Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wish Come True?

My wish this year was... haha to have a boyfriend. On the day before the emperor's birthday i went on a lovely date with a boy named Shota i met at the club. Unlike mr. Toujo who seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth recently I met someone who seemed to be able to make some time for me. He works for a fashion design company by day and on the weekends hes training to be a dj at my favorite club.

I was unavoidably late due to some things, but he patiently waited for me. When we finally met up he took me to an izakaya and we got to know eachother. I still had many problems speaking in Japanese but he was patient to listen to me and help me out with words. He would first speak normally and if i didnt understand he would rephrase and make things simpler for me.

We drank there for awhile then we went to Karaoke for a little while later. We started to really like eachother. I was afraid of him at first because his eyes reminded me of my ex from 2 years ago. But maybe hes alright. I mean hes cool, has a similar future goal in mind, and he seemed to have alot more time than what a host can give me. We somehow got on the topic of dating eachother as bf and gf. I thought sure why not? He said that hes a shy boy n stuff. Because of his promotion work at atom, he had to keep it a little more secret for now.

I walked him to the station for first train. Wow, I didnt think i'd get a boyfriend before christmas with the time being so late.

Xmas with Ryuuta and Ash.

Shota was unable to see me on xmas eve because he had already agreed to a party with his guy friends a long time ago and itd be strange to cancel so late. So anyways, Ash and i wanted to make christmas fun so I put on a Santa hat, and she put on a pair of reindeer anthlers and we took some purikura.

Ryuuta being the nice guy he is, didnt mind me joining them. In Japan, christmas isnt something you spend with your family and friends but more of another Vday kind of thing. Anyway, Ryuuta came pretty late, it was soo cold waiting for him. Shibuya was packed its going to be hard to get into any resturant by now with out a reservation. Luckily our friend Takuma who is always doing catch work around hachiko was working and he introduced us an izakaya for a good deal.

We ate nabe and drank for a long time. We were trying to figure out what to do next. It was really cold and all the karaoke places were packed. All of us didnt have much money so, we decided to go to the club. We were going to go to Atom but instead we ended up at club Elf. They had a deal on that if you dressed up girls can get in free. We got just that. We danced the night away and had lots of fun. On the top floor, there were some really nice people who we joined in dancing with. One with a Gaint fox tail which we all took turns wearing and a police cap i think?

The fun didnt last all night unfortunately... At some point in the night ash's button cover for the main part of her phone was lost and it stoped working. She freaked out and was starting to cry. We tried looking for it all over the place... but we couldnt find it at all. We tried thinking of many different options on what could have happend. (she did drop it in water just a bit earlier) I was trying to reason with her that maybe its just a bit wet, if it all dries out its gonna be ok i think.

We comforted her outside for a little bit and then eventually decided to head home by taxi because her feet hurt too much to walk home from here.

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