Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twins, Skulls, Hyper Man: Drinking at Doma Doma

It was just one of those days where we were wandering the streets of shibuya and a group of boys in sentagai raised their voices to us. They invited us to go drinking with them to an izakaya. They were not bad looking so hey why not?

When we arrived we started drinking almost right away. The 3 boys that where there at the moment were Mitsu, Shou and …. Parrot-nose boy. (yes, I have difficulties remembering people’s names) About 1 hour later, 2 more boys came to Doma Doma Judging by the look on their faces it happened to be a coincidence. We all moved to a bigger table so 3 boys to 2 girls became 5 boys to 2 girls. I was confused at first because one of the two new people looked exactly like shou. I kept looking back and forth til one of them relieved my curiosity and told me that they are in fact twins. So now we have ash, me, Mitsu, Shou, Parrot-nose boy, and 2 new guys Ryou and Koichi. Mitsu and Shou work for apperral, Ryou works as a host, and Koichi is a Tencho at some store. Parrot-nose boy.. I don’t know what he does. Though to be fair, he left the table soon after and didn’t really re-join the group til it was time to leave.

Mitsu was hilarious and very high-tensioned. Mostly shou and Mitsu was talking to ash and Ryou and Koichi were talking to me. The entire group loves the brand Roen. Ryou and Shou wanted to stay longer but parrot-nose boy wanted to leave early and they couldn’t all afford taxi alone so they had to go with him.

Mitsu and Koichi were fine for staying longer so we drank and drank and drank until 7am. It seemed that Mitsu was taking quite a liking to Ash and Koichi to me. Mitsu was trying to sell Koichi to me by telling me he’s very rich and hes a nice guy and hes looking for a girlfriend. Indeed I can tell Koichi had quite a bit of money on him due to the way he dresses and his composure. I also can defiantly if I were into him he could take care of me quite well. However, I just didn’t feel that spark with him. He’s a nice guy though, and I’d like to remain friends with him.

Mitsu and Koichi walked us home. When Mitsu realized where we were living, he freaked out and said that he has always considered living in this area.

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