Monday, December 20, 2010

Akiba with Dania

Dania has been keeping in contact with me since I visited L.A. She finally arrived in Tokyo about a week before Christmas. We agreed to meet in shibuya at 2 but ash and I didn’t end up waking up in time and so on so by the time we got there they had already finished looking through 109 and most of shibuya so we just took purikura and went to Akihabara. Its been a long time since I’ve been to Akiba. 2 years to be exact though I only went to buy a camera at that time. The last time I REALLY looked through akiba was when I was 16 with my school. I remember the street we were looking for starts with this big COW logo.

When we arrived at akiba, we defiantly exited the wrong exit. We didn’t know where we were and ended up wandering around for quite awhile. I kept saying im looking for a building with a red cow logo on it. Ash swears to me up and down there is no such logo. I said THERE IS!!! That’s how I found the station 5 years ago! Sure enough when we found the street there was the big cow logo though now white, it was still the same logo so I said HA! There it is!

We looked around akiba, it was quite funny to me now that I rarely watch anime anymore. I remember I used to love this place to death for all the anime stuff here but now it doesn’t really interest me much. Its not that I hate anime or anything its just that I haven’t watched anything for such a long time, I don’t know what these new animes that that are on display are.

We passed by a few fetish stores and kept looking around for a maid café that Dania’s friend works for. I have not been to a maid café before. Originally I was hoping for Toujo to keep his promise of taking me to one one day… but I was fine just going with girls too. Unfortunately we could not find that particular maid café so we just decided to say ahh screw it. Though there were a lot of interesting looking maids on the street promoting their cafes. I especially found the cross-dressing ones interesting. The girls made really cool looking vkei butlers.

We decided to go back Shibuya for dinner. I knew this one okonimiyaki place that I wanted to take everyone to that I went to when I was here 2 years ago. We walked to where I thought it was. I went up stairs to check on it but it wasn’t there. I looked around more but realized that it must be just gone now. It kind of sucks because it was a place where you can make your own and it was an experience I think would be very fun for people who haven’t done it before. So we ended up going to Shakey’s all you can eat pizza. Dania and her friend were quite impressed at the quality of the pizza for all you can eat. We walked them to the train station after so they can catch the last train home. Dania is soo adorably small, its so cute walking with her.

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