Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eve Street Party Pt2: In comes my Twin

Another day after work everyone is hanging outside the koma building as usual. I was talking to mao a bit earlier and he said he will be right where we are soon. When he arrive he brought Asuka and a new guy with him. He introduced me to the new one Kaede who he said was the friend of his that he I reminded him of. He was right our eyes are exactly alike. We chilled in front of the koma building til about 8am in the morning chatting about random things and eating family chicken.

Ash tested their English and they came up with some funny answers to it all. Kaede was actually a bit smarter with the vending machine and said at first “natoka machine desho? Desho?” but everyone making mistakes before him screwed him up and he ended out saying JUICE CAR!


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