Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me~

Ash and I were planning to celebrate with everyone on the following Sunday. But recently work has been paying poorly and I didn’t really want to come into work on my bday when it’s like this. So I took the day off to spend with Ai.

The plan was at 7 but there was a power outage in Kawaguchi (where Ai lives) so there were no trains and he could not get ready until around 730 or so. He said he would try his best to come as soon as possible he aimed for 9 and made it around 10. I slept during this time in full hime as I awaited for his arrival. Though thinking I’d be late in the first place, I think I strained my neck when I was hurrying up to tease my hair into a hime bouffant. Ash was entertained by the volume getting bigger and bigger with each section in a matter of minutes.

Around 10 he came knocking on my door. We waited around for about 30mins and then he took me by the hand to the station. I asked him where were we going but he told me it’s a surprise.
We arrived at some station I have no clue where and I was lead through a residential like area. I was a bit confused. Am I going to his house? But wait… this isn’t far enough to be his house… He took me up a building and then led me to a place that was pitch black.

A person came in with a flashlight and led us to our seats. I sat down and looked up. It was an astro dome. He ordered some champagne as we drank under the stars. He then reached into his bag to grab something. He must have put it up his sleeve because there was nothing in his hand at first but when he turned it around a bracelet appeared, which he then put it on my wrist.

He asked with me turning 22 what is it that I want to do or something for this year. I told him well; being able to stay in japan with a more secure visa after this one is up is one thing… (He laughed, as that’s an obvious answer.) Then I said and maybe…to bring someone I love with me to Canada for a couple weeks for Christmas (that being if my visa is already secured, if not, its not possible) He then said he’d love to go to Canada with me if we are still together. We talked over a few things about the future as we held hands and looked at the stars.

A little while later, we took a cab to shibuya and I said I wanted to eat yakiniku. Lol he asked if I was sure and that there are more interesting places if I wanted to go. I said that it was fine. (I know hes running short on cash because pay day isn’t until the 25th) We ate quite a bit at the yakiniku place. He started to doze off here and there. He hadn’t slept in over 24hrs. My neck was really hurting as well so I suggested we’d go home after this.

After yakiniku, we walked to my place and slept a very… long time HAHA. My neck hurt a lot so I wanted to lie down each time and though he claimed he wasn’t sleepy I knew he was, so I let him sleep as we cuddled on my bed.

Pt2 With Friends
Because my actual birthday was on Wednesday, I celebrated with my friends on the following Sunday. Due to the big earthquake and the things that followed a lot of my friends are back in their home countries and there was no time to really plan anything so it was basically whoever can see me and we’d just go eat somewhere and go to atom.
Though there were no formal plans for my "birthday party" it all ended out that I got to see a lot of my friends this day anyway. Though I was supposed to see Yumi too, Yumi changed plans too fast for me to adjust my routine to come earlier to see her and Naoki was too late for me to leave the house in time to see her before she went home.
At first I was starting to get a little annoyed because Naoki was supposed to come at 4:00 to drop off his suitcase (that I’m going to hold on for him when he goes to Osaka the next day.) However, he had not finished packing yet so he pushed it to 5:30 but ended up at my house at 6:30 because he got lost and so on. So when he got here, we just chilled til Ash came back home. Next we were waiting on Ryuuta and maybe Ai to pick up his phone.
The next plan is to eat and then go to atom. Ryuuta said he didn’t want to go but he will at least come to eat. I wanted Ai to come with us too but earlier this day he said he had drank too much at work and was feeling sick. He said he would call when he feels better but he didn’t contact til late the next day… Still feeling sick, I hope he’s ok…
Ryuuta was close so we just waited at our house. Ash bought some new things from 109 and the bra she bought from Dia had so much padding in it that she had to take it all out. To emphasize how much there was we shoved it into Naoki’s shirt and surprisingly he suddenly ended out looking he had B size boobs just from padding. 0_0

Also, while waiting we took some Polaroid pictures with Naoki’s new camera. (no not one with his new boobs) It kinda made me want to get a Polaroid camera myself.
Ryuuta finally arrived close to 10pm and we all headed to sentagai to take purikura and eat. The funny part of the purikura is… that naoki and ryuuta looked like a couple and me and ash looked like a couple. It was kinda funny. The problem with this machine was that we were unable to get the digital versions of it.
We ended up at the izakaya around 1030 and didn’t end up ordering til around 11 because it was so busy. We were supposed to meet with Shoko at 1130 in front of 109 before going to atom but we just ended out adding her to our izakaya table instead. Before hand we just drank and ate lots of various foods. My little birthday "cake" was a little thing on the dessert menu. I picked crepe icecream. Naoki held the lighter while ash filmed it and everyone sang happy birthday to me. (haha just as ghetto as ash’s bday cake LOL)

When shoko arrived it became a photo taking fest. We stayed til around 12:30 at the izakaya and arrived at atom close to 1am. There was just the right amount of people there that night. Not too many and not to little. When we first got in we all ordered our drinks and the girls and I went straight to the dance floor. The boys followed quite a bit later around the time atom staff yasumo was talking to me about some promotion stuff and if he could have my number for guest list purposes etc. As I paused thinking about giving my number or not Naoki comes up behind me and puts his arms across my shoulders to make it look like he was my boyfriend to protect me from a nampa. But when he found it was just an event staff he said sorry and we exchanged numbers.

Naoki helped me a bunch through-out the night and protected me from nampas all night in Ai’s place. I was especially happy when a friend of men’s egg youth model chibou groped me and chibo kinda joking joined in and poked my chest I was not amused. Naoki cut them off and said something to them I couldn’t hear and they stopped.
Because it was my birthday Ryuuta bought me a bottle of champagne and we shared it with everyone. Ash, Shoko and I returned to the dance for awhile while the boys stayed at the bar a bit longer. One of the Dj’s was Ayumu this night. I guess that’s why there’s a bunch of men’s egg youth models around. We ended up on the top floor for the last 1/3 of the night. Ayumu happened to be there too so the floor filled up pretty evenly but not half as much as other nights when egg models were on the floor.
When we went to the washroom and came out we noticed Naoki talking to ayumu in the washroom and taking photos. Haha~ We all returned to the dance floor and after a little while as a group we got to dance with Ayumu and drink champagne. We were all having fun as a group dancing and dancing and dancing. At one point Shoko was making kissy faces at me and ash as we danced but ended up kissing us and when we were going have one big group hug as 3 naoki joined in and it became a 4 way kiss (peck) in the middle of the dance floor LOL.
The night went by and shoko had to leave early because she had work during the day. We continued to dance for a little while longer. I was happy because everyone was equally having lots of fun. Even Ryuuta who normally has the least amount of fun at the club, had lots of fun too. However at one point I lost track of where my friends are when we went to send off shoko and I got cut off. While looking I ran into chibou and his friends again. He talked to me and so did his friends and asked if my "boyfriend" was mad and so on. (apparently what Naoki said that I couldn’t hear was that he was my boyfriend to get them to stop touching me) Anyway I kept the conversation brief because I was not happy with their behavior earlier. Model/friends of models or not it’s no excuse to grope someone. Anyway I told them was looking friends and chibou told me that ash was on the 6th floor. I found her and since I knew she would be down there for a bit, I looked for Naoki with Ryuuta because Ryuuta was too looking for Naoki. I eventually gave up and I also lost ryuuta for a bit too "sigh* so I went to the washroom to see how my hairset was doing and I found naoki near that area and leaning on the wall while talking to another person that ash and I have met before at double hearts. Naoki said he was really tierd and could barely stand and also needed to print out his ticket to Osaka from a manga cafe. He wanted to go but I know everyone else wants to stay til end so I got the locker key from ash, grabbed our stuff and put ash’s and ryuuta’s stuff together and gave back the key to ash. On my way back to Naoki two hosts tried to nampa me but even if I wanted to exchange numbers I left my phone with Naoki.
I helped Naoki walk and as we were heading towards sentagai he said that maybe it would be a better idea to go to my house and rest first and print the ticket in the morning. So walked him to my place. He was starting to get a bit heavy but it was ok because I live pretty close to Atom ^_^
When we got home he suddenly felt a lot better being able to rest his legs and we chatted til ash and ryuuta came back. We all fell asleep eventually and Naoki left around noon. Ryuuta stayed over longer and left sometime while I fell asleep the 2nd time. It was a pretty fun 22nd bday =D Only thing was, I wished Ai was there too. But he’s sick =( I hope he gets better soon. I’ve been periodically checking up on him via mails and phone calls it doesn’t seem that he’s going to recover too quickly…


  1. Happy Birthday to you! :D : D

  2. Happy Birthday! Naoki looks hot xD

  3. Nice pictures! ^.^ and Happy Birthday as well!

  4. wuau was your b-daii cool! happy B-day n.n!!

  5. hey hi! i just found your blog cuz you started following mine :p i like your stories! they are a bit in the same genre as mine, eheh... so it makes me a little sad that you stopped writing!

    anyways, sounds like you had a fun b-day! oh and your friends are hot, haha...

  6. Hello!
    Happy birthday to you!

    I just have a question,

    When did you move to Japan? And how are you staying there? Work or study?