Monday, January 24, 2011

Double Hearts + Shopping Galore, Ash returns

Its about Friday and I am anticipating Ash’s return on Sunday. I have started to become a little less lonely because of monika and the soon arrival of Viki. The first day viki arrived I had work so I picked her up at yoyogi hachiman dropped off her stuff at my house then returned to Shinjuku where I sent her off with monika.

Starting on Saturday was the day I really started to hang out with viki. I went to bed as soon as I got home so I can hang out with her as much as I can during the day because the main priority for her is shopping and shopping only ( though I wish she’d try to experience a bit more than just that)

The first day I believe we decided to go to Harajuku because she wanted to see the wigs from the Pricila? Store. We hit up Lafore first. Normally when ever I went to lafore, I only saw the main level and kinda gave up at there. Everything looked pretty normal so I didn’t bother. Little did I know lafore carried Lolita and vkei brands (yes I guess im really that stupid or just never really paid attention to online loli/vkei comms ) Lucky for Viki the winter sales are still on and she got to browse around and buy lots of stuff. I picked up a H.Naoto tank for 3000yen and Vidoll cellphone screen protector and soap pump (it was too cute!)

Next stop was pricila. I was contemplating on buying a black wig to counter act all the dumb aggressive nampa these days. Without ash ive been feeling a little unsafe as I was almost stalked home in a car once…. But then when I looked at the price it was a little to much for me to handle so I decided against the wig idea.

We made it to takashita dori just a little before closing but didn’t really buy much there. Then I believe we headed home and though I said she would go with me to double hearts, she decided her stomach hurt for some odd reason. And so did her head, and feet? For that matter. Odd anyway I headed towards Alta by myself to meet with Fredrick and friends to go to double hearts.

Double Hearts in Roppongi. Drinking and Dancing with the Models

When we got to roppongi, a few more people joined us. To my surprise, Ryuichi? Lee’s friend whom I met 2 years ago was there. It was such a long time no see situation. When we arrived I heard the music coming from downstairs and it made my anxious to get inside.

The crowd was full of cool looking gyaru and gyaruo and best yet the music was absolutely amazing. We danced and danced and drank and danced. The other great thing was there weren’t really much nampaing either.

Towards closer to the end of the night, a large group of megg youth models came. Being kinda stupid I didn’t know until Fredrik told me. It then dawned on me why there was a large group of relatively taller boys in the corner there. We kept on dancing. At some point I was made to dance on the box with engla and one of them kept trying to look up her skirt in a playful joking manner. I cut his view with my hand and looked at him like he shouldn’t. I was wearing shorts so he couldn’t see anything so he playfully tried to lift up my shorts (lol fat chance theyre skin tight haha)

I just kept dancing and dancing. I danced so much I think I droped 3lbs right then and there. LOL

109 and Atom
The next day I tried my best to get up early. Didn’t work too well. I managed to get up early enough to get ready and make it to 109 with viki. We did some shopping and she was quite trilled about DIA.

After we finished shopping, because Viki didn’t go to double hearts with me last time, I INSISTED that she have to come this time. She promised so she couldn’t back out of it. We went home and got ready for the club. We arrived at the right time and I tried to dance. But she didn’t seem to be in the mood. I tried my best to get her to have fun and dance. VIKI WHERES THE CLUB SPIRIT I USED TO SEE YOU WITH BACK IN VAN A FEW YEARS AGO. I then found out she hasn’t gone clubbing since the times we used to go on VIP nights.

She eventually got in the mood. I ran into my friend Yuri and she was also with Theresa. We danced on the box a little with them and I wanted to check out other floors we were on the hiphop floor for a little but I didn’t like it much so we went back to the main floor. We went back down a little later when the dj got better but eventually I got sick of it and wanted to go to the top floor. Normally on Sunday nights I always stay up on the trance floor and sometimes am on the other floors. I tried to get viki to dance but she wouldn’t. She let me dance a little as she sat and watched. I felt kind awkward. She said she couldn’t feel the music for trance. Overall the music in Japanese clubs are unfamiliar to her so she didn’t feel like dancing to it.

She wanted to leave around 3am. Its SOOO early by Tokyo clubbing time. We eventually did leave around 4ish but I normally stay til last. I guess club life isn’t for everyone. I personally prefer the clubs in japan over Vancouver but oh wells to each their own.

Monday Shinjuku and Ash returns!

Next on Viki’s shopping adventure we hit up Shinjuku. Again im not able to wake up TOO early. We managed to make it to closet child and 0101 one. I bought a Jesus Diamante tank for 3000yen. The Shinjuku location was MUCH better than the harajuku one. Even though I bought more at the harajuku one, Shinjuku had much more selection. We spent quite a long time at closet child so by the time we got to 0101 one we had just enough time til closing to see what we wanted to see. I bought a Black Peace Now mini top hat just because this one looked so damn cute.

Since we were in Shinjuku I asked if viki wanted to go to a host club just to see what its like. But she said shes tierd, her ears are weird from the club her feet hurt, her head hurts, her stomach hurts. 0_o Im like ok… so we went to kabukicho to take purikura and headed home. I kinda scolded her about trying to experience more in Japan than just shopping. She said she kinda wished she only came for 3 days instead of 6 so she could just get her shopping done and get out. I was like 0_0 that’s not a way to approach going to ANY country. I don’t know, if im gonna pay for a plane ticket anywhere, I would like to see how people have fun there and explore the youth culture of the place. I may not be a touristy person but experience a little y’know?

I came home to a passed out ash as we packed some of vikis bags together and sent her off on a taxi to meet with monika. The next day ash and I went to eat yakiniku to celebrate her welcome home. I missed her so much. Hanging with other people just wasn’t the same as hanging with Ash. I also had a lot of fun shopping with viki but just shopping isn’t enough in life for me.


  1. =P I did enjoy clubbing with you lol @_@ but never went for that long
    They close here at about 1?2?am

    >_> I did do the host thing it was.... So awkward
    They don't seem much different from Kei...
    The only thing I regret not doing is the hair thing =(

    I'll be back~! *pokepoke jab jab* I'll plan a better trip next time and condense shloping in 2/3 days lol and then u can show me the cultural things =P

  2. viki-> clubs close at 5am in japan

    well kei was a host wasnt he? but i think theyre more entertaining when you can understand thier jokes or poke fun at them

    good =)