Monday, November 15, 2010

Takaki the American-washed Keio Student in Shimon Kitazawa

Let me tell you about a stupid university boy who studied in Colorado USA. One day after work, Ash and I sat out in front of Shinjuku station just to rest our feet when a guy comes up to us and says “20000yen for both of you lets go to the hotel” We were offended and were not impressed. A girl came up to us later to say don’t worry hes a good guy and all and we shouldn’t be scared of him. Ash explained to her what happened and she just looked at him shook her head as she threw her hands up in the air and left.

He said he was joking and apologized. He overhears my English and says he could speak too. We didn’t believe him because when Japanese say they can speak English it normally means “This is a pen” and that’s virtually all they know. But he could really speak well. He told us he was a Keio University Student rather quite proudly. Ash brings him down a notch and says “so that’s why you’re such a dick!”

Anyways, he was entertaining enough to exchange numbers with so we did. At a later date, we went to shimon kitazawa to this little bar. It was very homey in the sense it literally looked like someone’s house. We met two of Takaki’s friends who were also keio students. The 3 of them together also organize club events and so on. The 2 of them want to learn English so Takaki made a rule that they can only speak in English and I can only speak in Japanese.

We drank quite a bit then decide to go to their house to drink some more. There 3 other boys came and it became one big drinking party. One of them studied in England for a while and is now an English teacher. Though I cant remember his name, he always brought up really interesting topics such as aliens and so on.

When it became time to sleep everyone was so drunk they were acting silly. Takaki being the worst one singing songs to me while im trying to sleep like “You are like my butterfly” “Im a hungry spider and im going to catch you in my web” “O-M-G- SO SE-XY” Needless to say his singing sucked more than his lyrics LOL. Though we did manage to sleep eventually.

Come morning, some of the them had to go to school and some of the others didn’t. They are such good students that they peer pressure the other to skip class to hang out longer. We walked around shimon kitazawa a bit and ate some ramen and so on. This little place had quite the different feel than im used to. Its very cozy and felt a lot like van while being completely Japanese… if that makes any sense.

The bulk of the group decided to go home but takaki and one other had some more time than the rest of them so we chilled at their apt listening to music and chatted til about 7 and then went home.

We later commented on the the way takaki and the guy who liked ashely walked. Takaki walks like an American very masculine and kind of slack. While the guy who likes ash walked very masculine but very japanese in the sense it was more stiff and upright. (im not trying to be racist but it really is how certain people walk) We were saying how this a bit of a nice break from the majority of hosts walking like women and running like fairies with their high heeled dress-shoes. (im not kidding some of their heels on those things are like 3inches high) We were also surprised that Takaki ended up having any interest me at all because he kept saying how much he loves roppongi and America. He was very typical for the kind of Japanese guy who is obsessed with foreigners (meaning not any kind of foreigner but white foreigner) but it seemed that it didn’t matter to him at all which was kind of nice.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eve Street Party Pt2: In comes my Twin

Another day after work everyone is hanging outside the koma building as usual. I was talking to mao a bit earlier and he said he will be right where we are soon. When he arrive he brought Asuka and a new guy with him. He introduced me to the new one Kaede who he said was the friend of his that he I reminded him of. He was right our eyes are exactly alike. We chilled in front of the koma building til about 8am in the morning chatting about random things and eating family chicken.

Ash tested their English and they came up with some funny answers to it all. Kaede was actually a bit smarter with the vending machine and said at first “natoka machine desho? Desho?” but everyone making mistakes before him screwed him up and he ended out saying JUICE CAR!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Toujo's Challenge

After meeting the Eve boys. We ran into Toujo and Asuka again the next day. Toujo said its cold so he offered for us to go into a italian cafe. We ate some pizza and he ordered his usual real ginger ale. Toujo seemd much more interesting when Mao wasn't around. I guess I wasnt paying real attention to him last time. Though not really my type physically, he was very charismatic. I got to know more about him. He apparently used to be a charisma host and when he was he made close to 8000000yen a month but now hes a host teacher. He made very funny intersting jokes. Asuka tried to keep up but ended up with overly perverted jokes that werent so funny. When it was time to go, Toujo offered a ride on his bike. He drove me to the main road but we then had to walk because the incline was a bit difficult to ride on.

Another day close to this day Ash had to stay in work for a little longer at work and i got out on time. I called Toujo and he came in with his bike. He looked at what i was eating and said thats no good. I explained how i dont get to eat much since i dont have money and he found it soo adorable that i was so helpless?? ==;

He took me to the same cafe again and he tried to talk to me through using a translator and phrases on iphone. Meanwhile Jun was mailing me incessantly. He told me that he was in shibuya waiting for me while i was still at work. I cant go anywhere with no train right? I was having a good time talking to Toujo. It got to the point where Jun called and we argued a bit and i hanged up. He mailed again and said hes in kabuki. I told him im busy. He phoned and we argued again and it ended with if you dont want to see me ill go home. I told him he can go home.

Ash arrived not too long after and we had more fun with Toujo's new lines. "It tarns me on" and "because i am a genius" He then makes a challenge that he can become fluent in english in 1 week. Ash is like is that so?? well if you can do it you can have shiena.

Other things we talked about is that Toujo happens to be quite the otaku. One of these days he wants to take me to a maid Cafe. Our days off are the same so it will be quite fun. Challege starts on Saturday.

The next day was my day off. Toujo doesnt have time to go to the maid cafe with me this comming monday due to him visiting his parents place for certain items since he is moving soon. So i went to kabuki on last train to meet with him. He said 230 so i went to cafe aya and waited but he came alot sooner than i expected and we chatted a bit there and then we decided to go to karaoke. I can tell his voice is very pretty despite having a cold. I kinda fell asleep on his lap at one point for a little bit and then we exited a shortly after i awoke. It was cold and i didnt want to part with him since i was having so much fun so he decides to walk me all the way home. He does and to our surprise when we got home asuka was with ash. Apparently he called her and he wanted to see her so he took a taxi to our house to see her. Toujo said you guys JUST SLEPT? no sex? HOW BORING!!! and the clothes are all still on HOW BORING! hahaha

They slept over Toujo kept rubbing in asuka's face how our hands were together etc. It was really cute innocent sleep over.

We kept running into them over and over and hanging out til first train. Toujo never completed his challenge though as expected. But it wasnt over, since he isnt a charisma host for nothing. Hes got alot of personality which overrides alot of things.

Friday, November 5, 2010

V-host Papa in comes a mini party on the street

One day sitting outside eating fami chicken an awkward host named Asuka comes and talks to Ash. Soon after another 2 arrived on a bicycle. The 2 went off a little somewhere and the driver of the bike came back to talk. When he realized that I was foreign he asked me to wait and said I know someone who speaks english. He comes back with a v-host named "Mao".

Yea he speaks english right? I mean as much as the others? "This is a Pen"?? Apparently, he really did speak english. He lived in Chicago for 7 years because his family moved there. Ash also really enjoyed that there was a 2nd person to translate. 2 other girls were in teh group too who were customers of theirs. They were really nice people and I also enjoyed talking to them.
One of the first things Mao said to me was that i looked just like another friend of his. He then confirmed with the other boys in the group and they agreed. I wonder what this person looks like... I was mostly talking to Mao (who again, i guessed right that his name comes from "Mao" from sid) while the driver of the bike who's name is apparently Toujo started to get a bit jealous since i was paying much more attention to his kohai.

Toujo has an interesting job. He isnt really a host but rather a host teacher. He kept saying "really?" as if he knew what was going on. We chatted and chatted and chatted in this little circle sitting in center street of kabuki.

It was already morning and everyone walked to the train station. We got on the topic of how to stay in japan which one of the ways is adoption or marriage. Toujo was going to offer marriage however since i seemd to express more interest in Mao in terms of talking-wise, he got a bit bitter and said he can get me a fake marriage or something for a price since he has the connections. We were joking about Mao adopting me and i said it'd be pretty cool to have a V-host Papa. Anways in the end i exchanged numbers with Mao and Toujo and ash exchanged with Asuka.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Biggest Hair in Kabukicho
Recently I have been running into a particular host quite often after work while waiting for first train. His name is Ruki or so this is what he calls himself. Its not hard to figure out where he got his name from. The first thing to pop into my mind is Gazette and I'm dead on. (if you want to see this boy in action, you can check out Ash and my Trouble in Tokyo Series #5 )

He's odd in the sense he does not understand english nor can he speak but out of hte blue he knows more complicated vocabulary words. We often meet up after i get off work and chill til first train. He'd walk me to the train station most mornings.

One day I had off, he had said he wanted to meet with me. On this day Ash and i were waiting for Ryuuta to meet with Ash. I cant remember what it was about but she wanted to talk to him properly about something. Jun also, said he wanted to see me. I agreed to see him for a little but i was going to take last train to Shinjuku. Jun had begged me to stay with him longer and for him to stay over at my place. I told him I'm busy because by this point I have already been frustrated with him only calling me on whim late at night. He took the last train home and i waited for another 45mins and took the last one to shinjuku. Ruki wasnt quite off work yet so I went to a Deai cafe for some free food/drink to wait in the warm for a little.

I came back out again and made it to kabukicho around 130ish in which he still wasnt done. A half Brazilian host talked to me and kept me company as i waited outside. It was quite cold. His friend was a very nice funny guy who bought me a warm coffee to keep me warm. It was around 3am by the time Ruki was off work. I thanked and said goodbye to the half brazilian host and went to karaoke with Ruki. I had alot of fun singing vkei songs with him. He was really sweet and kind of shy. At the end we wanted to hang out longer so he walked me to the station and decide to come over and listen to some music or w/e chat somewhere warm. Since his place is quite far we decided on my place. We eventually fell asleep. I often asked him when does he have to wake up for work. He said its all ok. I woke up each time his alarm went off but he decided to sleep on and say its ok.... though it really wasnt. He was late. i walked him to the train station.

From that day on, his sempai eyed me with a mean stare and Ruki pretended not to know i was there. I have a feeling that he possibly got yelled at by his manager.