Friday, January 28, 2011

The Shocker in more ways than one…

I took sat off to attend a club event in which I was in the fashion show of. Ash and I started our day in Shinjuku getting our hairset done. We dropped by closet child and 0101one to find some accessories. I couldn’t find what I was looking for so we headed back to shibuya and 109 so she could get her shoes fixed and I can buy stockings and a white collar. We met up with everyone else and ate at an izakaya.

The japanese people on the other table were really interested to as to this large group of gaijin gyaru and wanted to take photos with us after we asked of they could take a photo of us for us. I met some more gaijin gyaru and had lots of fun. We took purikura afterwards and had kind of what was like a purikura fest.

We arrived at Jpop café around 11 and got in for free. We each had a free shot on the house from lexy and stepped into the dance floor. The club was very pretty and the music was great. There weren’t very much people yet but its still early. I got to see lexy dj and I was quite impressed.

Im def not used to my JD shoes yet as my feet were killing me. We danced a little and time went by. We were hoping for the crowd to improve. It did a little but it was just mostly older people in their 30s and even 40s…. anyone remotely fashionable were exgyaruo… I wished the rest of our group came with us, but it seems that the average gaijin gyaru here tend to only go out during the day and don’t really club or enjoy the nightlife all too much… its kind of sad I think…

We thought maybe the fashion show will lighten up the mood but instead it was all messed up. SOMEHOW the fashion show became a competition and well ash and I won… but DUH we were grouped together as one unit. So on top of it being all weird and embarrassing, it was a unfair contest? If you would call a contest… I really wanted to make the best of it but it just wasn’t working. I really missed Atom right then… We ran into some random old foreign guys who insisted we were harajuku style. While Harajuku isn’t a style, it’s a place, the clothes and hair style we had were not that of what people in harajuku really wear all that much. Its distinctly shibuya and Shinjuku. Even if it were stereotypically “harajuku” style we weren’t wearing Lolita or vkei clothes.

We all left a little early and ate at café gusto and called it a day. I kinda felt bad since Lexy organized events were normally successful. I think out of everyone Fredrik had the least amount of fun because I think the crowd is the most important for him. It is for me too though I do really like the music. It was just a shame since the djs were pretty good too.


  1. Nice post!
    And you gals rock in every single style you do! I get so amused every time I see a pic of you!

    Lexi is also a great gal and I'm happy all you gals are hanging out together and having fun and for sure, been friends and doing gal stuff!

    Makes me so jelly since here in the West gals are a real pain in the ass and a fountain of jealousy!

    I LOVE your blog, please post more!!

  2. you both look amazing. I love how your accessories are always nicely arranged! not too much not too little!

  3. you both look so great - and i saw your photp shoot pics at facebook - very hot!!!! :) you have a great style ^^

  4. LOL @ The foriegn guys. That reminds me of our times here In Vancouver. Btw, I will be visiting next year I think. XD