Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Fukubukuro Madness + Atom

New Years eve went by pretty quickly and Ash me and Ryuuta decided to not sleep too much and wake up in time for 109 sales We get there around 930 to realize that the 109 really opened early that day! It wasn’t like this the year before so we were confused. To our disappointment Dia lucky packs were sold out. So instead I bought the bigger liz lisa lucky pack, Ma*rs lucky pack, and some Dia discounted items.

We met up with Yumi after at McDs and ate lunch with her. Then we took purikura and sang karaoke while waited for the boys to finish in front of 109 where there were girls trading items in which they didn’t want from their lucky packs.

Ryuuta’s friend who he swears up and down is very motteiru (good catch) but we didn’t see it. NONE of us see it. He was neither good-looking nor had a interesting personality and stares really creepily. He left kind of soon after the they rejoined us. Yumi was relieved. Ryuuta, Yumi, Ash and I all went to karaoke together, sang for a couple hours and then we split off. Yumi sang soo cute, no matter the song it was adorable.

We then went home slept a little, woke up and started to prepare for atom as we promised Yuri that we will go together and I told shota I’d go on his guestlist. We invited Ryuuta to come too but he wanted to go home first clean up and then maybe go. So he left and we met up with Yuri and Ai we passed by shota when we were heading into Sentagai for purikura. Shota looked like he didn’t see me but he messaged me later to check the number of guests and said he looked forward to seeing me there.

We arrived at the club, Shota was not there yet because he was still doing catch. While I moved up to the trance floor I felt a hand grab my ass. I was really shocked was about the give someone a death glare or more but I realize it was shota. Haha, what a funny approach. Throughout the night I was dancing with my friends and shota came to me as many times he could. He snuck in a kiss here and there and he watched close by when other boys talked to me. I introduced him to my friends and they seemed to be nice to him and he said straight out he’s my boyfriend I liked it. Even though he said he wanted to keep it more private he seemed that he couldn’t help but claim me his.

Closer to the end of the evening, Ash’s phone gets knocked out of her and someone stepped on it. She was very upset and wanted to leave. I was about to leave with her when a creepy guy grabs me and drags me to the bar separating me from ash. I was trying to get away from him but he wouldn’t let me. He was Japanese yet he spoke to me in English I told him to unhand me, and that my boyfriend is close by. He didn’t believe me so, even though I did not want to disturb Shota’s promoting work, it couldn’t be helped. The guy kept screaming at shota saying “are you her fucking boyfriend?” over and over. Shota cant understand English at all so he was very confused. Eventually he understood the word boyfriend and he said “I her boyfriend” and pointed to him and I. Eventually the guy gave up, I apologized to Shota and Shota reunited me with Ash. I was worried that I was troublesome for him but he said to Ash that he wasn’t mad at all only just concerned about me. It kind of relieved me. On the other hand, now Ash’s phone’s screen is almost useless….

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  1. oh you are in japan now ?? :D hope everythings fine ! Did you buy fukuburo bags on january ?