Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chinese New Years and Boys Boys Boys

So i finally almost caught up with my blog til suddenly i had no internet for 3months and once i did i became too busy to write anything down. February was a cold month where there were many little things that happened but nothing consistently big. Aside from one person who you will be hearing about constantly from the next entry on, many new people were met and faded away shortly after.

Chinese New Years fell on the 3rd of Feb this year. My mom was stressing how important it was for me to try my best to celebrate it and to find a jade monkey for luck purposes over her emails and phone calls. I heard that Yokohama had a very large chinatown that I've always wanted to visit so i thought what better time to visit than Chinese New Year.

Since it was my first time to Yokohama I didnt know how to get there very well and ended up trying to walk to chinatown from yokohama station only to find out that we have to take another train to get to chinatown. haha. It was about 5pm by the time we arrived so instead of shopping, we decided to eat first then look around. There were alot of all you can eat chinese food places everywhere. For 2000yen we were able to stuff ourselves full of some really good chinese food. My favorite part of the menu was the dessert. I don't really miss much from vancouver but i do miss chinese desserts like mango pudding, grass jelly, etc etc etc

When we finished eating we heard the sound of drums, firecrackers and symbols. Just like on chinese newyear in vancouver, various lion dance teams were going from store to store blessing them for the newyear. After watching one store, my mom called. She seemed to be quite lonely and was spending the newyears by herself this year... Luckily for her, we were in chinatown at the moment and she can hear all the festivities that was going around us so she was able to feel a part of it too. While talking on the phone I ran into my old friend link from van. He had work later on that day so he could talk for long but it seems he has become an english teacher in yokohama.

We looked at all the shops we could before deciding to get our jade monkeys. Once we picked them up, we took some purikura and rushed back to tokyo to go to work. Walking all day has made us very tired so ash and i weren't too keen on starting work all tired.... but i guess things cant be helped.

Leading up To February... just before ash left for america for 2 weeks in Jan, I had "boyfriend" named shota. He said he wanted to come see me as much as possible while she was gone to keep me company while she was gone. Well, he sure didnt do that very well. In fact he didnt contact me for a week to give me a mail with something like im not a kind of person who can make alot of time for shiena. Was this the end, so soon? I didnt want this to end when it had only began... but he didnt talk to me again since that mail. I kinda figured things were pretty much over... maybe? yes? no? I read and re-read the mail many times to figure out what was going on. I mailed him every 3 days and then once again... still no answer.

Feb 6th. The End of Shota

Its the first sunday ash and I had free so we wanted to go to atom to really feel like ash is back home. Just a little before the club, we ran into shota in sentagai... He acted like nothing had happend and asked if i were going to atom. at the time i wasnt sure but he said that he wasnt working that night but if i was going hed go. I finally mustered up the courage to ask him if he cared about me at all. He said he didnt know... I didnt have much time to think about it since a cameraman wanted to interview ash and i, so shota said see ya later.

After ash and i got interviewed about what our dreams were we ate and headed towards atom. I didnt see shota for the first hour we were there, but just a little later i saw him. I figured from his words it was already over. By the way he was acting, he seemed to not care that it hurt my feelings... Honestly i only went with him since i thought he, not being a host, would be easier to trust and have the time to spend with me. But he turned out to be a charao who didnt even care much about me. I kinda meekly danced for a little til i decided hell with this i wont let him ruin my time at my fave club so i continued on to have a good time.

Somewhere between feb 7-9 " 3 boys in one day Oh my~!"

Getting over Shota wasnt hard since who was i fooling? i didnt love the boy... I think i just really wanted a boyfriend and i just took the most convenient option over getting frustrated over how toujo was taking forever to take me on a proper date and the fact he still isnt near my physical type. A friend of a friend of mine i met a couple weeks ago who is a movie producer to be invited me out to dinner. He said he'd take me to a fancy place for dinner. I thought hey why not? I've been so poor i haven't had nice fancy food since forever. I met up with him around 6ish and we ate a dinner at this oshare white table cloth place. We ate various things including steak in which i havent had in ages while talking about plot lines and what appeals in the west and japan. I believe he spoke english... or at least i think he did since we talked very deeply in our subjects and i doubt i can talk about these things in japanese... either way, it was a nice dinner which in the middle of it i got a mail from Jun...

We continued our discussion til the end of our meal which was around 9. He had to go catch the train as he had work early the next morning i headed over to where Jun was. Jun sent his kohai to pick me up. We went to a bar in dogzenzaka which had alot of foreigners. I haven't seen jun since around new years? or christmas? i dont know the exact timing but there was one day where he went to my house to beg me to be his girlfriend in which i refused since i dont think we would work out due to him getting on my nerves when im around him for long periods of time. As we chatted over some drinks, he found out for the first time i had an interest in fashion design. He taughed me a few things about the basics of manufacturing clothes then moved on the topic of how things were going for him recently. He has been having troubles finding a good job and so on. But he swears up and down that it will work out somehow and once he works it out, on his first paycheck he will buy me a LV bag if id be his girl. But again i dont see this working. A bit later we got on the topic about his singing. As long as I've known him i have not once yet got to go to karaoke with him so we did just that then when the time was up we walked towards the station where i ran into ash. We chatted a little then droped jun off. We then get nampaed by a couple hosts. We exchanged numbers but we were too tierd to play. A couple days later i did go on a short date with one of them to karaoke where he sang not half bad. I found out he was only 18/19 and well really though he was cute i didnt find him all that interesting

Karaoke with a model and an disease

Awhile back a day after work while waiting for first train ash and i sat outside freezing our asses off eating our family mart chicken when an awkward tall host and his midget friend paced around us til finally talking to us. Ash and the tall host exchanged contact and a sometime during feb we went to karaoke with them. He had very unusual features which i could swear i've seen him before and i was right, it was Ren from Men's Spider. The bad part of this deal was though ren, is neither our types, he was charismatic, well dressed and fun to be around, but his midget friend was like a disease. I had to suffer him singing all the vkei songs i normally sing really badly while Ren keeps trying to stick him on me. When it was time to go home Ren decides to go home from kabukicho whereas the disease says he will walk us to the station. He kept trying to hold on to my hand and it took alot of effort to get rid of him ==;;

Atom x2 Revenge on Shota

During the week of renovations at ash and my workplace we had some spare time so we went to atom 2x in one week. Its been awhile since we went on a thurs night. The last time i went i met a hot guy named Naoto (ex Club Air, now club Harlem) who i saw again. But since i turned out not to be "easy" he just said hi to me and left it at that. Thurs crowd is just as good as sundays only that the people were much more confident. Heading up on the stairway ash and i simultaneously saw 2 boys our type, a dolly looking boy and a tanned halfer, in which ash and the halfer tripped on the stairs while starring at eachother while me and the dolly boy just locked eyes. A little while later i ran into the dolly boy again and found out we had alot of the same interests. He also introduced me to his halfer friend who was apparently a model. At that point, i had lost Ash and i was going to go look for her so they said they will help me. To the model's surprise my friend is just the girl he tripped on the stairs looking at HAHA. Conveniently, dolly boy and i and ash and model boy were mutually into eachother. Dolly boy and i exchange contacts and model boy was about to exchange with ash when he noticed his phone was out of batteries. He told dolly boy to give me his contact to give to ash. We parted ways a little after since i think they had something to do. A little later i found out that the model was Kenzo from Men's Knuckle go-figure. I havent read men's knuckle for so long i didnt know about him

Of course since its Atom i also saw shota again. He continued being a charao by hitting on any cute girl he saw. Unfortunate for him they were all friends with me so they were more interested in hanging with me than talking to him. On top of not particularly going out of my way but nevertheless cockblocking his pursuits, i didnt go out of my way like i used to to refuse all the boys who wanted to talk to me. I accepted their drink offers and to my convenience all the hot boys happens to all hit on me in front of him to the point when i was across the table from him, 3 boys all from different groups of friends asked my number and i exchanged with all of them RIGHT in front of him. It made him furious. I didnt really care much about the numbers but i took the numbers anyway to rub in his face what he threw away. I mean really what did he expect? he himself had to fight 2 nampas before while we were dating. Just because i refused to talk to boys while we were dating dont mean i was no longer popular. So~ he got what he deserved ^_~

At the end of the night still drunk i wrote him a mail in english that said something along the lines of I just wanted to let you know you hurt me so this is goodbye

Date with Touma: Awkward tall orphan

Waaaaaaaaaay back in sept coming back from the work centre in kabukicho i met a tall v-host who was really friendly with me and said he wanted to be my friend and that he was happy to meet me. He and i have been mail buddies since then. Just recently he came by my workplace out of co-incidence and we decided to go on a date shortly after. I found out he was an orphan and that he had been a host for the last 5years or so. He was raised by his foster parents til highschool age where in Japan school becomes optional. Since his foster parents could not afford to put him through highschool he did construction work til he broke his leg and became a host shortly after. He said host life gets really lonely and that he hasnt had time for a girlfriend since he became a host... On our date i think the most memorable thing was that his favorite song was Cassis by Gazette. He went through the effort going through line by line telling me the meaning in simplified Japanese and body language. It was the sweetest thing ive ever seen. He was such a pure hearted host and id date him if i could however, he only has a day off maybe 1-2x a month in which he would sleep since he only sleeps about 2-3hours a night. He also expressed that he too would love to date me but it just seemed impossible to find the time so we remained mail buddies. From my past exprience of having friends and exbfs as hosts.. i can tell you not all of them are bad people. ALOT of them are so be careful. but there are a handful who are almost more genuine than the average person like touma and ichihana are but they normally have NO time

The next day i got a angery mail from shota. I called him out that since hes sending me this angery mail, it means i actually got a rise out of him which means he cares about what i think of him still even though he claims not to care. I also said it was ironic that hes complaining about me writing him a mail in english when all the mails i ever wrote him before then were in japanese and he never once made the effort to reply to them and as soon as i write one in english he replies after 2 days. Go figure. HAHA we argued through mails back and forth for an hour. With the help of ash i was able to get back at him with logic showing him up for the butthurt ex he is.

Date with Tatsuya the Living Doll

The dolly boy from atom and i kept in contact since that day. We've been wanting to go on a date for the past couple weeks but couldnt find time. One day on random we had a little time open that didnt conflict with eachother. That day was pouring rain so i waited crouching under an umbrella in front of family mart. After about 15mins of waiting, he gracefully approaches with his large umbrella and bends over as if picking up a stray cat from the rain. He lead the way to karaoke where i couldn't help but notice how graceful he walks. His hand movements and the way he tils his head was like that of a doll. Even his eyes were glassy like one. Though it must have been the rain or something but we didnt seem to have much chemistry beyond liking the same things so after this date we didnt really keep in contact much after

Tale of a Fox boy
A little closer to the beginning of feb while waiting for first train we saw a group of hosts acting all funny. They were too chicken to approach so they kept doing silly things to keep our attention. Finally they send one to nampa us who couldnt come up with anyything but can i see your underwear? the fox boy slaps his hand on his face and we left disgusted.

A couple weeks later we run into him again and got to talk to him for a bit. He was really entertaining and he and his friend too us to karaoke. He seemed to have really fallen for me because he sent me mails a few times a day and would get jealous when he saw me talking to another male regardless if it was just a friend or not. I called him kitsune-kun cuz of the gaint fox tale he wore.

Scout as Tall as a Tree

One of the numbers i grabbed at atom was a tall scout who mailed me every day with sweet mails and would call me ever so often. We became closer and closer through the mails and phone calls. Though i went on various dates since we met at atom, he was the one i was closest with and the one most likely to become the next boyfriend. He was completely different than shota. He was kind, and contacted often etc. However we have yet to go on our first date since we both had schedules that didnt match up very well. We finally were able to set one up on the 27th. how does it go? will he be the next bf? yes? no? ill tell you how it goes in the next entry


  1. Glad you are back~! I missed you! Seems fun!

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