Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Biggest Hair in Kabukicho
Recently I have been running into a particular host quite often after work while waiting for first train. His name is Ruki or so this is what he calls himself. Its not hard to figure out where he got his name from. The first thing to pop into my mind is Gazette and I'm dead on. (if you want to see this boy in action, you can check out Ash and my Trouble in Tokyo Series #5 )

He's odd in the sense he does not understand english nor can he speak but out of hte blue he knows more complicated vocabulary words. We often meet up after i get off work and chill til first train. He'd walk me to the train station most mornings.

One day I had off, he had said he wanted to meet with me. On this day Ash and i were waiting for Ryuuta to meet with Ash. I cant remember what it was about but she wanted to talk to him properly about something. Jun also, said he wanted to see me. I agreed to see him for a little but i was going to take last train to Shinjuku. Jun had begged me to stay with him longer and for him to stay over at my place. I told him I'm busy because by this point I have already been frustrated with him only calling me on whim late at night. He took the last train home and i waited for another 45mins and took the last one to shinjuku. Ruki wasnt quite off work yet so I went to a Deai cafe for some free food/drink to wait in the warm for a little.

I came back out again and made it to kabukicho around 130ish in which he still wasnt done. A half Brazilian host talked to me and kept me company as i waited outside. It was quite cold. His friend was a very nice funny guy who bought me a warm coffee to keep me warm. It was around 3am by the time Ruki was off work. I thanked and said goodbye to the half brazilian host and went to karaoke with Ruki. I had alot of fun singing vkei songs with him. He was really sweet and kind of shy. At the end we wanted to hang out longer so he walked me to the station and decide to come over and listen to some music or w/e chat somewhere warm. Since his place is quite far we decided on my place. We eventually fell asleep. I often asked him when does he have to wake up for work. He said its all ok. I woke up each time his alarm went off but he decided to sleep on and say its ok.... though it really wasnt. He was late. i walked him to the train station.

From that day on, his sempai eyed me with a mean stare and Ruki pretended not to know i was there. I have a feeling that he possibly got yelled at by his manager.

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