Friday, November 5, 2010

V-host Papa in comes a mini party on the street

One day sitting outside eating fami chicken an awkward host named Asuka comes and talks to Ash. Soon after another 2 arrived on a bicycle. The 2 went off a little somewhere and the driver of the bike came back to talk. When he realized that I was foreign he asked me to wait and said I know someone who speaks english. He comes back with a v-host named "Mao".

Yea he speaks english right? I mean as much as the others? "This is a Pen"?? Apparently, he really did speak english. He lived in Chicago for 7 years because his family moved there. Ash also really enjoyed that there was a 2nd person to translate. 2 other girls were in teh group too who were customers of theirs. They were really nice people and I also enjoyed talking to them.
One of the first things Mao said to me was that i looked just like another friend of his. He then confirmed with the other boys in the group and they agreed. I wonder what this person looks like... I was mostly talking to Mao (who again, i guessed right that his name comes from "Mao" from sid) while the driver of the bike who's name is apparently Toujo started to get a bit jealous since i was paying much more attention to his kohai.

Toujo has an interesting job. He isnt really a host but rather a host teacher. He kept saying "really?" as if he knew what was going on. We chatted and chatted and chatted in this little circle sitting in center street of kabuki.

It was already morning and everyone walked to the train station. We got on the topic of how to stay in japan which one of the ways is adoption or marriage. Toujo was going to offer marriage however since i seemd to express more interest in Mao in terms of talking-wise, he got a bit bitter and said he can get me a fake marriage or something for a price since he has the connections. We were joking about Mao adopting me and i said it'd be pretty cool to have a V-host Papa. Anways in the end i exchanged numbers with Mao and Toujo and ash exchanged with Asuka.

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