Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Joypolis and The Start of a New Relationship

I awoke again at an early time due to the sun and got ready just in time to walk out the door and look at the time and think to myself 14…..14…..14…. while reading the mail that said 16 o-clock… I screamed out SHIT I got the time wrong and went back into the house. I eventually left again and made it to Shinjuku exactly at 16. Ai messages me and says hes sorry but hes going to be a little late. So I head into the Alta and look around for a bit. He then sends me another message that hes going to be even more late. By the time he got to the Alta he was close to 2hours late. He apologized and handed me a present to make up for it. It was a black and red choker with a cross on it by Ozzoneste. We went into Kabukicho where he got his hair done and we went to Odaiba to Joypolis an indoor theme park. We were both hungry so we decided to eat first and we chatted over some relatively deeper things over dinner and then headed to the theme park. The first place we went inside was a horror house. It was relatively creepy. They made us wear headsets and the sound system was soo good that it really felt like the voices were really close to you and moving from one part of the room to really near you.

Next we played Host and Kyaba game. We decided to switch roles for amusement and prob didn’t do too well. I couldn’t read the questions and answers well enough so it was difficult. Then we went to prison break and Ai figured out the password for one of the room very quickly through the clue as I was going to pick the same one through instinct haha. Then since there wasn’t much time left we went downstairs and played a giant half pipe skatbord ride where you push on petals to spin when the announcer commands you to and we got the highest score in our set. ^_^

It was time to go and we caught the last train out. We ended up in Shinjuku were we rented 4movies from Tsutaya. He then took me to his old workplace where he worked as a butler at a maid café. The girls were really sweet to and everything. It was my first time at a maid café and I quite liked it. It was sweet. It really felt like someone’s home based on the décor rather than a café.

We then checked into a hotel for the night as my place does not yet have a tv and his house is all the way in saitama. We had a really deep discussion about life in general and about our dreams. He said he really admired that I seem to have quite a strong will and that its rare for a woman in Japan to have real dreams and not give up on them and not ending their dreams on marriage. We talked about a few other more deep topics but it really tired my brain out after awhile since Japanese isn’t my strong language and Ai speaks a slight bit more complex than normal. So we started watching the movies. We made it til the end of the 3rd movie when he decided to call it quits and go to bed. I knocked out almost immediately because I hadn’t slept much the last few days.

When we awoke we got ready and headed to 0101 one where we went shopping and he bough a h.naoto coat. We later went to Wired Café and ate dinner and he sent me home on the yamanote where I just made it home to grab my things for work and go back to Shinjuku.

I have quite come to really like Ai. He has been the only person that really tries as hard as he does for me and is serious about me. Sometime during the course of this date, I told him that. He said then… if you would like…… can we go steady? And my answer is yes.

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