Monday, November 8, 2010

Toujo's Challenge

After meeting the Eve boys. We ran into Toujo and Asuka again the next day. Toujo said its cold so he offered for us to go into a italian cafe. We ate some pizza and he ordered his usual real ginger ale. Toujo seemd much more interesting when Mao wasn't around. I guess I wasnt paying real attention to him last time. Though not really my type physically, he was very charismatic. I got to know more about him. He apparently used to be a charisma host and when he was he made close to 8000000yen a month but now hes a host teacher. He made very funny intersting jokes. Asuka tried to keep up but ended up with overly perverted jokes that werent so funny. When it was time to go, Toujo offered a ride on his bike. He drove me to the main road but we then had to walk because the incline was a bit difficult to ride on.

Another day close to this day Ash had to stay in work for a little longer at work and i got out on time. I called Toujo and he came in with his bike. He looked at what i was eating and said thats no good. I explained how i dont get to eat much since i dont have money and he found it soo adorable that i was so helpless?? ==;

He took me to the same cafe again and he tried to talk to me through using a translator and phrases on iphone. Meanwhile Jun was mailing me incessantly. He told me that he was in shibuya waiting for me while i was still at work. I cant go anywhere with no train right? I was having a good time talking to Toujo. It got to the point where Jun called and we argued a bit and i hanged up. He mailed again and said hes in kabuki. I told him im busy. He phoned and we argued again and it ended with if you dont want to see me ill go home. I told him he can go home.

Ash arrived not too long after and we had more fun with Toujo's new lines. "It tarns me on" and "because i am a genius" He then makes a challenge that he can become fluent in english in 1 week. Ash is like is that so?? well if you can do it you can have shiena.

Other things we talked about is that Toujo happens to be quite the otaku. One of these days he wants to take me to a maid Cafe. Our days off are the same so it will be quite fun. Challege starts on Saturday.

The next day was my day off. Toujo doesnt have time to go to the maid cafe with me this comming monday due to him visiting his parents place for certain items since he is moving soon. So i went to kabuki on last train to meet with him. He said 230 so i went to cafe aya and waited but he came alot sooner than i expected and we chatted a bit there and then we decided to go to karaoke. I can tell his voice is very pretty despite having a cold. I kinda fell asleep on his lap at one point for a little bit and then we exited a shortly after i awoke. It was cold and i didnt want to part with him since i was having so much fun so he decides to walk me all the way home. He does and to our surprise when we got home asuka was with ash. Apparently he called her and he wanted to see her so he took a taxi to our house to see her. Toujo said you guys JUST SLEPT? no sex? HOW BORING!!! and the clothes are all still on HOW BORING! hahaha

They slept over Toujo kept rubbing in asuka's face how our hands were together etc. It was really cute innocent sleep over.

We kept running into them over and over and hanging out til first train. Toujo never completed his challenge though as expected. But it wasnt over, since he isnt a charisma host for nothing. Hes got alot of personality which overrides alot of things.


  1. yup~ im back logged by a few months. Im not finished catching up yet

  2. I was too busy to write in my blog and wasnt gonna bother catching up but, i think it would be kinda sad if i didnt record all my memories for the last 6months

  3. I hope you will keep on writing ; D love reading your post! :D

  4. hey i've recently started a blog about my weight loss and i would really love if u were to check it out.. means the world to me..

  5. hehe that was cute~ Sounds like you had alot of fun♥~ Toujo you can do it!