Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love Gal's- 13yr old Dream Come True

Let me tell you a bit of a background story about why I got into gal. Ever since I was a child I was an anti-social tomboy who cared nothing more about life than my drawing book and my mom. I thought that I didn't need friends because they just take time away from doing something productive like drawing. However, I wasn't allowed to think this way without a consequence. I was picked on all through elementary school up into high-school merely because no one knew who I was so if someone said anything negative they believed it. Around 2001, I went to an anime festival and watched an anime named Super Gal's. The main character showed me you can be fashionable, pretty, strong and because of the power of friendship nothing can get you down for long. I wanted to become just like her; surrounded by supportive friends, while being fashionable and strong at the same time. But due to the resources of the time, I had no way of becoming gal so I became nammer style instead. (its kind of like the local yankii style with dyed hair and track-suits or tight clothing, and heavy makeup) I needed a whole personality make-over so i took the first step and made myself look like the kind of person i wanted to be then followed it by learning and polishing my social skills that I started to learn so late in life.

Fast forward to 2011. I had the impression that gal circles were only up til 18years of age so I thought being in a gal circle was already a dream I could never achieve. I was wrong. Apparently nowadays, on top of ko-sa's (highschool circles) there are now such a thing as dai-sa (university aged circles). Back around christmas Ash and I met a dark gal named Yumi. She and Ash have been mixi friends for a long time so when they saw eachother in real life they exchanged contact and continued to be friends. Yumi said that because we were older she didn't know we would be interested in gal circles at all so she waited to work up the courage to invite us in.

I was really nervous about going the Love Gal's meet. What if they won't accept me? Am I gal enough? Am I too old?

When we arrived Ash and I were introduced to everyone and everyone was more than welcoming. Also as a special treat, a member named Miki's b-day celebration was on this day. We were asked to write a message on a card and when she arrived one of our other members snuck up on her and smushed a piece of cake on her face. This seems to be a common tradition in many circles for birthdays. They would make a card which would be decorated with messages and purikura and smush a cake in their face and sing a birthday drinking call as they chug a bottle of alcohol then take purikura after.

The meet ended around 8-9ish when a few of our gals went to work. I had a lot of fun and I hope this is a beginning of a new chapter in my life. I feel like things are going really well this month, new boyfriend, new circle of friends life seems to be going especially well this month.

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  1. I used to be like you, a tomboy who didn't want anyone around, picked on by everyone, kind of living in my own "safe" world. When I started studying, it's changed a bit. I'm trying to be a good gal (since I was interested in gyaru since 2007, just too scared to follow it before) but no matter how hard I try, it doesn't work lol. but I think you're doing a great job and you're an amazing gal!

    much love,