Sunday, March 6, 2011

Naoki and my first Gokkon

I awoke early with only having slept an hour and surprisingly not tired at all. Great it’s a great chance for me to go buy some shit for our house. While taking a literally ice cold shower because Tokyo Gas has been a retard and not contacted us back about turning on the gas in our place, I get phoned by Naoki a friend of mine from france whom I have been taking to on the internet for about a year and a half. He hes going to Shibuya and he wanted to meet up. He rushed me on the phone so I was unable to properly say its really going to be closer to 2:30 than 2pm. I tried my best to hurry up and get ready in time for the 2nd day in a row as ryuuta was being a snot about time (where he had no right as he makes us wait for 2hrs sometimes) the day before.

I met up with Naoki at 109-2 and looked around with him for some jeans. He bought one from fuga and a small fox tail. Afterwards we decided to go to karaoke after taking some purikura. The karaoke place was packed and he got a bit frustrated and took me by taxi to kabukicho and we sang karaoke there. After we got out he takes me hand and says were going to see Ichijyou Makoto. I was like wait wait wait NO!!!! He says why?? You like him don’t you??? I want to meet him too so off we went as I hid under my sunglasses as he asked every host around where club Eden is.

We couldn’t find the place in the end but ran into the #1 in the club and he said hes not in today. I was relived. 1. I don’t have the money to go see him because a high ranking host such as him will not be sat at a introduction table and must be specifically chosen and that costs money that I don’t have. 2. I can say no to every host in Japan no matter how pretty and how charming because I can always say but hes not Ichijyou Makoto… but of course that method doesn’t work if its actually him. So anyway lucky me hes not in and I thought I was off the hook when Naoki decides to head to club legend to meet Hakura. When we arrived they explained to us hes on a dohan so he wont be back for a little bit. We waited outside for about 5mins or so and he arrived. Of course he had to be choosen to be talked to and Naoki cant cover both of us if its like that so I parted ways with Naoki and headed home to nap for a short bit before I go to my first Gokkon.

A Gokkan is a group date basically. Its were an even amount of guys and girls get together who don’t know eachother. Normally one person from each gender sets it up and brings their friends. Its one of Japan’s many ways of trying to hook up and get a girlfriend/boyfriend. I normally never go to these as they have a reputation to have only normal guys at best. No one who is my type would ever show up to one of these but ash and I came anyway for the sake of our sweet sweet friend Megumi.

I was right none of them were my or ashs or shoko’s type but we were all there for Megumi. It was relatively ok though. They were nice people and we just chated and drink with them. At the end to our shock, they made us pay 3000yen for our portion of the bill. This is a very unusual practice, as most of these things boys would split the bill between them. Ash, shoko and I were not pleased…. Afterwards they wanted to all go to Atom. I said I couldn’t because I have no more money, which was true. One of them opted to pay for me in that case and we all ended out going.

Atom was fun other than the one paying for me got overly jealous everytime I talked to any male even if he was just my friend. When we got out of atom freezing rain was falling and I had forgotten my umbrella at home. We made it home just fine though because we lived only 10mins walk away from Atom.

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