Monday, November 15, 2010

Takaki the American-washed Keio Student in Shimon Kitazawa

Let me tell you about a stupid university boy who studied in Colorado USA. One day after work, Ash and I sat out in front of Shinjuku station just to rest our feet when a guy comes up to us and says “20000yen for both of you lets go to the hotel” We were offended and were not impressed. A girl came up to us later to say don’t worry hes a good guy and all and we shouldn’t be scared of him. Ash explained to her what happened and she just looked at him shook her head as she threw her hands up in the air and left.

He said he was joking and apologized. He overhears my English and says he could speak too. We didn’t believe him because when Japanese say they can speak English it normally means “This is a pen” and that’s virtually all they know. But he could really speak well. He told us he was a Keio University Student rather quite proudly. Ash brings him down a notch and says “so that’s why you’re such a dick!”

Anyways, he was entertaining enough to exchange numbers with so we did. At a later date, we went to shimon kitazawa to this little bar. It was very homey in the sense it literally looked like someone’s house. We met two of Takaki’s friends who were also keio students. The 3 of them together also organize club events and so on. The 2 of them want to learn English so Takaki made a rule that they can only speak in English and I can only speak in Japanese.

We drank quite a bit then decide to go to their house to drink some more. There 3 other boys came and it became one big drinking party. One of them studied in England for a while and is now an English teacher. Though I cant remember his name, he always brought up really interesting topics such as aliens and so on.

When it became time to sleep everyone was so drunk they were acting silly. Takaki being the worst one singing songs to me while im trying to sleep like “You are like my butterfly” “Im a hungry spider and im going to catch you in my web” “O-M-G- SO SE-XY” Needless to say his singing sucked more than his lyrics LOL. Though we did manage to sleep eventually.

Come morning, some of the them had to go to school and some of the others didn’t. They are such good students that they peer pressure the other to skip class to hang out longer. We walked around shimon kitazawa a bit and ate some ramen and so on. This little place had quite the different feel than im used to. Its very cozy and felt a lot like van while being completely Japanese… if that makes any sense.

The bulk of the group decided to go home but takaki and one other had some more time than the rest of them so we chilled at their apt listening to music and chatted til about 7 and then went home.

We later commented on the the way takaki and the guy who liked ashely walked. Takaki walks like an American very masculine and kind of slack. While the guy who likes ash walked very masculine but very japanese in the sense it was more stiff and upright. (im not trying to be racist but it really is how certain people walk) We were saying how this a bit of a nice break from the majority of hosts walking like women and running like fairies with their high heeled dress-shoes. (im not kidding some of their heels on those things are like 3inches high) We were also surprised that Takaki ended up having any interest me at all because he kept saying how much he loves roppongi and America. He was very typical for the kind of Japanese guy who is obsessed with foreigners (meaning not any kind of foreigner but white foreigner) but it seemed that it didn’t matter to him at all which was kind of nice.

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