Saturday, April 23, 2011

Love Gal's Photoshoot!

Ahh~ money is super tight around this time ==;; dance groove fee, tour fee, hair dye, photoshoot fee, and bbq isnt too far away either. Been eating instant noodles or raw egg over rice for the last couple of weeks and prob will continue to do so for a month maybe.. so hungry...

Every gyaru event has a pamphlet/booklet in which the circles and its members are shown. Events are not only to have a good time but to promote circles so that new people can join. Most of the time, circles use "pin-puri" which are solo purikura shots for their photo. But Love Gal's wanted to do something different. We wanted a professional photoshoot.

Mr. Yamada whom ash and I met at Double Hearts was so kindly willing to do the shoot for free. All we had to pay was for part of the studio time.

For the photoshoot we wanted everyone to look perfect so everyone went to get hair-set done. The place we normally go couldnt get us in at the time we wanted so we had to go to another place called Ups. We were barely squeezed in because there was a wedding party getting thier hair done and makeup done.

I wanted to pick a hairset that was standardly more me. I often like to experiement with hairsets if im doing them on my own but since this is a photoshoot for love gals i wanted a set that represented my general style so i picked a hime set but asked her to REALLLY suji it all out. The hair-set lady seemed to have alot of fun with arranging the colors of my hair on my head haha

When we got outside it was raining. It worried me alot. We finally made it to the alta to meet with everyone then we all headed to McDs where we touched up our makeup and put an extra coat of hairspray on to try to make it all stay. We also added glitter to make it look even more impressive. Mr. Yamada explained how the studio is quite small so we can only come in certain groups and rotate around. But in the end we all ended up at the studio together anyway.

The studio is located in Kabukicho. Its a studio where alot of kyabajos and hosts get thier shoots done. But instead of using their photographer we had our own so we only had to pay for studio time. The shoots went really fast paced at first and we got everyone done alot faster than expected so we ended up experimenting with with some more funny shots here and there.

The shoot ended around 3-4ish and the rain was pouring really hard at this point. We all went into a nearby game center and took purikura. A guy hit on miki and gave her his number on a piece of paper she gave one look at it crumpled it up and threw it on the ground.

after purikura everyone was really tired so we all split off.

soon after ash and I received the files and we edited it (lighting and so on ) and sent the files to each of the members so they can choose which one they want to use. Little did we know this photoshoot for our GYARU-SA is going to start a bunch of internet drama.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome Akiho and Happy Birthday Satomin

Due to bad leader, Love Gals was left nearly the entire 7th generation left and only natsuki and matsumi were left to rebuild Love Gals. They gain Yumi, Miki, A-chan as the two of them. Later we joined making the cast about 7. Since then we have been working hard on re-building Love Gals. New members Saki, and Satomin joined and now we have a new recruit Akiho invited by Ash.

Ash met Akiho on mixi. Akiho is a gal from Kyuushu who moved to Tokyo recently to go to university here. She posted on a forum to look for new friends in Tokyo. Ash saw this post and asked her to join Love Gals. Luckily she did it fast because expressions invited akiho shortly after at her school on the day she was comming to the Love Gals meet to check it out. She was very impressed and was really happy on how welcoming everyone is.

Today is also Satomin's birthday so we signed a card and smooshed cake in her face just like how we did to miki. Kinda ironic as that this is prob the first day Satomin wore false lashes.

We all took purikura. It was amusing because purikura machines are not meant to fit THAT many people in a booth at once. But we managed somehow ^^

Im really glad Akiho decided to join because we really need people like her who have ots of energy and motivation to work hard on events. Akiho ash and I got close pretty quickly. She also joined just in time to be able to do Dance Groove and participate in our up coming photoshoot we are going to have for the booklet.

Aside from that things are getting pretty tight with money. Events actually cost money to do. How it works is that you pay a certain amount to participate in the event and you try to make your money back with however many guest come for you under your name. Not only was that due, but the cost for the upcoming tour is due and I had to get my hair done because the circle shoots are due soon and I want my hair to be rid of 2months of roots in my hair... looks like I will be starving for the next month or so. haha...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dance Groove 2011 - Giant Multi-Circle Nagomi

Dance Groove meetings happen every monday like clock-work. We are expected to go on time so to not have our circle look bad. Ash and I decided since the last time that maybe we should be taking off work on mondays instead of thursdays as Love Gals always lets you go for work but for Dance Groove if you have to leave you must leave during the assigned intermissions so not to disturb the flow of the meeting with people going in and out of the room.

Just like in normal Japanese culture where people work hard together then after they all get together and drink to build stronger and more personal friendships with their co-workers, so do gyaru after meetings. We haven't been able to because of work for the past few weeks but this time around we took off so we could.

The meeting started as normal. This was quite an important meet as this is the meet where it is decided which section you are are going to be put in and the sub-leaders for each section. The sections are such as stage, date planning, promotion, graphics, staff? (like door staff, vip room servers etc) etc

Ash and I decided to go into graphics because this is where we think we are the strongest. Ash wouldnt mind going to stage or promotion but I am uncomfortable and shy with public speaking and promotion requires phoning up and talking formally to sponsors and such which I am in no position to do. The meeting were held in formal speech so even though I am at the level in which i can carry a decent conversation in casual Japanese I have a difficult time understanding formal situations. Thus Ash and I had to be in the same group for me to even be able to participate.

The meeting went pretty long and afterwards we were all expected to make our way to Yoyogi Koen. I knew we were going drinking and i thought we were going to go to an izakaya or something so i didnt buy dinner. But due to the great number of people we went to yoyogi koen with sake and owari bought from konbinis.

When we got to Yoyogi Koen everyone was split up into groups. They wanted all the circle members to mix with other circle members so there was a max number on the number of people of the same circle in a group. Each circle was split and spread out evenly. We played drinking games and drank and drank and drank. In the west Im pretty good at games but due to the language barrier I'm still tripping up and making alot of mistakes. Not sleeping much and not eating a thing in the last 12hrs really put my tolerance down low. But I managed to survive quite a bit longer than I expected. Others however were already starting to fall. One sentaa actually started to get a nose bleed out of nowhere and the first thing he was saying was ahh nooo is there any blood on my albarosa coat?? please help me keep it protected. The next thing he said was ahh no i have school tomorrow i cant miss school~ noooo (let alone the fact hes bleeding alot out of his nose) Ash, one other person, kai and i were standing by yuki trying to help him. Kai said to lighten up the situation, that he liked the color of blood and i agreed. Ash looked at us as if we were sick HAHA (stupidvkeipeopleandthiercreepyobssessionofbloodimeanwhat?) Not all of us can help Yuki at once so it was ash who mainly stuck by him.

around 12-1am or so the rain started to fall and we all ran over to sit under the bridge. At this point half of the sa-jin were super drunk some passed out some throwing up. We werent the only ones who didnt eat apparently. Ash and I were still hanging in there for the most part but were starting to go as well.

The cultural thing that is different than the west is that in the west it is admirable to be able to handle your alcohol and be responsible to know when to stop but in Japanese culture it is admirable to continue drinking til you cant drink anymore and never refuse drinks as it is it rude to refuse. Being as such sa-jin will drink to the bitter end. Some may even go as far as continuing to drink with a throw up bag in their hand.

Shortly after some police came. We thought it was because of us so we quiet down and our minors ran off because they can get in trouble being out after curfew. Whatever the problem was, it was dealt with quickly, they went away and we continued.

Prob around 3ish I was way passed drunk and Kai took care of me as i rested my head on his lap while he continued to play the games. When I awoke after throwing up I noticed that ash was completely passed out. I stuck by her til she woke up again. For me the alcohol goes through my system very quickly so even if i get super drunk If i rest for a bit it will be through my system and I will be fine again soon. For ash, shes pretty strong but for sochu it gives her a headache and such. It was starting to approach 4am when Natsuki and I thought it would be a good idea to bring her home. Though Natsuki and I were also drunk, we were still ok enough to walk around and carry her. We took her to a taxi and we rode til our home where we carried her in. After i made sure shes alright i fell asleep too.

This night was pretty intense. I haven't drank that much in a long time and it somewhat made me scared of nagomis for a little bit and made me want to learn the games even better. Next time I will DEFIANTLY eat before doing a nagomi again.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Darts + Karaoke w/ Blaze Event Team

As usual we had our weekly meet with Love Gals talking about some upcoming important dates or Dance Groove and how we need to try our best to recruit new members and such. After the meet was over Natsuki Ash and I went to McDs to eat dinner and hung out further when other members either went home or went to work. Natsuki got a call from Blaze (another circle) inviting us to join them for darts.

When we got to the darts place we were split up into groups and played. Our sweet leader natsuki cant play darts even if her life depended on it so she had a very funny way of throwing them. She would take the entire can of darts and throw them all at once hoping one of them will stick on the board. Every few rounds the teams got switched around. A few members were to choose their teams. Kouya being the playboy he is picked almost all girls. While Nikoru picked who he thought were the strongest which were all boys. The boys in his team groaned while Nikoru was completely oblivious to it all. During darts we also talked and speculated over a few things to do with Dance Groove. The last meet we talked about the Theme for Dance Groove. It was decided to to be JAPAN. But our group was saddened our SM Adult Disney theme wasn't picked. Tomoki was happy that most of love gals wanted it though since it was his idea.

The plan was to play darts til last train but by the time we finished all the trains were gone so we all decided to go to karaoke. On our way to karaoke Linderman asked if Ash and I would help this girl in Blaze with her style. She said she really wants to become louder in her style but doesnt have any clue where to start. We agreed to help her sometime.

When we got to karaoke we all paid 1000yen to our leaders and those with proper IDs showed them because minors are not allowed to go to karaoke after a certain time at night. The bulk of us headed towards to the room while some others went to the konbinini to buy alcohol. The minors snuck in a little later and shortly after the ones who went to buy alcohol came back with another small group who went to the free soft drink counter to bring owari. Other members from other circles such as kou mikado, and bluff also joined in and we filled up one huge room with at least 20-30 of us.

Everyone sang karaoke and played drinking games. Luckily Natsuki taught us a few last week so we weren't completely loosing but still, I wasnt doing too well because when it came to games like Yamenote sen (which is where you name a category and everyone has to say something in it and if they get it wrong, cant come up with something or say something that has already been said they have to drink ) I couldn't understand the category too well.

Also since its karaoke, those who didnt sing karaoke had to drink and so on. Natsuki is apparently known for being akb like so she sang akb. Surprisingly, there are large number of other gyaru who love vkei as Mika sang an old song of Gazettes and Kai sang acid black cheery with me.

During this meet Ash and I met alot of people who will later become closer friends in the future such as linderman, Nikoru, Kai, Tomoki etc

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ai's Last Event In His Host Career

Circle life took ash and I by storm. I went from having a moderate schedule to suddenly having a crazy busy one. I wasn't the only one busy either. While I was working on Dance Groove and getting myself familiar with circle life, Ai has been busy with practice and rehearsal for his club's event. The last time we saw each other, I expressed how much I wanted to come and see it because of how hard he is working on it but of course it would be expensive so I wouldn't be able to go... But since it was his last event as a host (he plans to quit sometime this year) he would rather it be me next to him than a customer for it so he offered to pay for me to come.

Early in the morning I made my way to Kabuki-cho. I met up with Ai in front of Donki and he told me that we needed to get some things. Ai's part in the skit he's involved it is a girl so he asked if i could do his makeup for him. I bought my makeup and we bought extra things like eyelashes and brushes etc at donki. After that there was still some time before the club opens so we went and ate some udon near by. Ai told me that when i go to the club its ok to say I'm his girlfriend as long as i don't tell them that he paid for me because that's against the rules.

When we got to the club I sat down with him and we chatted a bit over drinks. ( for events its all-you-can-drink free time system) some of the host without shime-ed customers rotated around the tables as "help" and talked to me as well. Sometimes Ai had to go to another table as help for champagne calls etc. His co-workers were very funny and entertaining.

During the first groups show, Ai got changed and came out in a... miku? costume LOL! I did his makeup while watching the show here and there. After that was done there was a little intermission and Ai went to the other side of the club to get ready while his co-workers kept me company.

Ai's skit was actually quite funny. They all dressed in nerd glasses multi-colored shirts and well really anything to look ridiculously stupid. The main character is a new host at a host club. He is trampled on and made to do mundane duties. He envies the number 1 at the club who has this customer named shizuka (Ai) who is a super bratty customer that spends alot of money. He expresses his frustration in private and out comes doraemon to the rescue. He has chats back and forth with doraemon and doraemon says he will grant his wish. The next time Shizuka comes to the club the number 1 stiffs up and cannot move. Shizuka gets frustrated and changes her shime to the new host. However things get out of hand when the main character finds out the true nature of how its like to handle shizuka. He is made to chug many bottles of champagne every night to the point where he thinks he made a mistake and cries out for doraemon. I think Doraemon kind of said that it was kinda a lesson he had to learn or something i wasnt quite sure on this part but anyway it somehow lead to doraemon having to drink the champagne instead and he got super drunk and was acting super crude and funny walking around the club. But eventually he gets a bit violent when shizuka picks on him and he brings out a vibrator? and sticks it under her skirt and she screams and runs away. The new host cries after shizuka and the story ends with drunk doraemon laughing. LOL what a crazy skit.

The rest of the time Ai and I just sat talked and drank til the club was closed. He had to shower and get changed so I left first and waited for him outside in font of the koma building in kabukicho. It was daylight and kinda warm. I sat around watching 3-bu trying to catch customers for their club. Originally there is 1-bu which is night, and 2-bu which is morning. But recently as of a few months ago there has been a few 3-bu clubs opening that operate during the afternoon. I sat around waiting for a while and just when a group of 3 who were 2-bu hosts who got off work were trying to get me to go with them to play (who didnt believe me when i said i had a boyfriend) Ai showed up and took me by the hand.

Its early afternoon. We were together during the day for once. We were thinking we might go out somewhere or something but we were both very tierd and haven't slept for a long time so we decided to take a little nap at my house for a bit. We ended up sleeping til late unfortunately.

When we got up we freshened up a little and went to eat at a ramenya near by that ash and I are friends with. Ai got along with the tencho very well and talked alot. The tencho was teasing me on how everytime the subject of Ai comes up my face lights up. The tencho also said that at first he was wary of him since he is a host but upon meeting him he can see why I like him.

After we finished eating we took some purikura in sentaagai and then headed off to atom. Ai said he hasn't gone clubbing in a long time. When I was there I ran into alot of friends and introduced Ai to them. Ai and I had some fun at the club but hes not really all that into dancing so he mostly just watched me and drank which made me feel a bit uncomfortable. We left a little early hanged out til around 6-7ish and then slept a little til the afternoon and he left to run some errands.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My 1st Hanami with Love Gal's

I came to Japan 2 years ago during hanami season in the spring. However, I was not able to go for some reason or another. My friend explained to me that Hanami is a tradition in which people sit under the sakura trees and admire the blossoming flowers. I thought this was done during the day with a picnic or something of that sort but it is very common for hanami to be done at night with your co-workers or friends with a bottle of sake.

Usually because of location, Yoyogi Koen is often overly packed during hanami season and it is very hard to get a seat. But due to the recent big earthquake last month it was pretty empty. After taking some purikura and a photo with our Love Gal's banner we headed to Yoyogi koen with a big bottle of souchu and bottles of tea, calpis soda, etc. We picked our spot and our leader Natsuki explained to us what a nagomi is.

Nagomis are a big part of sa-life. It is where everyone sits in a circle with a big bottle of sochu and owari (juice or tea etc to mix with. there is also dai-sa style where its just straight up but no one likes that style) and play drinking games. Usually the youngest in the group will be the ones mixing the drinks if they werent premixed and put into big pet bottles to begin with.

Usually our leaders will start off the games. Natsuki taught us each game to us so we will be prepared for future bigger nagomis with multi-circle meet-ups. I found alot of the games hard to grasp at first because of a language barrier. But I slowly got used to them as we played them over and over again.

A little further on a group of young salary-men who were doing nagomi as well next to us with a expensive bottle of nihon-shu (sake) offered to share some of it with us. One of them has connections with the beach and Natsuki and him talked about possibly having a summer event on the beach.

They didnt stay long after and neither did we. We left Yoyogi koen before the last train.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dance Groove Event Planning Meeting

Uwa~ Yet another day in which I had to get up earlier than intended on. Recently I found myself rushing through all my meals. Its really sad I don’t get to eat my food at the pace I want. When you pay for food… well at least for me anyway, I kinda like to enjoy it but whatever, things have to be done right? I said to myself that I DEFIANTLY wanted to eat my food normal for dinner.

Not really knowing how this meeting is going to be like but knowing we MUST be there on time because our leader Natsuki is in the running for one of the higher up positions and it reflects badly on our circle if we are late. To try our best to make it on time, we took a taxi to Shinjuku to meet with Yumi.

We all arrived JUST in time but the leaders of the meeting were late haha go figure but at least were weren’t. To my surprise even though it’s a gyaru meeting, everything is quite formal in terms of greeting people in polite speech, (only difference is that we say otsukaresama desu rather than ohaiyogozaimasu) taking special care of greeting leaders a particular way and people who are older than you. (This is when its kinda nice being older than a lot of people)

The meeting started and I was looking around a little curiously at this whole picture. It looked really cool seeing all these gyaru/gyaro all serious in a lecture hall. And normal people don’t think gyaru/gyaruo work hard. Everything was very formal and professional. The point of this meeting was nominating who is going to be in charge for each position. I had quite a difficult time understanding most of the speeches or what was going on. It was the first time being in japan in such a formal setting for so long. (amongst gyaru of all kinds of people is what makes me kinda laugh) The meeting went on til about 9:15 Our leader got one of the highest positions and we were all happy. During the breaks and free time parts were all called the Kyaba-sa (because we all look like kyabajos) and one of the supervisors said that our circle overall had the cutest girls.

Though we really wanted to go drinking with everyone after we had work at 10:30…. I said at the begining of this entry that the one thing I wanted today was not to inhale my food… guess what? I had inhale my food =.= Almost literally too. We tried to cut time by going to a ramenya near our workplace. I ate the ramen a little faster than id have liked though it was very good. But our gyoza took forever to come and by the time it did we had 5mins to eat it all. I bit into each one like 2-3 times and swallowed them all down. It really sucked. Not only did it kinda hurt going down and made me feel sick after, they were good gyoza too and I can tell I would have loved to savor them if I had the time of day. Work was a bit difficult to get through because of the little sleep we ran on and my brain for being tired with the whole day being formal and in Japanese/not understanding because of it, and Ash being tired from translating.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

S_Cube Graduation

S_cube is a big umbrella of a bunch of circles such as Sheeps, しぇっPィず, Serpent, Shetlans Shake II, S&S, Shooting Stars, Salvia...

Every circle has generations based on age and every circles has their rules as to what age they graduate. For most Highschool circles the graduating age is 18~19. Most dai-sa's are 21~22. As a general, you get about 3 years in a circle so there are some people who graduate a younger and some who graduate older. However, most circles have a age limit for how old you can be when you enter and so on. Though it is sad to leave your circle graduation is necessary for the growth of the circles. It is the goal of a sa-jin (circle person) to graudate. If you are kicked out or leave before graduation you are often shunned and excluded from circle people. After graduation motto-sa-jin (graduated sa-jin) often continue to attend events and some outstanding members become advisers for big multi-circle events such as Dance Groove, Love and Sunshine, Campus Summit, D-1. For singular circle events of thier previous circle often motto-sa-jin sit in VIP and watch their juniors.

Ash and I were invited to S_Cube graduation by Kazu and Ryouchimu. Ryouchimu is not graduating. However, Kazunyan is. The line for the event was quite long as i rushed to meet Ash and Yumi. I couldnt find them at first when I walked passed atom. When i finally found them Yumi told me that she was wondering who the person with the HUGE hair was. HAHA

When we finally got in, there was an interruption in the line to let all the graduating member's parents come through. Though one might think that everyone is against their children being gyaru but alot of parents actually support their children when they are in circles as they watch how hard the apply themselves at making events, making friends and really putting their all in something.

As soon as we entered Yumi brought us to the drink counter and we ordered drinks (most of these events are all-you-can-drink) and we were made to chug drink after drink while getting cheered on by calls. This is quite normal in every event.

The show began and we moved up to the front. We got to see many para-para, tech shows and so on. A little later we moved up to VIP because Yumi knew a few people in there. We were introduced to DJ Iori, DJ Yuki and a few other Djs. From the 6th floor looking down we had a clear view of the performances. The last part of the event was the graduation ceremony where each of the graduating members gave a speech and told of their precious experiences of being in their circle.

At the end of the event we headed back downstairs and I congratulated Kazunyan and then left with Yumi, Ash and Iori. We all headed to Sentagai and took purikura with DJ Iori and took a few pictures with a couple of people. One being Run-chan a very outstanding mamba.

Again another precious experience. I feel like somehow, all in the course of a week or so I have been swept into the heart of gyaru culture in Tokyo. I feel excited to know that this is the beginning of many new experiences and a oppertunity to see things I have only speculated on in the past first hand.

After meet, I was supposed to see Ai. He said he would come to shibuya for me around 8ish but time got later and later. I fell asleep waiting for him but he eventually came around 12. We didnt end out doing much just chatting and talking about random things. I showed him the photos from today and he was very impressed and surprised. He told me he tried sentaa for a week or 2 then quit. LOL I would have loved to have seen that hahahhaa. He was obviously very tired. He rarely has time so he often goes without sleep to see me... I don't like to stress him out too much so even though he says hes fine (while falling asleep while sitting or standing) I just let him sleep.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Sentaa and Men’s Egg Youth model hijacked my bed

A couple of days after my birthday party I spotted one of the senta’s hanging around mecca. I waved at him and he gave me a surprised look and waved back. I continued walk to work when a the whole group ran up to me and ash and started to talk to us. Kazuya asked for my number when Men’s egg youth model Ryouchimu came up and asked what was going on all genki. When Kazuya explained that I took a photo with him a few days ago, Ryouchimu said “THAT’S IT?! How boring” then he looks at us and said both of you are cute!! One of you give me your number! Because I gave my number to Kazu, so ash gave hers to Ryou.

On Thursday after I got home after the Love Gals meeting, Kazu phoned and asked where I was. “Im at home” “oh…. Im in shibuya” “Oh yea? Me too” “whut?! I thought u said you’re at home” “I LIVE in shibuya” “Oooh~” a few hours later we ended out hanging out with him and he also brought Ryouchimu. Kazu said he was tiered and cold and asked if he could come over to our house. All 3 of us were like whut? Why???? He kept pushing and pushing and eventually we caved in and said yes because we too were really cold. Our plan was to just hang out for a little while, warm up a little and go somewhere after but faster than kazu ryou fell asleep. Kazu kept asking ash to translate everything. The jist of it was that he liked me and wanted to be my boyfriend. I told him I already have a boyfriend and I don’t really have and interest in boys that are younger than me generally. Kazu eventually gave up and fell asleep too. So ash and I was like now what? So while the slept we watched girls life and eventually fell asleep too.

In the morning we were trying hard to wake kazu up. Ryou woke up just fine but kazu refused. When we finally got him to wake up he had to do all his makeup and so on and we couldn’t leave until they left. Eventually it got to be too late and ash just went with my half of the money with her and I sat down and said well it looks like im stuck on babysitting duty. Ryou laughed. They left a little after Ash got back from ometesando.

Some of the things we talked about was about gal/gyarou in general. Ryou said that recently he’s not very happy with Men’s Egg/Men’s egg youth. He said that he understands that yea that Megg now is tonned down and stuff but Mens Youth was supposed be the magazine that shows TRUE gyaruo but recently its been tonning down too. It frustrated him.

We showed some western gals Kazu (im not gonna say names just random ones mostly manba/bamba) he was looking over them and said that he thinks Pin and Niji are really interesting. He said he saw some of the western gals here and there before as well. His main opinion was that he wasn’t particularly impressed. He said a lot of them were either boring or if they were good, they just look like cookie cutter gyaru out of the magazine. I sorta agreed with what he said in some ways. The bottom line is, try to be a bit more original I think. When I think about it harder, the magazines nowadays have become more of the commercial side of gyaru/gyaruo. You may not see the heavier styled gals/gyaruo in them now but it doesn’t mean its not popular or don’t exist. Its just that gal has become more open to the public and the tonned down styles is a result of that. In the west, I think its easy to feel like its just a fashion, but the deeper and deeper I get into it here in Japan, it feels like its less about being perfect in your hair, makeup and style, but rather a way of being. (but of course, having perfect hair and style etc DOES make you prettier, but it doesn’t make you any less gal if you don’t is what im saying) bottom line there is stop picking eachother apart so badly like a bunch of Nazis with magnifying glasses.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love Gal's- 13yr old Dream Come True

Let me tell you a bit of a background story about why I got into gal. Ever since I was a child I was an anti-social tomboy who cared nothing more about life than my drawing book and my mom. I thought that I didn't need friends because they just take time away from doing something productive like drawing. However, I wasn't allowed to think this way without a consequence. I was picked on all through elementary school up into high-school merely because no one knew who I was so if someone said anything negative they believed it. Around 2001, I went to an anime festival and watched an anime named Super Gal's. The main character showed me you can be fashionable, pretty, strong and because of the power of friendship nothing can get you down for long. I wanted to become just like her; surrounded by supportive friends, while being fashionable and strong at the same time. But due to the resources of the time, I had no way of becoming gal so I became nammer style instead. (its kind of like the local yankii style with dyed hair and track-suits or tight clothing, and heavy makeup) I needed a whole personality make-over so i took the first step and made myself look like the kind of person i wanted to be then followed it by learning and polishing my social skills that I started to learn so late in life.

Fast forward to 2011. I had the impression that gal circles were only up til 18years of age so I thought being in a gal circle was already a dream I could never achieve. I was wrong. Apparently nowadays, on top of ko-sa's (highschool circles) there are now such a thing as dai-sa (university aged circles). Back around christmas Ash and I met a dark gal named Yumi. She and Ash have been mixi friends for a long time so when they saw eachother in real life they exchanged contact and continued to be friends. Yumi said that because we were older she didn't know we would be interested in gal circles at all so she waited to work up the courage to invite us in.

I was really nervous about going the Love Gal's meet. What if they won't accept me? Am I gal enough? Am I too old?

When we arrived Ash and I were introduced to everyone and everyone was more than welcoming. Also as a special treat, a member named Miki's b-day celebration was on this day. We were asked to write a message on a card and when she arrived one of our other members snuck up on her and smushed a piece of cake on her face. This seems to be a common tradition in many circles for birthdays. They would make a card which would be decorated with messages and purikura and smush a cake in their face and sing a birthday drinking call as they chug a bottle of alcohol then take purikura after.

The meet ended around 8-9ish when a few of our gals went to work. I had a lot of fun and I hope this is a beginning of a new chapter in my life. I feel like things are going really well this month, new boyfriend, new circle of friends life seems to be going especially well this month.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me~

Ash and I were planning to celebrate with everyone on the following Sunday. But recently work has been paying poorly and I didn’t really want to come into work on my bday when it’s like this. So I took the day off to spend with Ai.

The plan was at 7 but there was a power outage in Kawaguchi (where Ai lives) so there were no trains and he could not get ready until around 730 or so. He said he would try his best to come as soon as possible he aimed for 9 and made it around 10. I slept during this time in full hime as I awaited for his arrival. Though thinking I’d be late in the first place, I think I strained my neck when I was hurrying up to tease my hair into a hime bouffant. Ash was entertained by the volume getting bigger and bigger with each section in a matter of minutes.

Around 10 he came knocking on my door. We waited around for about 30mins and then he took me by the hand to the station. I asked him where were we going but he told me it’s a surprise.
We arrived at some station I have no clue where and I was lead through a residential like area. I was a bit confused. Am I going to his house? But wait… this isn’t far enough to be his house… He took me up a building and then led me to a place that was pitch black.

A person came in with a flashlight and led us to our seats. I sat down and looked up. It was an astro dome. He ordered some champagne as we drank under the stars. He then reached into his bag to grab something. He must have put it up his sleeve because there was nothing in his hand at first but when he turned it around a bracelet appeared, which he then put it on my wrist.

He asked with me turning 22 what is it that I want to do or something for this year. I told him well; being able to stay in japan with a more secure visa after this one is up is one thing… (He laughed, as that’s an obvious answer.) Then I said and maybe…to bring someone I love with me to Canada for a couple weeks for Christmas (that being if my visa is already secured, if not, its not possible) He then said he’d love to go to Canada with me if we are still together. We talked over a few things about the future as we held hands and looked at the stars.

A little while later, we took a cab to shibuya and I said I wanted to eat yakiniku. Lol he asked if I was sure and that there are more interesting places if I wanted to go. I said that it was fine. (I know hes running short on cash because pay day isn’t until the 25th) We ate quite a bit at the yakiniku place. He started to doze off here and there. He hadn’t slept in over 24hrs. My neck was really hurting as well so I suggested we’d go home after this.

After yakiniku, we walked to my place and slept a very… long time HAHA. My neck hurt a lot so I wanted to lie down each time and though he claimed he wasn’t sleepy I knew he was, so I let him sleep as we cuddled on my bed.

Pt2 With Friends
Because my actual birthday was on Wednesday, I celebrated with my friends on the following Sunday. Due to the big earthquake and the things that followed a lot of my friends are back in their home countries and there was no time to really plan anything so it was basically whoever can see me and we’d just go eat somewhere and go to atom.
Though there were no formal plans for my "birthday party" it all ended out that I got to see a lot of my friends this day anyway. Though I was supposed to see Yumi too, Yumi changed plans too fast for me to adjust my routine to come earlier to see her and Naoki was too late for me to leave the house in time to see her before she went home.
At first I was starting to get a little annoyed because Naoki was supposed to come at 4:00 to drop off his suitcase (that I’m going to hold on for him when he goes to Osaka the next day.) However, he had not finished packing yet so he pushed it to 5:30 but ended up at my house at 6:30 because he got lost and so on. So when he got here, we just chilled til Ash came back home. Next we were waiting on Ryuuta and maybe Ai to pick up his phone.
The next plan is to eat and then go to atom. Ryuuta said he didn’t want to go but he will at least come to eat. I wanted Ai to come with us too but earlier this day he said he had drank too much at work and was feeling sick. He said he would call when he feels better but he didn’t contact til late the next day… Still feeling sick, I hope he’s ok…
Ryuuta was close so we just waited at our house. Ash bought some new things from 109 and the bra she bought from Dia had so much padding in it that she had to take it all out. To emphasize how much there was we shoved it into Naoki’s shirt and surprisingly he suddenly ended out looking he had B size boobs just from padding. 0_0

Also, while waiting we took some Polaroid pictures with Naoki’s new camera. (no not one with his new boobs) It kinda made me want to get a Polaroid camera myself.
Ryuuta finally arrived close to 10pm and we all headed to sentagai to take purikura and eat. The funny part of the purikura is… that naoki and ryuuta looked like a couple and me and ash looked like a couple. It was kinda funny. The problem with this machine was that we were unable to get the digital versions of it.
We ended up at the izakaya around 1030 and didn’t end up ordering til around 11 because it was so busy. We were supposed to meet with Shoko at 1130 in front of 109 before going to atom but we just ended out adding her to our izakaya table instead. Before hand we just drank and ate lots of various foods. My little birthday "cake" was a little thing on the dessert menu. I picked crepe icecream. Naoki held the lighter while ash filmed it and everyone sang happy birthday to me. (haha just as ghetto as ash’s bday cake LOL)

When shoko arrived it became a photo taking fest. We stayed til around 12:30 at the izakaya and arrived at atom close to 1am. There was just the right amount of people there that night. Not too many and not to little. When we first got in we all ordered our drinks and the girls and I went straight to the dance floor. The boys followed quite a bit later around the time atom staff yasumo was talking to me about some promotion stuff and if he could have my number for guest list purposes etc. As I paused thinking about giving my number or not Naoki comes up behind me and puts his arms across my shoulders to make it look like he was my boyfriend to protect me from a nampa. But when he found it was just an event staff he said sorry and we exchanged numbers.

Naoki helped me a bunch through-out the night and protected me from nampas all night in Ai’s place. I was especially happy when a friend of men’s egg youth model chibou groped me and chibo kinda joking joined in and poked my chest I was not amused. Naoki cut them off and said something to them I couldn’t hear and they stopped.
Because it was my birthday Ryuuta bought me a bottle of champagne and we shared it with everyone. Ash, Shoko and I returned to the dance for awhile while the boys stayed at the bar a bit longer. One of the Dj’s was Ayumu this night. I guess that’s why there’s a bunch of men’s egg youth models around. We ended up on the top floor for the last 1/3 of the night. Ayumu happened to be there too so the floor filled up pretty evenly but not half as much as other nights when egg models were on the floor.
When we went to the washroom and came out we noticed Naoki talking to ayumu in the washroom and taking photos. Haha~ We all returned to the dance floor and after a little while as a group we got to dance with Ayumu and drink champagne. We were all having fun as a group dancing and dancing and dancing. At one point Shoko was making kissy faces at me and ash as we danced but ended up kissing us and when we were going have one big group hug as 3 naoki joined in and it became a 4 way kiss (peck) in the middle of the dance floor LOL.
The night went by and shoko had to leave early because she had work during the day. We continued to dance for a little while longer. I was happy because everyone was equally having lots of fun. Even Ryuuta who normally has the least amount of fun at the club, had lots of fun too. However at one point I lost track of where my friends are when we went to send off shoko and I got cut off. While looking I ran into chibou and his friends again. He talked to me and so did his friends and asked if my "boyfriend" was mad and so on. (apparently what Naoki said that I couldn’t hear was that he was my boyfriend to get them to stop touching me) Anyway I kept the conversation brief because I was not happy with their behavior earlier. Model/friends of models or not it’s no excuse to grope someone. Anyway I told them was looking friends and chibou told me that ash was on the 6th floor. I found her and since I knew she would be down there for a bit, I looked for Naoki with Ryuuta because Ryuuta was too looking for Naoki. I eventually gave up and I also lost ryuuta for a bit too "sigh* so I went to the washroom to see how my hairset was doing and I found naoki near that area and leaning on the wall while talking to another person that ash and I have met before at double hearts. Naoki said he was really tierd and could barely stand and also needed to print out his ticket to Osaka from a manga cafe. He wanted to go but I know everyone else wants to stay til end so I got the locker key from ash, grabbed our stuff and put ash’s and ryuuta’s stuff together and gave back the key to ash. On my way back to Naoki two hosts tried to nampa me but even if I wanted to exchange numbers I left my phone with Naoki.
I helped Naoki walk and as we were heading towards sentagai he said that maybe it would be a better idea to go to my house and rest first and print the ticket in the morning. So walked him to my place. He was starting to get a bit heavy but it was ok because I live pretty close to Atom ^_^
When we got home he suddenly felt a lot better being able to rest his legs and we chatted til ash and ryuuta came back. We all fell asleep eventually and Naoki left around noon. Ryuuta stayed over longer and left sometime while I fell asleep the 2nd time. It was a pretty fun 22nd bday =D Only thing was, I wished Ai was there too. But he’s sick =( I hope he gets better soon. I’ve been periodically checking up on him via mails and phone calls it doesn’t seem that he’s going to recover too quickly…

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Billabow with Ai

Last time I met with Ai I gently brought up that maybe he should try to be a bit more on time. (as opposed to 2hrs late) In Tokyo, if you are a girl and is out waiting for more than 30mins a lot of guys tend to approach you thinking either you waiting to be a approached or your date stood you up and the ones who approach sooner, will re-approach. In other words, it’s a bit annoying.

But this time I was the one who was a bit late. (about 40mins late because I couldn’t get my hair to go right) I met up with him in front of the Alta and he took me to a Billabow place. It’s a billiards and bowling hybrid game. It has pins and point system like bowling but you use a cue ball and cue stick to hit the pins.

Ai likes to play a lot of these kinds of games darts, billiards, etc. But this is the first time for him playing billabow too. Until I met him, I never really played these kinds of games before but for some reason I end up not half bad at them.

The first round I won surprisingly. I ended off with 3 strikes in a row XDDD. It shocked Ai and he was like you cant be serious. But as I said to him it was all beginners luck and I lost the next round.

The first round was a test round but the next two were batsu games. (where the looser has to take punishment) So I lost, and I got a shot called “lemon hard” it’s a shot about 70%. It totally killed me as I haven’t eaten in 8hrs. I told him shit, im already drunk. He was surprised as because I’ve drunk with him before and its been many shots of tequila or many glasses of shochu/milktea. I told him that if I don’t eat anything, I become very weak. He then ordered some food.

After eating we decided to play another game. I was drunk still haha. I totally messed the last round but he said he wont punish me since I was already drunk. After we went to Tsutaya and rented some movies and watched them. The shot didn’t sit too well with me but it was ok after I rested a little. He too fell asleep through most of the movies. He tends to not sleep at all before meeting with me after work

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Big Earthquake, Aftershocks and the Fear of Radiation!

March 10th Shaken Awake by a Big Earthquake

Sleeping peacefully I felt my bed move from side to side. I thought “ahh just another little earthquake” I decided to sleep through it. But then it got more violent and it shook me awake. I jumped over to Ash’s side of the room because my bed is right next to my windows. Ash was ok at first but when it wouldn’t stop she started to panic a little. We hugged in a corner til it was over. It was almost comical though because the apartment we live in is a little older so the walls were moving from side to side as well. In the end we were fine but felt quite dizzy. We slept more and then when we got hungry we went to the konbini to try to get some food but it was all out. Luckily there was a supermarket near by so we were able to buy food just fine.

The earthquake was pretty big but it wasn’t too bad. The main part that was bad for most people was that now the gas is stopped and the trains are stopped. In other areas near the water, the tsunami hit. In THOSE places it was pretty bad but here in downtown Tokyo it was ok.

We still don’t have internet in our house yet so ash was looking on her facebook and everyone was sending us well wishes. (thankyou everyone who did ) Though honestly I think it hit New Zealand quite a lot harder. Some comments such as “is there any news on how the Johnny’s boys doing?” were a bit =_= I think but w/e

Mom called a little later at night and we were able to chat for a good hour or so. She was glad to hear we were both ok. I also got a mail back from Ai telling me he’s ok too only that he is stuck in Shinjuku and is unable to come home. So everyone is safe so its all good.

March 13th A Hair Weekend

The earthquake’s aftershocks can be felt throughout the day here and there but the main part of it is over. The main problems at the moment is that the food that comes in the konbini are coming slower because they are checking it for radiation I think. I believe a reactor is damaged possibly? But they are working on fixing it by having scheduled black-outs in certain areas at a time. My area, Shibuya, and Shinjuku are unaffected because I think the main tv/broadcasting places are located here. The most the aftermath of the earthquake is effecting my life is not having much selection at the konbini (but still having food unlike some more residential only places), some places are closed earlier or closed and some trainlines aren’t running or running less frequently.

Its my birthday in about a week and I want my hair to be perfect so I woke up a bit early to dye my hair silver and went to ikebukuro to meet with Ai before he goes to Kyuushuu with Top Dandy on Monday. I arrived just on time but as suspected he was late… by about 2 hours. Some scouts talked to me here and there. They really made things easier by protecting me from the annoyance of nampas. As I guessed Ai fell asleep after he got home from work and woke up late.

I moved into a café for the last hour or so with 2 scouts. They bought me coffee and chatted with me about random things because their work is really slow and I had nothing else to do but wait. Ai came to pick me up around 9ish and we headed towards Sunshine road? He tried to take me to a highrise restaurant but due to the earthquake they all closed early. We starred out the window at the view for a while and then went off to a normal izakaya.

After we finished at the Izakaya we had to think of what to do til morning. We had to think fast because the last trains were finishing soon. It would be fine to go to my place however my disc drive doesn’t work and my dvd player don’t have a tv to hook up to. + I don thave internet yet. We decided on going to a Manga Café where we shared photos online and talked about random things til morning. He had to go to meet with his company by 8 but since the station they are meeting is relatively close he delayed the time as much as possible before we went. I rode the Yamanote line in the opposite direction just so I can see him off.

After I came home and slept a bit. Then I went off with Ash to UR to get her hair done. Around 5 something Naoki calls saying its an emergency and he needed to use my flat iron. It was a bit troublesome but I rushed back home just for him to say 630 is fine. I sat around home til my phone rang and my mom talked me for a while til Naoki arrived.

He introduced me to his girlfriend. She was really nice. We then went to my place and he did his hair and we were talking about random things like the earthquake. Ash was still taking quite long at the salon so we decided to go grab something to eat.

By the time we were finished we went back and Ash was done doing her hair at home. We chilled drank a little. I fell asleep a some point because I had only about 2hrs of sleep at the time. It kinda hurt to be awake.

I awoke to ash screaming a tiny bit because Naoki unzipped her zipper collar and it pinche her neck skin. From that point on Naoki and Ash were teasing eachother a lot. It was very entertaining. Also Naoki’s English is very cute I think. When he read my mail from ash “he left his shit here; keitai and ipod” he said to her “sorry about my shitz” and about something else he said “Please be babysitting me?” We chilled with him til last train and then sent him off.. Im really having fun hanging with Naoki, he’s quite entertaining and funny. Too bad hes moving to Osaka in a month or so…

March 16

Chaos at the Bureau of Immigration

The big earthquake never really phased me to begin with, although the fact that the nuclear reactor is damaged and there is possible radiation problems is. I don’t know exactly what you people are seeing overseas but its definitely got my mom going crazy with scary mails and phone calls telling me to go home. I convinced her that going to Kansai is the best option because leaving to Canada is going to get very expensive and very difficult to do with the airports flooded with people trying to get out. Foreigners are reacting much more dramatically than the average japanese person. Some japanese have fled to their hometowns away from Tokyo but the bulk of the people are still here going about their everyday lives.

I went to the Bureau of Immigration in Shinagawa today to pick up my stamp for visa renewal. When I got to shinagawa, I was not surprised to see a line up all the way down the block for the bus to immigration office. I arrived at the office at 10am with already people snaking from the door all the way down the block. While waiting in line to buy the stamp, I watched the line get bigger and bigger til it wraped around the block and then crossed over to the next street. There were at least 1000 people lining up. By the time I got what I needed to get done, It was 330pm. I was basically standing in line for 5hrs and waiting in a chair for almost an hour.

Ai arrives back in Tokyo tonight. We wanted to see eachother but there was not enough time for him to go home and go to work on time. Originally he was going to go to Osaka with me but he says that everything should be ok to stay in Tokyo. I think because when he got back it looked all ok but I don’t know, by the time I really gets that bad everyone will be wanting to leave and it wont be very easy to leave then… Is what im thinking. Honestly ash and I are quite confused who to believe. The news here is possibly undermining the situation as to not cause panic, on the other hand news abroad is exaggerating things im sure freaking my mom out.

I had a 2 hour long phone call with my mom. She really wants to insist that I go home in anyway possible. I really don’t want to go home right now and I really can’t without loosing my visa unless I get a re-entry stamp which will be kind of difficult to get as EVERYONE is trying to get that now.

I really want this all to be over. Things are stressing me out quite a bit. I almost at 0 money because the beginning of the month of feb there were renovations so I missed work, after that I had to move right away and I had to miss more work on top of paying the deposit and buying things I need for my new place. Now with the earthquake I couldn’t go to work a few times and my workplace starting a new system of keeping some of your pay back (around 3 days worth) making it difficult.

Im confused and want all of this over. I understand why my mom is freaking out because im honestly the only thing she has left but at the same time my life is in Japan. My friends, my boyfriend, my way of living, my things are all here. I just picked up and moved my shit across the pacific 6months ago. I cant do that again now that almost all my things are new. Life was just starting to get good. I mean, I got an apartment now even closer to shibuya station, I got a boyfriend who cares about me very much, my wardrobe has finally been rebuilt all that’s left is to get a better job. Then a big earthquake happens and then a tsunami then a nuclear plant. Sorry if im sounding selfish but without fail whenever I get something good happen to me bad shit comes back 10fold to cut the time short. WELL FUCK U mr circumstance, you deserve a punch in the mouth, I refuse to leave Japan again/leave a lover behind just when my life is starting to make progress. I refuse to believe that I get a new apt, a new boyfriend just to have to ditch half my things and go back to that hell-hole of a country. Its not that I hate being Canadian, I just hate living in Canada.

Shibuya back to life? March 17th

Today I really wanted to sleep all the stress away and not even leave my house. My mom nagging me to come home, trying to decide who is best to listen to etc has made me more than ever want to close my eyes and wake up when its all over. But things have to be done such as getting one last round of laundry done and going to the bank to withdraw money to pay for rent.

On our way to the laundry mat, we went to a pharmacy to see if they sold potassium iodine. The little old man kinda chuckled and said he hasn’t heard anyone ask for that in over 50 years. He was very funny. His “irrashaimase” was “irrashaimashiiii~” So cute right? Haha Anyways after we put our laundry in, we met up with shoko and walked around sentagai. Seeing people around again made me feel a bit better. In sentagai today only the most hardcore gyaru/gyaruo were there. White blondes, silver hair, or if they had brown hair they were hella tanned. I saw at least 4 silver haired people. (not including myself)

After eating dinner at a pasta place shoko, ash and I went to sing karaoke. Its been a while since we sang karaoke. Its kinda natsukashii. Though Shibuya is back to life somewhat, everyone still wanted to go home early so we walked shoko to the station and then walked home.

Now im waiting for Ai to come to shibuya as I write this entry.

As I walked to shibuya station I noticed an American news crew filming outside of 109. I stopped to listen a bit then continue to head towards the station. When I got there I noticed that the gates were all closed so I figured he must be taking a taxi to the station. I waited a little around hachiko til I decided to head back towards 109 to find out what the news cast had to say. They noticed me watching and the camera man wanted to take a photo with me. This gave me an opportunity to talk to him about what he thinks is going on and so on. He told me that him and his crew were up at fukushima a little earlier and people from the evacuated areas have not be tested positive for radition. Also telling that the worst case scenario that the plant goes through a entire meltdown that radiation levels will not reach high enough to make people sick or die. Also at the moment radiation levels have returned to normal and that the highest it ever was, was the same as the day I met the professor who explained to me that at that time that the radiation levels are high but only about the same as that of being in an airplane.

Ai finally arrived at 109 and we walked towards my home. He was hungry so we decided to stop by the supermarket but instead we ended up at a bar that was open near by. I explained to him that while he was on his business trip my parents have been very noisy about making me go home and so on but that Tokyo seems to be safe right now.

We talked a little more and headed home where we just looked at a few pictures cuddled for a bit then he left on the first train to Shinjuku to go to work.

March 18th
Shinjuku Radiating! Its the End of the World as we know it – NOT

The day started off with a phone call from my mom. I explained to her the things that were said by the news cast and though she didn’t believe me at first she seemed to have calmed down and we were able to even throw a few jokes here and there.

But then… a little later for some reason she called again and so did my father and they were noisier than ever about me going home and I fought with them for about 3hours refusing to go home. My parents think im being stubborn but I feel like I have every right to be. My life is here, my best friend is here, my boyfriend is here, my things and home is here. I cant just pick up and leave. Also I have a bit of a fear of loosing things just when I started to make process. Like everytime I ever liked anyone they were taken away from me via odd circumstances and end up disappearing out of my life. Well I’m not gonna let it happen again. My parents say I don’t mean going to Vancouver forever. Just til we think its safe for you to go back to Tokyo. Sounds reasonable right? Then again when will they think its safe? 1 week? 2 months? 3 years?? Who knows. I just got my visa renewed and im not about to go out of my way to get a re entry permit just because my parents are paranoid about radiation when obviously everything seems to be safe here in Tokyo.

My parents were blowing everything out of proportion and started speculating and thinking the worse case scenario for everything. And out of the heat of the argument they said some very ignorant things about Japan which I will not repeat here that got me quite offended since neither of them know ANYTHING about japanese culture. Though I don’t claim I everything in contrast but I know a lot more than they do, and all their thoughts are stereotypically western about it all.

Anyways frustrated, voice strained and tired I lost the motivation to go to work. Around then, our friend Shoko invited us out to drink in kabukicho at a host club. I said ahh why not? I guess that’s what host clubs are for aren’t they?

We went to club Gently, we sat down and were able to pick from the menu which boy we want to be seated with. Because its shokai they will keep changing but the one you pick will definitely sit with you at one point and a little longer than the others. There weren’t really any that really caught my eye so I just picked who I think had the most decent face which was shishimaru.

The hosts that rotated before shishimaru came didn’t interest me at all. I was almost looking past their shoulders to see if I can spot any cooler looking ones. I saw one from the side with orangey hair that I think might look cute but I wasn’t sure. The orange hair boy came eventually and introduced himself and he happened to be shishimaru. LOL Shishimaru’s promotion picture looked quite a bit different. In the promotion photo, he had dark brown hair that was kind of short but now its orange and longer. I think this hair cut suits him best but I think a lighter blonde or back to a dark color would suit him better. Being a bitch that’s pretty much the first things I said to him after having a shocked face on how pretty his face was. To be fair, I kinda only agreed to going to a host club cuz I was stressed out from my parents.

It was starting to come to the end of our shokai when we decided to stay longer because shoko’s original agreement with hikaru was that he pay for his shimei and she will only pay for the shokai. (total being 8000yen, shokai=2000yen shimei=6000yen) But I was a bit scared because I don’t have 8000yen to drop on the table so shoko asked shishi if he would pay for his shimei too, he agreed pretty quickly and ash picked one too.

We were moved to a better table and we continued to drink and drink and drink. The problem that we find out a bit later was that ash’s shimei was not heard fast enough and she was put on freetime by default. The host that was originally going to be with her couldn’t cover that and basically she was screwed. However another host swooped in and took care of it and the 3 of us drank all night til last. Shishimaru was really pleasant to talk to. But I think due to the fact I was kinda upset before drinking my drunkenness wasn’t showing on my face like it normally does so no one believe I was drunk so shishimaru kept making me down the shochu. But then I made him do the same. He surprised me during one of the dance showcases by kissing me on the lips very quickly 0_0. He DEF was NOT allowed to do that. We were going to go on after with these boys however they had dance practice and a meeting so we walked around kabukicho instead for a bit. (Shishimaru called to apologize once at 1am and again at 6am he said he wanted to make up for it sometime with dinner)

We then met 2 hosts from airgroup Tsubasa Fudo (Air Precious) and Issa Kamido (AAA AI$). To my surprise Issa spoke English very fluently. I found out that he was born and raised in USA til he was 15. He wanted to go home so he didn’t stick around. Tsubasa stuck around a little longer. He was really kind and nice. He seemed to have not mind when ash kept messing with his hair. (most host would get super pissed by it but he wasn’t) he wanted to stick around but he after with a customer and couldn’t.

There were no trains running yet so we decided to hit up a bar (bar Ace) of one of shoko’s friends. He said he will pay for the first drink. We drank and chatted with 2 other hosts from Air group; Nasca Kamiya (All-black) and Ryosei (All-white). We talked to them more on a normal feel because they aren’t working their main job just chilling out at their little bar that they run I think. Ryosei was talking to us first and talked about some random things. When he showed us the airgroup magazine and his little street snap, ash commented that the outfit looks good aside from dassai boots. He was shocked that she thought the boots were ugly and said theyre not right????? But I responded that they really are. He said but they costed 300000yen!! And we were like whut?! For boots like THAT??

He started to talk about the price of each of his clothing item and we were saying that hes kinda stupid because all of those things he bought can be found for 10x less the price or a higher well known name brand with better material for the same price. He was really shocked and wanted to challenge us to show him where he can get these said cheaper clothes.

A little later Nasca came to sit with us. His way of speaking I found a little harder to understand but it was also very pleasant to talk to him. He asked if I did my hair myself and I said I did. He was quite impressed and asked about Canada. On the topic of hair and traveling abroad he explained that his hair set costed 3000yen (which is a lot for hairset) and about travel with his company air. When we said that it was quite expensive, he said that the boys at his club there’s a big difference between the top earners and the beginners in the money they make. The top has to pay 3000yen but at the same time, they get to get their hair sets done faster and don’t have to wait whereas the newbies do. Vacations can cost quite a bit but the group wants to promote togetherness so they pay for their kouhais to make them able to go. They really take good care of their own.

Both of them were very very very refined and classy. I guess this is how its like to talk to a super host. I’ve been finding those who are already famous, high-up and rich tend to be either completely rotten to the core or genuinely nice people. Nasca and Ryosei are kind and beyond classy. I was mesmerized by their grace in the way the carry themselves. Its almost scary how high of a quality of a person they are at such a young age. I have seen this kind of person before but they have always been in their 50s and higher. This kind of refined quality is probably what makes them so good at what they do.

Nasca had to go to work from about 6 and Ryosei walked us out around 7/8ish. We took a taxi back and I slept nearly the whole day. What a fun night. I haven’t had this much for for quite awhile. It definitely helped me relax a little .

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Joypolis and The Start of a New Relationship

I awoke again at an early time due to the sun and got ready just in time to walk out the door and look at the time and think to myself 14…..14…..14…. while reading the mail that said 16 o-clock… I screamed out SHIT I got the time wrong and went back into the house. I eventually left again and made it to Shinjuku exactly at 16. Ai messages me and says hes sorry but hes going to be a little late. So I head into the Alta and look around for a bit. He then sends me another message that hes going to be even more late. By the time he got to the Alta he was close to 2hours late. He apologized and handed me a present to make up for it. It was a black and red choker with a cross on it by Ozzoneste. We went into Kabukicho where he got his hair done and we went to Odaiba to Joypolis an indoor theme park. We were both hungry so we decided to eat first and we chatted over some relatively deeper things over dinner and then headed to the theme park. The first place we went inside was a horror house. It was relatively creepy. They made us wear headsets and the sound system was soo good that it really felt like the voices were really close to you and moving from one part of the room to really near you.

Next we played Host and Kyaba game. We decided to switch roles for amusement and prob didn’t do too well. I couldn’t read the questions and answers well enough so it was difficult. Then we went to prison break and Ai figured out the password for one of the room very quickly through the clue as I was going to pick the same one through instinct haha. Then since there wasn’t much time left we went downstairs and played a giant half pipe skatbord ride where you push on petals to spin when the announcer commands you to and we got the highest score in our set. ^_^

It was time to go and we caught the last train out. We ended up in Shinjuku were we rented 4movies from Tsutaya. He then took me to his old workplace where he worked as a butler at a maid café. The girls were really sweet to and everything. It was my first time at a maid café and I quite liked it. It was sweet. It really felt like someone’s home based on the décor rather than a café.

We then checked into a hotel for the night as my place does not yet have a tv and his house is all the way in saitama. We had a really deep discussion about life in general and about our dreams. He said he really admired that I seem to have quite a strong will and that its rare for a woman in Japan to have real dreams and not give up on them and not ending their dreams on marriage. We talked about a few other more deep topics but it really tired my brain out after awhile since Japanese isn’t my strong language and Ai speaks a slight bit more complex than normal. So we started watching the movies. We made it til the end of the 3rd movie when he decided to call it quits and go to bed. I knocked out almost immediately because I hadn’t slept much the last few days.

When we awoke we got ready and headed to 0101 one where we went shopping and he bough a h.naoto coat. We later went to Wired Café and ate dinner and he sent me home on the yamanote where I just made it home to grab my things for work and go back to Shinjuku.

I have quite come to really like Ai. He has been the only person that really tries as hard as he does for me and is serious about me. Sometime during the course of this date, I told him that. He said then… if you would like…… can we go steady? And my answer is yes.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Naoki and my first Gokkon

I awoke early with only having slept an hour and surprisingly not tired at all. Great it’s a great chance for me to go buy some shit for our house. While taking a literally ice cold shower because Tokyo Gas has been a retard and not contacted us back about turning on the gas in our place, I get phoned by Naoki a friend of mine from france whom I have been taking to on the internet for about a year and a half. He hes going to Shibuya and he wanted to meet up. He rushed me on the phone so I was unable to properly say its really going to be closer to 2:30 than 2pm. I tried my best to hurry up and get ready in time for the 2nd day in a row as ryuuta was being a snot about time (where he had no right as he makes us wait for 2hrs sometimes) the day before.

I met up with Naoki at 109-2 and looked around with him for some jeans. He bought one from fuga and a small fox tail. Afterwards we decided to go to karaoke after taking some purikura. The karaoke place was packed and he got a bit frustrated and took me by taxi to kabukicho and we sang karaoke there. After we got out he takes me hand and says were going to see Ichijyou Makoto. I was like wait wait wait NO!!!! He says why?? You like him don’t you??? I want to meet him too so off we went as I hid under my sunglasses as he asked every host around where club Eden is.

We couldn’t find the place in the end but ran into the #1 in the club and he said hes not in today. I was relived. 1. I don’t have the money to go see him because a high ranking host such as him will not be sat at a introduction table and must be specifically chosen and that costs money that I don’t have. 2. I can say no to every host in Japan no matter how pretty and how charming because I can always say but hes not Ichijyou Makoto… but of course that method doesn’t work if its actually him. So anyway lucky me hes not in and I thought I was off the hook when Naoki decides to head to club legend to meet Hakura. When we arrived they explained to us hes on a dohan so he wont be back for a little bit. We waited outside for about 5mins or so and he arrived. Of course he had to be choosen to be talked to and Naoki cant cover both of us if its like that so I parted ways with Naoki and headed home to nap for a short bit before I go to my first Gokkon.

A Gokkan is a group date basically. Its were an even amount of guys and girls get together who don’t know eachother. Normally one person from each gender sets it up and brings their friends. Its one of Japan’s many ways of trying to hook up and get a girlfriend/boyfriend. I normally never go to these as they have a reputation to have only normal guys at best. No one who is my type would ever show up to one of these but ash and I came anyway for the sake of our sweet sweet friend Megumi.

I was right none of them were my or ashs or shoko’s type but we were all there for Megumi. It was relatively ok though. They were nice people and we just chated and drink with them. At the end to our shock, they made us pay 3000yen for our portion of the bill. This is a very unusual practice, as most of these things boys would split the bill between them. Ash, shoko and I were not pleased…. Afterwards they wanted to all go to Atom. I said I couldn’t because I have no more money, which was true. One of them opted to pay for me in that case and we all ended out going.

Atom was fun other than the one paying for me got overly jealous everytime I talked to any male even if he was just my friend. When we got out of atom freezing rain was falling and I had forgotten my umbrella at home. We made it home just fine though because we lived only 10mins walk away from Atom.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A v-host swoops into my life out of nowhere

feb 25th Rescuing a V-host

Work kept me an hour later than usual because the customers I was attending to stayed in late. Ash was let out a little earlier. I was heading towards the station because ash was already there and on my way a V-host stops me. He spoke in a very polite tone asking me if I can do him the favor of going to his club. I was about to keep walking when he said "please, I’ll pay for it. Seriously, I’ll be in BIG trouble if I don’t get someone to come for me. A customer reserved to come in today but dropped out last minute and I need to find a replacement or I’ll be in BIG trouble. "

I was skeptical of his sincerity on top of the fact that I have to move out soon and literally have no money. So I really couldn't afford to be scammed but continued to follow me to the station. I said my friend is waiting for me there and I was planning to go home with her. I also wasn’t a hundred percent sure of all the details of what he was proposing because he was speaking in keigo. (very polite Japanese) I told him, "I’ll tell you what, my friend is at the station right now, she is fluent in Japanese. If you are willing, we can talk to her and if she gives the ok I’ll go with you." When we entered the station I called ash and found out she had already boarded the train home.

So I said hummm….. well she had already went home….. He said can you pleeeeasssssssssse???? I mean…. If you can’t its ok, but I really need your help. Just your time. Here (passes me 10000yen) you can use this to pay for it. I’m like ok…. Well im going to pass you the phone and you can explain to my friend exactly what is going on so she can tell me. You better not pull anything weird because I’ll tell you RIGHT now, I WILL NOT be able to pay the bill if it goes over what you gave me because I’m moving so I have 0 money. He agreed to it and talked to ash on the phone and she explained to me everything that he said.

He said well, there’s still a little bit of time before the shop opens. Are you hungry at all?? I can buy you breakfast. We went to a Italian café and ate spaghetti and pizza. Over breakfast we talked about various things. It was a bit shocking but he happened to know both my ex boyfriends who used to be hosts and he had actually seen me before at christon café when I went to the gothic event 5months ago. He then asked me how much time did I have. If I could, he’d like for me to stay until end because then after he can hang out with me more.

Also over breakfast I was explaining my situation to him and he asked me how I was planning to stay. I said theres plan A which is adoption, B which is marriage, C which is student visa and D which is work visa. I said A is preferable.

After breakfast he took me to his club. The fact that we were talking about so many things we had forgotten to introduce ourselves. He gave me first his shop name and then his real name after. His name is Ai. I was confused and said that’s a very unusual name for a man. He said his full name is Kobayashi Aiichiro.

He held my hand when he walked me to his shop. He said you have prob never been to a host club before. (as opposed to men kyaba which is what have gone to before. They are the same only that Host clubs are of a higher level and cost more) On my way, I was spotted by fox host boy and he looked very upset. The reason is that after I had finished work he had asked if he could see me but I said I was busy after I agreed to go with Ai. He sent me a mail saying “you are busy huh? T_T” I told him that I was helping a friend and he said “what’s the meaning of that?!” He didn’t calm down til I told him that it wasn’t by my money.

I arrived at Top Dandy zoc and sat with Ai. The seats were very comfortable and there were many pillows. Ai sat with me most of the time. From time to time other host will come by sit and talk with me. The hosts in host clubs tend to be a bit older than men kyaba and defiantly smoother in the way they talk. Each host had their own appeal.
Host clubs and Men Kyaba are essentially the same thing but there are some differences. One being that the cost of shime (choosing a host to sit next to you and to be YOUR host) is a lot higher, and two that the mood is a lot more calmer and relaxed. Men Kyaba casts are often that of a much younger age bracket from around 18 years old to 26. However host clubs don’t often have hosts younger than 23 and can go way up into their 30s.

I stayed from the begining til the end. Ai had to leave the table from time to time for things like Champagne calls and so on. Host were asking me what kind of feel do I like because they knew I had not been to a host club before but I had gone to men kyaba. Do you like it more “tension up” like men kyaba? Or do you like it more relaxed like regular host club? I told them which ever is more natural to you, I prefer to see your personality because that’s more interesting than any front you can come up with. I apparently drank quite a bit but surprisingly not drunk.

It was around 12pm when I exited Top Dandy. The sun was up high and glowing brightly. It hurt my eyes a lot. I put on a pair of shades thinking to myself that wow, I must really have become quite the nocturnal creature these days.

Ai took me to Karaoke. His voice was absolutely stunning! He told me he is going to quit hosting soon. He had already been doing it for 5 years or so and he had been going to voice lessons while hosting. He said its his dream to be a solo artist. I had a hard time singing after awhile because I was very tierd. I took a short nap and we left karaoke at about 3pm. We took some purikura and then walked me all the way home. He told me I know it’s a bit fast and we had just met but I think I like you… what do you think of me? I said well I don’t know since I had only just met you. He said that’s true, but.. do you think…. I’d have a chance? I said possibly. He said well…….. if I could…. I like option B ^_~

Sat night Double Hearts

Ash and I met up with the group and Roppongi and headed to double hearts event. As like before, it was an awesome event and loads of fun. Even more so this time since Elyce is with us. When we entered the dance floor I spotted a oh-so-familier back. I bursted out laughing. Ash was confused as to why I was laughing so I told her, I recognize this back, its shota LOL. The night went on as we danced. When shota noticed us there it looked like we just made his world miserable. Shota’s senior, DJ Naoya kept saying hi to me through-out the night and he introduced me to all the DJs and all his friends with the opening line “Shes a real foreigner~~ shes Canadian she don’t look it right?” At one point, our friend genki got confused by this and said “You’re Canadian…? I thought you were Russian!” I was really wierded out by this 0_0.

Naoya bought the group, me included a shot of tequila and we chatted for awhile while shota watched and looked even more upset. For the last hour ash and I saw this very sexy tanned gyaru wearing all DiA who danced well so we joined her. She was soo pretty. We talked to her and apparently shes only 17. It really shocked us because we thought she was the same age as us.

At the end of the event our big group of foreigners went to McDs and ate breakfast. We got apporched by a white man and a Japanese man who happened to speak very good English. We all talk to them as a group and when it was time to leave the japanese man had asked if Ash and I would be interested in teaching English. He had this “sexy English teacher” idea and gave us his card.

Sunday 27th
Double Date at Pasalela: First time at Darts

Originally i had a date with Shinya (the tall scout boy) the week before but his father fell and he had to take him to the hospital and was unable to see me. We set it up for today but...he had to go help his friend in shibuya so he had to say bye when we got back to the station. He wrote me a mail that hed would like to see me again on another day if I happen to be free. While I was supposedly busy ash had already made plans to see ryuuta

We went to alta and we decided to go as 3 to an izakaya. I messaged Ai and asked him what he was doing because Ai had wanted to hang out on Sunday however I thought I had plans. He was still free so he said he will come from Saitama to see me. Ash, Ryuuta and I ate and drank while I was waiting for Ai to come. I was thinking it would be fun to hang out the 4 of us actually. Meanwhile, about 30-40mins before Ai was supposed to arrive, Shinya mails saying he’d like to see me but because Shinya had said he was going to be busy and wanted to see me another day, I already made plans to fill my schedule.

Ai arrived about 1am and we drank til 3. We talked about various things such as the difference between japanese and western way of saying thing and genes. It was funny because ai and ash are both saggitarious, and me and ryuuta are both aries. Ai and ryuuta are both musicans, ash and I aren’t. Ash and ryuuta are both blood type O and ai and I are B. Just random things like this. It was quite fun since its rare for me to have a deeper conversation when its in japanese when we were talking about how cross cultural differences.

After the Izakaya, we decided to go Pasalela because it has Darts, Karaoke and billiards. We decided against billiards because I was wearing a one piece that day and didn’t want my underwear to show when I bent over to make a shot. We started off with darts.

I was very nervous about darts since I’ve never played them before. My aim is bad so I thought id suck. We had a few practice rounds. The first couple of rounds I missed entirely but eventually I actually started to hit the board.

The first round was all singular. We play batsu games so the looser will have to drink a shot of something bad. The first round was Tabasco. Oddly enough, though my aim sucks, I happened to be pretty good at darts. I won the first round. And ryuuta and ash had to drink the shot of Tabasco. It was totally np for ash but ryuuta turned completely red.

The next round was teams of two. Ash and Ryuuta and Ai and Me. Ai and I ended out loosing due to it being a count down system rather than count up. I was the first go down to 0 but I kept busting (by going under 0)… Ai took most of the shot for me, and I took the remainder. Im very weak at spicy things so I too got red from it.

Round 3 was girls vs boys. Ryuuta was especially strong on this round so ash kept psyching ryuuta by yelling out random things when he was throwing such as OBAMA! FREE TRIP TO HAWAII! YOUR GRANDMA DIED!. I also joined in and said CHARAO! And DAIFUKU! It actually kind worked. Ai was laughing really hard as it was going on. Ash tried a couple times with Ai too but he didn’t seem to be phased by it. However, in the end, Ash and I ended out loosing when Ryuuta finally hit 0. this time the shot was apparently a very strong shot from aomori. When ash and I drank it we got confused and looked at ai and ryuuta like they were wierdos. THIS is supposedly STRONG?! Meh, its just normal. We are used to 151 bacardi so this is nothing.

Final Round was returned to Ash/Ryuuta and Ai/me. This one was the special shot that’s ingredients were secret. Ai and I ended out loosing but Ai said because I really like her ill drink it ALL. Im like really?! 0_0

Aftewards we decided to do karaoke. Ryuuta seemd to be getting along with Ai quite well and was cheering for him. Ai’s voice was amazing so I was happy to hear more and more of him singing. One of the songs he sang was one from kinki kids and said this song is for shiena. It potrays my feelings for her. it was soo sweet. Later he made me singing a whole new world with him and so on. It was very cuute.

We finished karaoke at 8 and he Ai said Hey next time when we all have a day off lets go to a theme park! I know lots of cool places and haunted houses and such. Itd be fun to go with the 4 of us. (he said just two is ok too but I think four would be even MORE fun)

The two boys walked us to the station and we headed home. It was quite the fun weekend. ^^

March 05 Being Kicked out of Sakura House. Saved by Ai

Suddenly I get a call while I was changing for work from sakura house. Im not sure if I have mentioned it before but around feb 15th or so, sakura house knocked on my door to tell me because there has a been a complaint about noise my contract will be terminated. They wanted me out as soon as possible but I negotiated for the move out date to be the 9th of march. They made me sign a contact saying if I were to break any rules between now and that time I will have to move out immediately.

I suppose being kicked out of my house in a month isn’t good enough because the jerk who complained earlier complained again and now march 9th became march 5th. (It was already march 2nd or 3rd when I got this call) Unable to move things over as planned on my days off and not having anytime to buy furniture for our new house, inevitably we had to take time off work.

I’m going to explain the unfairness of this whole situation just so anyone who wants to stay with sakura house for more than a couple months will know how much of a bitch they were to me. The first complaint was from a two-faced chinese bitch who hates all other Asians, and loves Europeans. She doesn’t actually live in the same complex as I do, but she stays over often to fuck her sweadish boyfriend and make disgusting moaning noises as I get ready for work. SHE complains about me having overnight guests that are noisy and leaving my curling irons in the common area. Sakura house takes this very seriously and almost kicked me out then.

Things were really annoying from then on like not allowed to leave anything in the common room at all. I mean it’s a common area for a reason. That being that we should be able to use it am I correct? Anyways eventually things calmed down and I was fine for 5months with nice roommates and everything. About the end of feb or so, a british guy moves in. I thought he was kinda nice, a fake kind of nice but I THOUGH he was nice…. WITHOUT talking to me at all, he complains to sakura house for me being noisy. (now seriously I never have parties at my room since the first complaint so basically all the noise I created was just coming home, talking to ash and stuff like that. We aren’t particularly loud people but apparently it disturbs his sleep. Yes the walls are thin, but its not like I complain about noise when people wake me at 8 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. But because I work late and I come home around 6~8am (which is morning anyway its not the middle of the night) I get complained about FOR TALKING. Now this is unreasonable for 2 reasons. 1. this is a shared house, its expected that other people are alive and they make sound 2. the NORMAL thing to do is to try to work things out with your neighbor instead of quietly complaining to the landlord when things could possibly fixed sooner and worked out if you just talk in the first place. NOW because he didn’t, im kicked out. Sakura House on the other hand is a bitch. So there was one complaint from before. Though false accusations by someone who never even lived in the complex, its unavoidable that it would be recorded down as it being true. Now 5months later with NO problems at all, there’s a complaint by someone who just moved in less than one week ago. Normally its 3 stikes you’re out but in sakura house its 1 strike and they almost wanted to get rid of me then, then a 2nd one and they really kick me out while being a more of a bitch by kicking me 4 days earlier than expected. Really?? What’s the difference between 4 days later and now other than it being super inconvenient for everyone. Oh but im not done, there’s more. So when the sakura house man calls me again, after dealing with a rude toned asshat, I hand the phone to ash so she can possibly make him extend the time back to the original move out date on the grounds of it being inconvenient to a resident Japanese who’s friend has to move in earlier than expected. He could not change the date but he was ever so much more polite to her and kissing her ass almost by apologizing up and down and even asked HER what time it would be good to move out rather than consulting me, their direct customer. (not that I care but its just the principle of it all)

Originally we were going to move things slowly because the closeness of where the new apartment is to our old one. But due to the suddenness of it all, we had to take it all in one shot. After packing our bags, we realized that taking it across with taxi isn’t going to work all too well. To my rescue in comes Ai.

Ai came over around 11pm on the night before and helped clean up the room etc with us. We then chilled, watched a movie and the 3 of us slept on the bed like 3 shrimps in a sealed container. We eventually woke up and we took a taxi down to a car rental place and Ai rented a car for us.

Sakura House came and because apparently he cannot give me my deposit back until all my things are gone, when Ai and Ash left during the inspection, I sat across from the inspector and had a conversation with him. It was slightly awkward and I intimidated him like crazy as I looked at him intensely an answer sharply sitting across the room. He was a nice man. If only the one in charge were to be as understanding.

When Ai and Ash returned I got my deposit and we went off to our new house. We got ready and since we were late already, Ai took us to eat really good Italian food and then walked us off to our workplace.