Friday, December 10, 2010

Zin Rock Bar in Shinjuku

On another night where I got off work a bit earlier I talked with Toujo about meeting and we did. He said he knows of a good bar that his friend owns and that he thinks will beto my liking.

He was right, he tok me to a rock bar named Zin. The interior of the place was full of bones and buckles and many many photos with famous bands such as dir en grey signed on their walls. Sitting at the bar was a sweet kyabajo who was upset with a few things in her life and so she was buyin bottles of champagne to share with everyone at the bar that day. (which was me toujo, ash and the bar owner).

He told me he was planning on getting a tattoo and asked if the English that he was going to put on there was in good taste. Ash and I worked hard and corrected the sentence to something much better than the original. Mao may be fluent in English but ash and I are more in practice.

At one point when I left go the washroom, Toujo lifted up my skirt as a joke because last time I laughed since they were shorts not a skirt. This too was a skirt with built in shorts however its soo loose that he actually ende up seeing my underwear. I was so embarrassed. Ijust looked at him shocked. He also gave me a shocked face and one of fear because it looked like I was going to kill him.It was a joke so I didn’t but nevertheless I was kinda embarrassed by it.

We chatted over a few various English phrases. Toujo still cockily says he can speak English fluently when he cant understand very much at all. Meanwhile the bartended understands things here and there and he laughed at Ash’s “you’re such a fucking retard” The bartender, I think his name is also zin, was quite intelligent and exocentric. He had long black hair and is covered in tattoos. Towards the end we had a discussion about music and various other things. He could tell it made Toujo a bit jealous so he kept doing it. When it was time to go he walked us to the elevator and poked fun at Toujo saying that he doesn’t need TWO girls to himself. How about I take this one and he grabbed me by my shoulder. Toujo had the look of a kid when you take his marble away all shocked and wide eyed. Zin just laughed and we said bye bye to him and went down in the elevator.

Toujo gave me a ride to the station on his bike and we parted. Christmas is coming and I think it’d be nice to be with him during that time. However with the current situation with him working 1bu and 2bu, he has no time recently.

We met up with eachother a few times here and there but were never able to meetup for a real date and eventually the mails became more sparse and always how tierd and busy he is then they stopped all together.

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