I was working on Dance Groove and getting myself familiar with circle life, Ai has been busy with practice and rehearsal for his club's event. The last time we saw each other, I expressed how much I wanted to come and see it because of how hard he is working on it but of course it would be expensive so I wouldn't be able to go... But since it was his last event as a host (he plans to quit sometime this year) he would rather it be me next to him than a customer for it so he offered to pay for me to come.

Early in the morning I made my way to Kabuki-cho. I met up with Ai in front of Donki and he told me that we needed to get some things. Ai's part in the skit he's involved it is a girl so he asked if i could do his makeup for him. I bought my makeup and we bought extra things like eyelashes and brushes etc at donki. After that there was still some time before the club opens so we went and ate some udon near by. Ai told me that when i go to the club its ok to say I'm his girlfriend as long as i don't tell them that he paid for me because that's against the rules.

When we got to the club I sat down with him and we chatted a bit over drinks. ( for events its all-you-can-drink free time system) some of the host without shime-ed customers rotated around the tables as "help" and talked to me as well. Sometimes Ai had to go to another table as help for champagne calls etc. His co-workers were very funny and entertaining.

During the first groups show, Ai got changed and came out in a... miku? costume LOL! I did his makeup while watching the show here and there. After that was done there was a little intermission and Ai went to the other side of the club to get ready while his co-workers kept me company.

Ai's skit was actually quite funny. They all dressed in nerd glasses multi-colored shirts and well really anything to look ridiculously stupid. The main character is a new host at a host club. He is trampled on and made to do mundane duties. He envies the number 1 at the club who has this customer named shizuka (Ai) who is a super bratty customer that spends alot of money. He expresses his frustration in private and out comes doraemon to the rescue. He has chats back and forth with doraemon and doraemon says he will grant his wish. The next time Shizuka comes to the club the number 1 stiffs up and cannot move. Shizuka gets frustrated and changes her shime to the new host. However things get out of hand when the main character finds out the true nature of how its like to handle shizuka. He is made to chug many bottles of champagne every night to the point where he thinks he made a mistake and cries out for doraemon. I think Doraemon kind of said that it was kinda a lesson he had to learn or something i wasnt quite sure on this part but anyway it somehow lead to doraemon having to drink the champagne instead and he got super drunk and was acting super crude and funny walking around the club. But eventually he gets a bit violent when shizuka picks on him and he brings out a vibrator? and sticks it under her skirt and she screams and runs away. The new host cries after shizuka and the story ends with drunk doraemon laughing. LOL what a crazy skit.

The rest of the time Ai and I just sat talked and drank til the club was closed. He had to shower and get changed so I left first and waited for him outside in font of the koma building in kabukicho. It was daylight and kinda warm. I sat around watching 3-bu trying to catch customers for their club. Originally there is 1-bu which is night, and 2-bu which is morning. But recently as of a few months ago there has been a few 3-bu clubs opening that operate during the afternoon. I sat around waiting for a while and just when a group of 3 who were 2-bu hosts who got off work were trying to get me to go with them to play (who didnt believe me when i said i had a boyfriend) Ai showed up and took me by the hand.

Its early afternoon. We were together during the day for once. We were thinking we might go out somewhere or something but we were both very tierd and haven't slept for a long time so we decided to take a little nap at my house for a bit. We ended up sleeping til late unfortunately.

When we got up we freshened up a little and went to eat at a ramenya near by that ash and I are friends with. Ai got along with the tencho very well and talked alot. The tencho was teasing me on how everytime the subject of Ai comes up my face lights up. The tencho also said that at first he was wary of him since he is a host but upon meeting him he can see why I like him.

After we finished eating we took some purikura in sentaagai and then headed off to atom. Ai said he hasn't gone clubbing in a long time. When I was there I ran into alot of friends and introduced Ai to them. Ai and I had some fun at the club but hes not really all that into dancing so he mostly just watched me and drank which made me feel a bit uncomfortable. We left a little early hanged out til around 6-7ish and then slept a little til the afternoon and he left to run some errands.

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  1. I love your blog, and the story of you and Ai is so cute. You are gorgeous<3 I love reading about your life in Japan :]