Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vegas Collections

As you might assume, I took ALOT of photos in vegas. So I'm going to share with you a couple of photos from my "collections" via category. (not all just my fave photos. I took like 500 over the weekend)

Brand Whore photos XD Im too much of a broke ass to buy anything but take a photo anyway XD The store fronts of these places were soo pretty

Scenery Collection. Heres some pictures of my top fave places in Vegas.
Venetian Hotel


Cakes. Vegas has the most beautiful cakes ive ever seen!

Well, there's really alot more but this entry will become wayyy too long so, I'll just link you to my albums and you can see the rest. =3 I also took some photos of some interesting fashion finds (day 1/2) (day 3/4)

Las Vegas Final Day

I was only able to sleep for 2hrs before i packed up to leave. It was quite the scramble and we almost didnt make it out in time because bevan took a long shower and michelle still had the shower. We all packed her stuff for her. We checked out and put our luggage in the storage and went upstairs the the food court to eat. I was in a super pissy mood cuz i was uber teird. I drank a double shot of coffee and mcD and it didnt make anything better. I chewed holes into my straw i was so pissy. Too bad cuz there was this cute todler i should have taken a picture of cuz he was riding his parents suitcase as they tolled it along

There was a bit of confusion about the shuttle busses but we all managed to get on on time. I started to feel sick. When we got to the airport, i rushed to the washroom after check in to throw up. I guess my stomach didnt like the fish nor the coffee huh~

I managed to get it all out of my system before i boarded the plane though which was good. We had a connect flight to portland to van. There was a long waiting time in portland airport. Bevan showed me some funny comics on his iphone and one reminded me of Kyo alot XD i sent it to him when i got home.

The plane was TINY! soo small haha~ We arrived in Van around 1130pm. ==;; so much for the yukata party lol. The air was soo cool and moist it was refreshing.. yet freezing! Wendy's mom drove us all home and that was that~ What an awesome vacation~! had loads of fun. Vegas is awesome~~~~~ Id like to go back sometime.

Las Vegas Day #4

OK we were just plain determined to make it out of the hotel early afternoon~I woke up quite early and managed to get out by around 1pm. We were smart this time and took the bus down. We went through the fashion show mall then through wynn, and encore. At the fashion show mall there was the forever 21 fashion show. The stage and runway popped up from teh floor. That was pretty cool.

In between wynn and fashion show mall, there was a waterfall that caught bevan and my attention. While we were distracted by this, michelle got spat on by a black man. 0_0 ewwwww disgusting!!! i cant believe people do that and keep walking. Whats with that?

Going through Wynn and encore was such paradise. I think the theme was garden of eden. The use of color and decor was just simply magnificent. We looked through some shops including Rock and Republic. They had such nice rock-kei clothes. I talked bevan into buying some jeans because they were just soo damn awesome and for a decent price. (i NORM talk him OUT of buying things LOL) Eventually we got a call from mom and we decided to meet at the venetian. We looked through some shops and saw some very beautiful masks. My mom and i and michelle each got one.

Since my mom hasnt been able to see as much as us due to feet pain, bevan decided to treat us girls out to a gondola boat ride. It was awesome!~~!! the driver (sorry for lack of terminology here) sang to us and everything. He was soo funny too as he told us random facts about italy. Bevan meanwhile took photos . He kept saying oooo so you have a personal paparazzi?? are you famous? should know you? haha

after the boat ride, we ate dinner there and had very delicious italian food. Then we went back to the hotel via bus. At some point, a large group of black girls came on and bombarded me with ARE YOU A CELEB??!!! ARE YOU A TV STAR!!? YOU LOOK JUST LIKE A DOLL! SHE LOOKS LIKE LADY GAGA (I think its cuz of my contact lenses ) and lots of other things, i cant quite remember cuz they all shouted at me at once. LOL they were hilarious. When the bus driver missed thier stop they just screaaaaaammmed til he stoped. They totally reminded me of old school gyaru. All with awesome fashion sense and loud and such. very funny

We got back to the hotel at around 1-2ish. Its too late to go clubbing again. so bevan and i just went back out to have a last walk around. Michelle came a bit after. We went to some 24hr food court and drank and ate something. On our way to the bus we saw 2 people passed out. Vegas is that funn LOL and we took teh bus all the way to the end where the startosphere was. Not much around and headed back. LOL its funny but we ran into those black girls again too. aha~

We got back around sunrise.