Sunday, March 20, 2011

Billabow with Ai

Last time I met with Ai I gently brought up that maybe he should try to be a bit more on time. (as opposed to 2hrs late) In Tokyo, if you are a girl and is out waiting for more than 30mins a lot of guys tend to approach you thinking either you waiting to be a approached or your date stood you up and the ones who approach sooner, will re-approach. In other words, it’s a bit annoying.

But this time I was the one who was a bit late. (about 40mins late because I couldn’t get my hair to go right) I met up with him in front of the Alta and he took me to a Billabow place. It’s a billiards and bowling hybrid game. It has pins and point system like bowling but you use a cue ball and cue stick to hit the pins.

Ai likes to play a lot of these kinds of games darts, billiards, etc. But this is the first time for him playing billabow too. Until I met him, I never really played these kinds of games before but for some reason I end up not half bad at them.

The first round I won surprisingly. I ended off with 3 strikes in a row XDDD. It shocked Ai and he was like you cant be serious. But as I said to him it was all beginners luck and I lost the next round.

The first round was a test round but the next two were batsu games. (where the looser has to take punishment) So I lost, and I got a shot called “lemon hard” it’s a shot about 70%. It totally killed me as I haven’t eaten in 8hrs. I told him shit, im already drunk. He was surprised as because I’ve drunk with him before and its been many shots of tequila or many glasses of shochu/milktea. I told him that if I don’t eat anything, I become very weak. He then ordered some food.

After eating we decided to play another game. I was drunk still haha. I totally messed the last round but he said he wont punish me since I was already drunk. After we went to Tsutaya and rented some movies and watched them. The shot didn’t sit too well with me but it was ok after I rested a little. He too fell asleep through most of the movies. He tends to not sleep at all before meeting with me after work

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