Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Club Virgo With Dania

We were slightly late arriving to the Alta. Though I believe to be a little bit more on the later side for host clubs is kind of a better thing. It was Dania’s first time to a host club. She said that she wanted to go to club Ria but we had no idea where it is. Also, to go to one where you weren’t caught for, shokai costs about 3x more. We wandered around kabukicho a bit to see which one is the best to choice to go to by price and by how pretty the boys were. When were about to go with this v-host and his friend (which I find out months later, that club would have been club Legend the one where men’s spider Hakura works at) our friend Taiki originally from club Lapis shows up and brings us to his new club Virgo. We agreed since Taiki can speak English and Ash promised that if one day she had a reason to go to a host club she will go to his.

When we sat down to our surprise another young host that works there also spoke English. He described the system in Japanese at first and let Ash do all the translating til Ash realized WAIT! Why am I translating??? You can speak English! Why am I doing YOUR job??? He laughs and speaks in English the rest of the way. As shokai usually is, boys rotated quite quickly like carousel. Surprisingly Ash didn’t have to translate too much for Dania because I was able to explain most of it to her. I suppose Host speak relatively a lot simpler so its easy to understand.

At the end Dania picked one that she found quite pretty, Ash picked Taiki because she had to, and I picked yu-ji because he begged me though I wish I picked the v-host one. Yu-ji had a bit of a complex because even though I picked him I was still kinda looking at the v-host and having to help dania translate.

Afterwards, we ate some daifuku outside of familymart when a friend of ash comes and approaches. We go to karaoke with him for a little. After about 1 hour, his friends come and to our surprise a Haruto, a designer from buffalo bobs in which we sang karaoke before came. We all sang a bit and then left karaoke around 1ish Haruto said we should all go drinking at someone’s house. But we decided not to because we all know what Haruto wants.

I didn’t write an entry about the time we first met him because it really wasn’t long enough to have a separate entry on its own Basically what happened last time was that we went to karaoke with him and his friend one day when it was raining really hard in shibuya. We played drinking games and then went to a manga café to wait out the rain. The original plan was to get a bigger room so we can watch a movie together or something. But the way manga café works is that its only for 2 max so we separated. Haruto was trying things and I wasn’t letting up so he got a bit upset and said he had to go. So this time He wanted revenge so he tried to set up but again he failed. I can see the fire burn in his eyes.

When we left the karaoke place we chilled outside for awhile and just hanged out and Ren from Men’s spider approaches Ash and talks to her. He keeps saying you guys should go home or go inside. I don’t want someone to nampa you~ (Though we are thinking, wait, but aren’t you nampaing her now??) he leaves and the circles back then leaves and circles back. He does this for a bit.

A little later , two guys approached us and took us to Aya café for breakfast. We had a nice conversation with them but we can tell we were all dead tried and decided to call it a day after a few hours.

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