Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Club Virgo With Dania

We were slightly late arriving to the Alta. Though I believe to be a little bit more on the later side for host clubs is kind of a better thing. It was Dania’s first time to a host club. She said that she wanted to go to club Ria but we had no idea where it is. Also, to go to one where you weren’t caught for, shokai costs about 3x more. We wandered around kabukicho a bit to see which one is the best to choice to go to by price and by how pretty the boys were. When were about to go with this v-host and his friend (which I find out months later, that club would have been club Legend the one where men’s spider Hakura works at) our friend Taiki originally from club Lapis shows up and brings us to his new club Virgo. We agreed since Taiki can speak English and Ash promised that if one day she had a reason to go to a host club she will go to his.

When we sat down to our surprise another young host that works there also spoke English. He described the system in Japanese at first and let Ash do all the translating til Ash realized WAIT! Why am I translating??? You can speak English! Why am I doing YOUR job??? He laughs and speaks in English the rest of the way. As shokai usually is, boys rotated quite quickly like carousel. Surprisingly Ash didn’t have to translate too much for Dania because I was able to explain most of it to her. I suppose Host speak relatively a lot simpler so its easy to understand.

At the end Dania picked one that she found quite pretty, Ash picked Taiki because she had to, and I picked yu-ji because he begged me though I wish I picked the v-host one. Yu-ji had a bit of a complex because even though I picked him I was still kinda looking at the v-host and having to help dania translate.

Afterwards, we ate some daifuku outside of familymart when a friend of ash comes and approaches. We go to karaoke with him for a little. After about 1 hour, his friends come and to our surprise a Haruto, a designer from buffalo bobs in which we sang karaoke before came. We all sang a bit and then left karaoke around 1ish Haruto said we should all go drinking at someone’s house. But we decided not to because we all know what Haruto wants.

I didn’t write an entry about the time we first met him because it really wasn’t long enough to have a separate entry on its own Basically what happened last time was that we went to karaoke with him and his friend one day when it was raining really hard in shibuya. We played drinking games and then went to a manga café to wait out the rain. The original plan was to get a bigger room so we can watch a movie together or something. But the way manga café works is that its only for 2 max so we separated. Haruto was trying things and I wasn’t letting up so he got a bit upset and said he had to go. So this time He wanted revenge so he tried to set up but again he failed. I can see the fire burn in his eyes.

When we left the karaoke place we chilled outside for awhile and just hanged out and Ren from Men’s spider approaches Ash and talks to her. He keeps saying you guys should go home or go inside. I don’t want someone to nampa you~ (Though we are thinking, wait, but aren’t you nampaing her now??) he leaves and the circles back then leaves and circles back. He does this for a bit.

A little later , two guys approached us and took us to Aya café for breakfast. We had a nice conversation with them but we can tell we were all dead tried and decided to call it a day after a few hours.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

D1 Ichiban! D1 Saikou!

Waking up during the day is quite the difficult for the two of us but we managed to do it. We thought arriving a little late would be ok, but apparently it was just barely ok. There was a HUGE line up outside of Shibuya Duo. Gyaru-o with silver, red or other brightly colored hair and skin tanned as dark as can be in suits were leading people in were commenting how they were worried if everyone can get in.

A little behind us was a little gyaru with dark tanned skin, sandy blond hair styled in kyaba style was looking at ash as if she knew her. A little bit later she came up to talk us and realized that ash and her were friends on mixi. Her name was Yumi a sweet little 15year old girl who is also in one of the circles in Tokyo.

The event was all ages so people from as young as 12/13years old to around 24. It was my first time going to a gyaru-sa event so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I got inside I was admiring everyone’s style. There were so many people with interesting hair colors and quite the variety of styles from super tanned to super pale, from super colorful to black and white. I was envious of some of the girls who had pure white hair down to their lower backs.

The event was set up so there was “dance time” where there’s a dj and music then events.
The first band to come up was Laydent Black? with men knuckle models in it. To my surprise kentarou was quite the good singer. Afterwards there was a 3-4 part segments of a beauty pageant in which the winner won a contract to being a model. Then there as a little talk segment with Kanako where she talked about random things in which I kind of forgotten by now but there was one part where she was talking about random male game characters in a rpg game. The last band to play was PlayZ with Ayumu, Yukihide, Daichi, and one last one whom I cant remember his name. Unfortunately it was all lip sync though it was pretty cute when Ayumu stared to wave a stitch puppet in the air as he “sang”. There was also a fashion show with some random models from egg and popteen showing up such as kanako and romihi. (I’m sorry there were a lot more but I don’t remember their names… I actually don’t read gyaru magazines all too often. )

At the very end our attention was lead to the mural of shibuya 109 made with pet bottle caps. A video was shown while the MC explained an on-going project that all the gyaru-sas of Tokyo where working on. Indeed in the past, gyaru has had quite the bad reputation. Some or rather many normal japanese people may go as far to call the the scum of Japan. The image of gyaru to the normal japanese society is that of a person who has no care for their future and only wants to have fun. It would get as bad as many gyaru and gyaruo were not allowed into particular schools due to how they look no matter how smart or ambitious they are. In turn to counter this image, the D1 project booklet which includes every major gyarusa in Tokyo, had a section where every member took a purikura with a sign with their dreams written on it. Some were very joke like such as “charisma freeter” and “pokemon master” but others were quite serious such as fashion designer, hairdresser, vet etc. The mural of 109 was made from all the gyarusas banding up by cleaning the streets of shibuya on their spare time and sorting the caps by color to make this mural. The video was describing how there was so much litter in shibuya it seemed almost relentless to try to clean it up but they managed to get a few sections cleaned. By doing this project they helped raised money for scholarships for certain schools where being a gyaruo/gyaruo is ok. Kind of ironic how the average Japanese people would typically think its beneath them to clean up their streets and their “scum” of Japan are the people who are environmentally cautious.

Experiencing a real gyaru summit has given me an even clearer picture of what gyaru culture is today and where it possibly can be heading. It doesn’t seem to me to be just a group of youths dressing in a particular fashion; it seems to be something much bigger. It almost feels like to me, gyaru/gyaruo are the leading a somewhat of a youth movement. There are various reasons for me thinking this but I don’t quite feel like re-writing my college essay over again in my blog ^^;

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wish Come True?

My wish this year was... haha to have a boyfriend. On the day before the emperor's birthday i went on a lovely date with a boy named Shota i met at the club. Unlike mr. Toujo who seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth recently I met someone who seemed to be able to make some time for me. He works for a fashion design company by day and on the weekends hes training to be a dj at my favorite club.

I was unavoidably late due to some things, but he patiently waited for me. When we finally met up he took me to an izakaya and we got to know eachother. I still had many problems speaking in Japanese but he was patient to listen to me and help me out with words. He would first speak normally and if i didnt understand he would rephrase and make things simpler for me.

We drank there for awhile then we went to Karaoke for a little while later. We started to really like eachother. I was afraid of him at first because his eyes reminded me of my ex from 2 years ago. But maybe hes alright. I mean hes cool, has a similar future goal in mind, and he seemed to have alot more time than what a host can give me. We somehow got on the topic of dating eachother as bf and gf. I thought sure why not? He said that hes a shy boy n stuff. Because of his promotion work at atom, he had to keep it a little more secret for now.

I walked him to the station for first train. Wow, I didnt think i'd get a boyfriend before christmas with the time being so late.

Xmas with Ryuuta and Ash.

Shota was unable to see me on xmas eve because he had already agreed to a party with his guy friends a long time ago and itd be strange to cancel so late. So anyways, Ash and i wanted to make christmas fun so I put on a Santa hat, and she put on a pair of reindeer anthlers and we took some purikura.

Ryuuta being the nice guy he is, didnt mind me joining them. In Japan, christmas isnt something you spend with your family and friends but more of another Vday kind of thing. Anyway, Ryuuta came pretty late, it was soo cold waiting for him. Shibuya was packed its going to be hard to get into any resturant by now with out a reservation. Luckily our friend Takuma who is always doing catch work around hachiko was working and he introduced us an izakaya for a good deal.

We ate nabe and drank for a long time. We were trying to figure out what to do next. It was really cold and all the karaoke places were packed. All of us didnt have much money so, we decided to go to the club. We were going to go to Atom but instead we ended up at club Elf. They had a deal on that if you dressed up girls can get in free. We got just that. We danced the night away and had lots of fun. On the top floor, there were some really nice people who we joined in dancing with. One with a Gaint fox tail which we all took turns wearing and a police cap i think?

The fun didnt last all night unfortunately... At some point in the night ash's button cover for the main part of her phone was lost and it stoped working. She freaked out and was starting to cry. We tried looking for it all over the place... but we couldnt find it at all. We tried thinking of many different options on what could have happend. (she did drop it in water just a bit earlier) I was trying to reason with her that maybe its just a bit wet, if it all dries out its gonna be ok i think.

We comforted her outside for a little bit and then eventually decided to head home by taxi because her feet hurt too much to walk home from here.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twins, Skulls, Hyper Man: Drinking at Doma Doma

It was just one of those days where we were wandering the streets of shibuya and a group of boys in sentagai raised their voices to us. They invited us to go drinking with them to an izakaya. They were not bad looking so hey why not?

When we arrived we started drinking almost right away. The 3 boys that where there at the moment were Mitsu, Shou and …. Parrot-nose boy. (yes, I have difficulties remembering people’s names) About 1 hour later, 2 more boys came to Doma Doma Judging by the look on their faces it happened to be a coincidence. We all moved to a bigger table so 3 boys to 2 girls became 5 boys to 2 girls. I was confused at first because one of the two new people looked exactly like shou. I kept looking back and forth til one of them relieved my curiosity and told me that they are in fact twins. So now we have ash, me, Mitsu, Shou, Parrot-nose boy, and 2 new guys Ryou and Koichi. Mitsu and Shou work for apperral, Ryou works as a host, and Koichi is a Tencho at some store. Parrot-nose boy.. I don’t know what he does. Though to be fair, he left the table soon after and didn’t really re-join the group til it was time to leave.

Mitsu was hilarious and very high-tensioned. Mostly shou and Mitsu was talking to ash and Ryou and Koichi were talking to me. The entire group loves the brand Roen. Ryou and Shou wanted to stay longer but parrot-nose boy wanted to leave early and they couldn’t all afford taxi alone so they had to go with him.

Mitsu and Koichi were fine for staying longer so we drank and drank and drank until 7am. It seemed that Mitsu was taking quite a liking to Ash and Koichi to me. Mitsu was trying to sell Koichi to me by telling me he’s very rich and hes a nice guy and hes looking for a girlfriend. Indeed I can tell Koichi had quite a bit of money on him due to the way he dresses and his composure. I also can defiantly if I were into him he could take care of me quite well. However, I just didn’t feel that spark with him. He’s a nice guy though, and I’d like to remain friends with him.

Mitsu and Koichi walked us home. When Mitsu realized where we were living, he freaked out and said that he has always considered living in this area.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Akiba with Dania

Dania has been keeping in contact with me since I visited L.A. She finally arrived in Tokyo about a week before Christmas. We agreed to meet in shibuya at 2 but ash and I didn’t end up waking up in time and so on so by the time we got there they had already finished looking through 109 and most of shibuya so we just took purikura and went to Akihabara. Its been a long time since I’ve been to Akiba. 2 years to be exact though I only went to buy a camera at that time. The last time I REALLY looked through akiba was when I was 16 with my school. I remember the street we were looking for starts with this big COW logo.

When we arrived at akiba, we defiantly exited the wrong exit. We didn’t know where we were and ended up wandering around for quite awhile. I kept saying im looking for a building with a red cow logo on it. Ash swears to me up and down there is no such logo. I said THERE IS!!! That’s how I found the station 5 years ago! Sure enough when we found the street there was the big cow logo though now white, it was still the same logo so I said HA! There it is!

We looked around akiba, it was quite funny to me now that I rarely watch anime anymore. I remember I used to love this place to death for all the anime stuff here but now it doesn’t really interest me much. Its not that I hate anime or anything its just that I haven’t watched anything for such a long time, I don’t know what these new animes that that are on display are.

We passed by a few fetish stores and kept looking around for a maid café that Dania’s friend works for. I have not been to a maid café before. Originally I was hoping for Toujo to keep his promise of taking me to one one day… but I was fine just going with girls too. Unfortunately we could not find that particular maid café so we just decided to say ahh screw it. Though there were a lot of interesting looking maids on the street promoting their cafes. I especially found the cross-dressing ones interesting. The girls made really cool looking vkei butlers.

We decided to go back Shibuya for dinner. I knew this one okonimiyaki place that I wanted to take everyone to that I went to when I was here 2 years ago. We walked to where I thought it was. I went up stairs to check on it but it wasn’t there. I looked around more but realized that it must be just gone now. It kind of sucks because it was a place where you can make your own and it was an experience I think would be very fun for people who haven’t done it before. So we ended up going to Shakey’s all you can eat pizza. Dania and her friend were quite impressed at the quality of the pizza for all you can eat. We walked them to the train station after so they can catch the last train home. Dania is soo adorably small, its so cute walking with her.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Ashley~

Today is a special day because its Ashley’s birthday. I wanted to make this as special as we can for her. The first thing we did was get our hair done at peche. It was the first time either of us has ever gotten hair-make done. We got a little lost getting to the place but we still managed to find it in time. After we were done we went to eat at a little noodle house near by and headed back to shibuya 109 to do some shopping. I gave Ash her birthday present which was a cute little card and enough money to buy a one-piece at 109. We did all our shopping at DIA. She bought a cute top and I think one more item and I bought my first pair of dia shorts and top. We headed up to the top floor where I bought a little cake for her and then went home to change. After we changed into our clothes, shot a small movie of hair-sets, and added a fresh spray of hairspray we headed back to shibuya and took some purikura.

We then get a phone call by ryuuta. Apparently he had made some reservation for her on her birthday for just the two of them without telling her. She got quite upset because he planned everything on his own without consulting her. She said sorry to me and had to run off to Shinjuku. I waited around Hachiko for a bit and was getting quite cold. A few people talked to me. One boy with black hair came up to me and chatted with me for awhile but he too was really cold so he suggested we go up to starbucks and have a bit of a drink before my friend arrives. We had quite a nice conversation. When Ash called he was nervous because he was afraid that maybe my friend is one of those protective girls who will kill any nampa around her friends. (which is kind of true if I don’t want to be bothered by them lol) She said she had a big argument with Ryuuta and told him thatbecause of this, she just wanted to go home so she left and came back to me.

When she came back we lit the cake and sang happy birthday while we filmed it on the flip. The boy who was with me had to go back on last train because he had to study for school so we parted ways and headed towards atom. With our hair the way it was and the way we were dressed our confidence was sky high. We danced the night away and tore up the dance floor without a care in the world. On the trance floor there was a cute boy in a red sweater. He came up to me and said that I was really cute. He told me that hes part of the staff in atom and that hes training to be a dj. He told me its kind of against the rules but he asked for my number.

By the end of the night, we left the club with two boys in their freshman year in university. We took some purikura and sang karaoke with them. They are much too young to date but quite fun to hang out as friends.

Even with the bit of a mishap during the course of the day, all in all it was quite a successful b-day for ash I think.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Zin Rock Bar in Shinjuku

On another night where I got off work a bit earlier I talked with Toujo about meeting and we did. He said he knows of a good bar that his friend owns and that he thinks will beto my liking.

He was right, he tok me to a rock bar named Zin. The interior of the place was full of bones and buckles and many many photos with famous bands such as dir en grey signed on their walls. Sitting at the bar was a sweet kyabajo who was upset with a few things in her life and so she was buyin bottles of champagne to share with everyone at the bar that day. (which was me toujo, ash and the bar owner).

He told me he was planning on getting a tattoo and asked if the English that he was going to put on there was in good taste. Ash and I worked hard and corrected the sentence to something much better than the original. Mao may be fluent in English but ash and I are more in practice.

At one point when I left go the washroom, Toujo lifted up my skirt as a joke because last time I laughed since they were shorts not a skirt. This too was a skirt with built in shorts however its soo loose that he actually ende up seeing my underwear. I was so embarrassed. Ijust looked at him shocked. He also gave me a shocked face and one of fear because it looked like I was going to kill him.It was a joke so I didn’t but nevertheless I was kinda embarrassed by it.

We chatted over a few various English phrases. Toujo still cockily says he can speak English fluently when he cant understand very much at all. Meanwhile the bartended understands things here and there and he laughed at Ash’s “you’re such a fucking retard” The bartender, I think his name is also zin, was quite intelligent and exocentric. He had long black hair and is covered in tattoos. Towards the end we had a discussion about music and various other things. He could tell it made Toujo a bit jealous so he kept doing it. When it was time to go he walked us to the elevator and poked fun at Toujo saying that he doesn’t need TWO girls to himself. How about I take this one and he grabbed me by my shoulder. Toujo had the look of a kid when you take his marble away all shocked and wide eyed. Zin just laughed and we said bye bye to him and went down in the elevator.

Toujo gave me a ride to the station on his bike and we parted. Christmas is coming and I think it’d be nice to be with him during that time. However with the current situation with him working 1bu and 2bu, he has no time recently.

We met up with eachother a few times here and there but were never able to meetup for a real date and eventually the mails became more sparse and always how tierd and busy he is then they stopped all together.