Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lonely, going to where my friends are

Its been a week since Ash has left for America and it is starting to get quite lonely. Mao phones me up randomly and asks me if I can help him out by going to his club. I said sure why not, I haven’t seen those eve boys for awhile and it would be nice to see them again.

I headed to Eve around 11pm I found the place relatively ok with Mao’s guidance. When I entered the club Toujo was one of the first person to see me. He looked at me all surprised and said hisashiburi!~

Mao was busy with another customer at the time so the first person to sit down was Asuka. He had changed his hair color. Now he is completely blonde and no longer orange. I was able to give him the message that ash is currently in America and her phone is broken so that he doesn’t think shes ignoring him.

A little while later Mao sat down and started talking almost a bit too professionally. I told him to relax and that its just me. He told me that he heard I got a boyfriend from Dania. We talked a bit about Shota and then moved on to another topic like how we should hang out more. We talked about rather normal things but out of nowhere he says “You know, I just realized” “what?” “that today is the first time I got to see your cleavage” “MAO!!!!!!
” “haha sorry just that ive never see you wear a lower cut shirt before” (which is true, I normally wear higher cut tops because I don’t like the attention on my chest. Not that this shirt is particular lowcut even) We got back on the topic of him adopting me and he said but you have a boyfriend now, isn’t it easier if you just married him?? I said but its too soon to be thinking about that now. I told him ill be a good daughter. Don’t you want a cute daughter like me? He said oh yea (as he puts his hand under his chin and looked up while imagining) if im your father I can take a bath with you and wash you etc. again.. “MAO!!!!”

He eventually had to be rotated to another table. I talked to a few other hosts some I knew and some I didn’t. Toujo didn’t sit at my table but he passed a few notes to the hosts to say on his behalf and watched the table like a hawk. When my time was up he came to give me my bill. I said I had wanted to talk to him too and so on. He said he couldn’t because he was working the monitoring part of the job. I asked why he doesn’t mail anymore and that we kind lost touch. He said it doesn’t matter anyway you have a boyfriend now right. It seemed that he was quite bitter about it all. But then again.. who was the one who disappeared.?

When I got out of the building the last train for shibuya had already left so I wandered around kabukicho for awhile. There weren’t many people around other than scouts. They talked to me and said he could potentially find me work. We exchanged numbers and he bought me some hot tea and protected me from potential nampa. Eventually I got too cold and out on a whim, I phoned ichihana.

He asked me to come over to his place to warm up a bit because it seemed that I was beyond freezing. He gave me directions to his place and I arrived shivering like crazy from the cold. He gave me a blanket and we chatted about various things. He then turned on the tv and started a movie and we watched it til we fell asleep. Ichihana was quite the gentleman as I expected. If he didn’t come off so I wouldn’t have gone to his place. For most guys going to their place alone is kind of dangerous. But as I thought ichihana isn’t. He and I exchange friendly mails here and there and when I was at his place all we did was watch a movie and slept. He was quite sweet. In the morning he sent me off with a big bag of Umai (candy) I walked home with my sunglasses on to avoid the morning hosts. They still bothered me anyway so I gave one umai to one just so he can shutup. I was tired.

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