Monday, January 17, 2011

House Party with Ak47

It seems im not the only one who is lonely. Monika randomly called me out to play in kabukicho with her and her Taiwanese friend. We first ate a little at an izakaya then walked her friend to go meet this one guy from club one. Monika and I were debating what we should do. Should we go home or… what? About that time a group of guys came up to us. One knew me by name. By my poor memory I didn’t know who it was. I was confused and was a bit embarrassed that I didn’t know his name. I figured it out a little later on who he is and his card. Its funny but just earlier this morning I was starring at his card wondering who’s card this is.

He and his other roommates invited us to go drinking or something together. They said they know a good bar. We walked further and further away from kabukicho. Monika and I were getting suspicious. What kind of bar needs to walk THIS far to. Theres so many in Kabukicho. We eventually stopped walking when they finally made it clear to us that we were going to their house. I didn’t like the idea of going to a house with a bunch of guys. Monika didn’t either. They swore up and down they wont do anything bad to us. We said ok but told them we will leave IF anything funny is done.

We then dropped by the 100yen store and went up to their apt. It was quite spacious with a nice view and had 2 rooms where 2/3 slept and the main room where the last one slept.

We played drinking games all night. One that I liked in particular where there is a rhythm where you clap your hands and then point in the direction the person’s head is going to turn. If you point right you win and they have to drink. If you are wrong it just keeps going. Monika found that this game would be very hard to play so we were paired up with each of the guys and if they lose we drink too. Monika kept getting hit with the loosing games luckily shes quite strong. As for me I think I was quite weak today so I didn’t last long and wanted to sleep eventually.

I awoke the next morning and monika did as well. We talked a little in English and apparently the boys that we found hotter than the other were the opposite of the ones we were talking to and that next time we should have said earlier so we could switch. Monika took a taxi home and I walked to the station and took the train home


  1. Oh I wished you'd blog more about life in Japan! Sounds all too interesting and fun :) More blog photos would just be spoiling us :P Hope you are well!
    -anon from america

  2. You should blog more! it's so much fun reading your blog, and watching Ash and your videos!
    You have an amazing smile; I'm jealous xD

  3. I hope you're okay after the earthquake and tsunami, btw!

  4. I read all : OMG it could be dangerous to go to someone's plase that you don't know x) But that's ok if nothing happened to you !

    Keep blogging

    Clara xx