Saturday, March 5, 2011

A v-host swoops into my life out of nowhere

feb 25th Rescuing a V-host

Work kept me an hour later than usual because the customers I was attending to stayed in late. Ash was let out a little earlier. I was heading towards the station because ash was already there and on my way a V-host stops me. He spoke in a very polite tone asking me if I can do him the favor of going to his club. I was about to keep walking when he said "please, I’ll pay for it. Seriously, I’ll be in BIG trouble if I don’t get someone to come for me. A customer reserved to come in today but dropped out last minute and I need to find a replacement or I’ll be in BIG trouble. "

I was skeptical of his sincerity on top of the fact that I have to move out soon and literally have no money. So I really couldn't afford to be scammed but continued to follow me to the station. I said my friend is waiting for me there and I was planning to go home with her. I also wasn’t a hundred percent sure of all the details of what he was proposing because he was speaking in keigo. (very polite Japanese) I told him, "I’ll tell you what, my friend is at the station right now, she is fluent in Japanese. If you are willing, we can talk to her and if she gives the ok I’ll go with you." When we entered the station I called ash and found out she had already boarded the train home.

So I said hummm….. well she had already went home….. He said can you pleeeeasssssssssse???? I mean…. If you can’t its ok, but I really need your help. Just your time. Here (passes me 10000yen) you can use this to pay for it. I’m like ok…. Well im going to pass you the phone and you can explain to my friend exactly what is going on so she can tell me. You better not pull anything weird because I’ll tell you RIGHT now, I WILL NOT be able to pay the bill if it goes over what you gave me because I’m moving so I have 0 money. He agreed to it and talked to ash on the phone and she explained to me everything that he said.

He said well, there’s still a little bit of time before the shop opens. Are you hungry at all?? I can buy you breakfast. We went to a Italian café and ate spaghetti and pizza. Over breakfast we talked about various things. It was a bit shocking but he happened to know both my ex boyfriends who used to be hosts and he had actually seen me before at christon café when I went to the gothic event 5months ago. He then asked me how much time did I have. If I could, he’d like for me to stay until end because then after he can hang out with me more.

Also over breakfast I was explaining my situation to him and he asked me how I was planning to stay. I said theres plan A which is adoption, B which is marriage, C which is student visa and D which is work visa. I said A is preferable.

After breakfast he took me to his club. The fact that we were talking about so many things we had forgotten to introduce ourselves. He gave me first his shop name and then his real name after. His name is Ai. I was confused and said that’s a very unusual name for a man. He said his full name is Kobayashi Aiichiro.

He held my hand when he walked me to his shop. He said you have prob never been to a host club before. (as opposed to men kyaba which is what have gone to before. They are the same only that Host clubs are of a higher level and cost more) On my way, I was spotted by fox host boy and he looked very upset. The reason is that after I had finished work he had asked if he could see me but I said I was busy after I agreed to go with Ai. He sent me a mail saying “you are busy huh? T_T” I told him that I was helping a friend and he said “what’s the meaning of that?!” He didn’t calm down til I told him that it wasn’t by my money.

I arrived at Top Dandy zoc and sat with Ai. The seats were very comfortable and there were many pillows. Ai sat with me most of the time. From time to time other host will come by sit and talk with me. The hosts in host clubs tend to be a bit older than men kyaba and defiantly smoother in the way they talk. Each host had their own appeal.
Host clubs and Men Kyaba are essentially the same thing but there are some differences. One being that the cost of shime (choosing a host to sit next to you and to be YOUR host) is a lot higher, and two that the mood is a lot more calmer and relaxed. Men Kyaba casts are often that of a much younger age bracket from around 18 years old to 26. However host clubs don’t often have hosts younger than 23 and can go way up into their 30s.

I stayed from the begining til the end. Ai had to leave the table from time to time for things like Champagne calls and so on. Host were asking me what kind of feel do I like because they knew I had not been to a host club before but I had gone to men kyaba. Do you like it more “tension up” like men kyaba? Or do you like it more relaxed like regular host club? I told them which ever is more natural to you, I prefer to see your personality because that’s more interesting than any front you can come up with. I apparently drank quite a bit but surprisingly not drunk.

It was around 12pm when I exited Top Dandy. The sun was up high and glowing brightly. It hurt my eyes a lot. I put on a pair of shades thinking to myself that wow, I must really have become quite the nocturnal creature these days.

Ai took me to Karaoke. His voice was absolutely stunning! He told me he is going to quit hosting soon. He had already been doing it for 5 years or so and he had been going to voice lessons while hosting. He said its his dream to be a solo artist. I had a hard time singing after awhile because I was very tierd. I took a short nap and we left karaoke at about 3pm. We took some purikura and then walked me all the way home. He told me I know it’s a bit fast and we had just met but I think I like you… what do you think of me? I said well I don’t know since I had only just met you. He said that’s true, but.. do you think…. I’d have a chance? I said possibly. He said well…….. if I could…. I like option B ^_~

Sat night Double Hearts

Ash and I met up with the group and Roppongi and headed to double hearts event. As like before, it was an awesome event and loads of fun. Even more so this time since Elyce is with us. When we entered the dance floor I spotted a oh-so-familier back. I bursted out laughing. Ash was confused as to why I was laughing so I told her, I recognize this back, its shota LOL. The night went on as we danced. When shota noticed us there it looked like we just made his world miserable. Shota’s senior, DJ Naoya kept saying hi to me through-out the night and he introduced me to all the DJs and all his friends with the opening line “Shes a real foreigner~~ shes Canadian she don’t look it right?” At one point, our friend genki got confused by this and said “You’re Canadian…? I thought you were Russian!” I was really wierded out by this 0_0.

Naoya bought the group, me included a shot of tequila and we chatted for awhile while shota watched and looked even more upset. For the last hour ash and I saw this very sexy tanned gyaru wearing all DiA who danced well so we joined her. She was soo pretty. We talked to her and apparently shes only 17. It really shocked us because we thought she was the same age as us.

At the end of the event our big group of foreigners went to McDs and ate breakfast. We got apporched by a white man and a Japanese man who happened to speak very good English. We all talk to them as a group and when it was time to leave the japanese man had asked if Ash and I would be interested in teaching English. He had this “sexy English teacher” idea and gave us his card.

Sunday 27th
Double Date at Pasalela: First time at Darts

Originally i had a date with Shinya (the tall scout boy) the week before but his father fell and he had to take him to the hospital and was unable to see me. We set it up for today but...he had to go help his friend in shibuya so he had to say bye when we got back to the station. He wrote me a mail that hed would like to see me again on another day if I happen to be free. While I was supposedly busy ash had already made plans to see ryuuta

We went to alta and we decided to go as 3 to an izakaya. I messaged Ai and asked him what he was doing because Ai had wanted to hang out on Sunday however I thought I had plans. He was still free so he said he will come from Saitama to see me. Ash, Ryuuta and I ate and drank while I was waiting for Ai to come. I was thinking it would be fun to hang out the 4 of us actually. Meanwhile, about 30-40mins before Ai was supposed to arrive, Shinya mails saying he’d like to see me but because Shinya had said he was going to be busy and wanted to see me another day, I already made plans to fill my schedule.

Ai arrived about 1am and we drank til 3. We talked about various things such as the difference between japanese and western way of saying thing and genes. It was funny because ai and ash are both saggitarious, and me and ryuuta are both aries. Ai and ryuuta are both musicans, ash and I aren’t. Ash and ryuuta are both blood type O and ai and I are B. Just random things like this. It was quite fun since its rare for me to have a deeper conversation when its in japanese when we were talking about how cross cultural differences.

After the Izakaya, we decided to go Pasalela because it has Darts, Karaoke and billiards. We decided against billiards because I was wearing a one piece that day and didn’t want my underwear to show when I bent over to make a shot. We started off with darts.

I was very nervous about darts since I’ve never played them before. My aim is bad so I thought id suck. We had a few practice rounds. The first couple of rounds I missed entirely but eventually I actually started to hit the board.

The first round was all singular. We play batsu games so the looser will have to drink a shot of something bad. The first round was Tabasco. Oddly enough, though my aim sucks, I happened to be pretty good at darts. I won the first round. And ryuuta and ash had to drink the shot of Tabasco. It was totally np for ash but ryuuta turned completely red.

The next round was teams of two. Ash and Ryuuta and Ai and Me. Ai and I ended out loosing due to it being a count down system rather than count up. I was the first go down to 0 but I kept busting (by going under 0)… Ai took most of the shot for me, and I took the remainder. Im very weak at spicy things so I too got red from it.

Round 3 was girls vs boys. Ryuuta was especially strong on this round so ash kept psyching ryuuta by yelling out random things when he was throwing such as OBAMA! FREE TRIP TO HAWAII! YOUR GRANDMA DIED!. I also joined in and said CHARAO! And DAIFUKU! It actually kind worked. Ai was laughing really hard as it was going on. Ash tried a couple times with Ai too but he didn’t seem to be phased by it. However, in the end, Ash and I ended out loosing when Ryuuta finally hit 0. this time the shot was apparently a very strong shot from aomori. When ash and I drank it we got confused and looked at ai and ryuuta like they were wierdos. THIS is supposedly STRONG?! Meh, its just normal. We are used to 151 bacardi so this is nothing.

Final Round was returned to Ash/Ryuuta and Ai/me. This one was the special shot that’s ingredients were secret. Ai and I ended out loosing but Ai said because I really like her ill drink it ALL. Im like really?! 0_0

Aftewards we decided to do karaoke. Ryuuta seemd to be getting along with Ai quite well and was cheering for him. Ai’s voice was amazing so I was happy to hear more and more of him singing. One of the songs he sang was one from kinki kids and said this song is for shiena. It potrays my feelings for her. it was soo sweet. Later he made me singing a whole new world with him and so on. It was very cuute.

We finished karaoke at 8 and he Ai said Hey next time when we all have a day off lets go to a theme park! I know lots of cool places and haunted houses and such. Itd be fun to go with the 4 of us. (he said just two is ok too but I think four would be even MORE fun)

The two boys walked us to the station and we headed home. It was quite the fun weekend. ^^

March 05 Being Kicked out of Sakura House. Saved by Ai

Suddenly I get a call while I was changing for work from sakura house. Im not sure if I have mentioned it before but around feb 15th or so, sakura house knocked on my door to tell me because there has a been a complaint about noise my contract will be terminated. They wanted me out as soon as possible but I negotiated for the move out date to be the 9th of march. They made me sign a contact saying if I were to break any rules between now and that time I will have to move out immediately.

I suppose being kicked out of my house in a month isn’t good enough because the jerk who complained earlier complained again and now march 9th became march 5th. (It was already march 2nd or 3rd when I got this call) Unable to move things over as planned on my days off and not having anytime to buy furniture for our new house, inevitably we had to take time off work.

I’m going to explain the unfairness of this whole situation just so anyone who wants to stay with sakura house for more than a couple months will know how much of a bitch they were to me. The first complaint was from a two-faced chinese bitch who hates all other Asians, and loves Europeans. She doesn’t actually live in the same complex as I do, but she stays over often to fuck her sweadish boyfriend and make disgusting moaning noises as I get ready for work. SHE complains about me having overnight guests that are noisy and leaving my curling irons in the common area. Sakura house takes this very seriously and almost kicked me out then.

Things were really annoying from then on like not allowed to leave anything in the common room at all. I mean it’s a common area for a reason. That being that we should be able to use it am I correct? Anyways eventually things calmed down and I was fine for 5months with nice roommates and everything. About the end of feb or so, a british guy moves in. I thought he was kinda nice, a fake kind of nice but I THOUGH he was nice…. WITHOUT talking to me at all, he complains to sakura house for me being noisy. (now seriously I never have parties at my room since the first complaint so basically all the noise I created was just coming home, talking to ash and stuff like that. We aren’t particularly loud people but apparently it disturbs his sleep. Yes the walls are thin, but its not like I complain about noise when people wake me at 8 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. But because I work late and I come home around 6~8am (which is morning anyway its not the middle of the night) I get complained about FOR TALKING. Now this is unreasonable for 2 reasons. 1. this is a shared house, its expected that other people are alive and they make sound 2. the NORMAL thing to do is to try to work things out with your neighbor instead of quietly complaining to the landlord when things could possibly fixed sooner and worked out if you just talk in the first place. NOW because he didn’t, im kicked out. Sakura House on the other hand is a bitch. So there was one complaint from before. Though false accusations by someone who never even lived in the complex, its unavoidable that it would be recorded down as it being true. Now 5months later with NO problems at all, there’s a complaint by someone who just moved in less than one week ago. Normally its 3 stikes you’re out but in sakura house its 1 strike and they almost wanted to get rid of me then, then a 2nd one and they really kick me out while being a more of a bitch by kicking me 4 days earlier than expected. Really?? What’s the difference between 4 days later and now other than it being super inconvenient for everyone. Oh but im not done, there’s more. So when the sakura house man calls me again, after dealing with a rude toned asshat, I hand the phone to ash so she can possibly make him extend the time back to the original move out date on the grounds of it being inconvenient to a resident Japanese who’s friend has to move in earlier than expected. He could not change the date but he was ever so much more polite to her and kissing her ass almost by apologizing up and down and even asked HER what time it would be good to move out rather than consulting me, their direct customer. (not that I care but its just the principle of it all)

Originally we were going to move things slowly because the closeness of where the new apartment is to our old one. But due to the suddenness of it all, we had to take it all in one shot. After packing our bags, we realized that taking it across with taxi isn’t going to work all too well. To my rescue in comes Ai.

Ai came over around 11pm on the night before and helped clean up the room etc with us. We then chilled, watched a movie and the 3 of us slept on the bed like 3 shrimps in a sealed container. We eventually woke up and we took a taxi down to a car rental place and Ai rented a car for us.

Sakura House came and because apparently he cannot give me my deposit back until all my things are gone, when Ai and Ash left during the inspection, I sat across from the inspector and had a conversation with him. It was slightly awkward and I intimidated him like crazy as I looked at him intensely an answer sharply sitting across the room. He was a nice man. If only the one in charge were to be as understanding.

When Ai and Ash returned I got my deposit and we went off to our new house. We got ready and since we were late already, Ai took us to eat really good Italian food and then walked us off to our workplace.