Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Ashley~

Today is a special day because its Ashley’s birthday. I wanted to make this as special as we can for her. The first thing we did was get our hair done at peche. It was the first time either of us has ever gotten hair-make done. We got a little lost getting to the place but we still managed to find it in time. After we were done we went to eat at a little noodle house near by and headed back to shibuya 109 to do some shopping. I gave Ash her birthday present which was a cute little card and enough money to buy a one-piece at 109. We did all our shopping at DIA. She bought a cute top and I think one more item and I bought my first pair of dia shorts and top. We headed up to the top floor where I bought a little cake for her and then went home to change. After we changed into our clothes, shot a small movie of hair-sets, and added a fresh spray of hairspray we headed back to shibuya and took some purikura.

We then get a phone call by ryuuta. Apparently he had made some reservation for her on her birthday for just the two of them without telling her. She got quite upset because he planned everything on his own without consulting her. She said sorry to me and had to run off to Shinjuku. I waited around Hachiko for a bit and was getting quite cold. A few people talked to me. One boy with black hair came up to me and chatted with me for awhile but he too was really cold so he suggested we go up to starbucks and have a bit of a drink before my friend arrives. We had quite a nice conversation. When Ash called he was nervous because he was afraid that maybe my friend is one of those protective girls who will kill any nampa around her friends. (which is kind of true if I don’t want to be bothered by them lol) She said she had a big argument with Ryuuta and told him thatbecause of this, she just wanted to go home so she left and came back to me.

When she came back we lit the cake and sang happy birthday while we filmed it on the flip. The boy who was with me had to go back on last train because he had to study for school so we parted ways and headed towards atom. With our hair the way it was and the way we were dressed our confidence was sky high. We danced the night away and tore up the dance floor without a care in the world. On the trance floor there was a cute boy in a red sweater. He came up to me and said that I was really cute. He told me that hes part of the staff in atom and that hes training to be a dj. He told me its kind of against the rules but he asked for my number.

By the end of the night, we left the club with two boys in their freshman year in university. We took some purikura and sang karaoke with them. They are much too young to date but quite fun to hang out as friends.

Even with the bit of a mishap during the course of the day, all in all it was quite a successful b-day for ash I think.

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