Monday, October 18, 2010

A Story of a Korean Gackt
Ash and i often hang in Shibuya and take walks around to keep healthy and maintain weight. One of these days we sat in front of Hachiko and ran into an old friend of hers named Jun. He's a graduated fashion student from korea who currently works for a fashion company.

The first thing he said to me was that my chest was flat and said to ash why does she hang out with 12 year olds (he was being honest about thinking i was 12). Ash and I were shocked. I was wearing a golds infinty loose fitting one piece. The part which was supposed to meant for the chest often rides up sits flatly on top of the top part of my chest before it slops into my breast. Ash too her hand and pulled the loose part under my bust in tight and he was like WTF where that come from. We also told him im 21 and he was again shocked.

Jun speaks english but very poorly. He said something very convoluted that came across as the exact opposite of what he was trying to say. The way he worded things was that I'm not his type. What he meant to say that He is prob not my type and I wouldnt be into him even though hes into me or something along that line.

He apparently started a new a job and so he didnt really have much money. We all went to Donki to pick up some drinks and we drank at my place. Jun, is a very hard person to describe. Hes extremely excentric and loves himself maybe a little too much. He looks quite alot like gackt in many photos. We had alot in common. Hes very handsome until he opens his mouth and out comes out random outbursts of hysterical laughter and random weird english. I was attracted to his assholeness and excentrisim.

Apparently he too was attracted to me and we hit it off quite quickly. However everytime he calls me to hang out its late at night....I complained about this and he said he just started his job so he dont have any money. I said its alright i mean we dont have to do anything that requires money just want to have a normal date with him during the day thats all. The best he could do is once he went out with me around 7. Most of the time its after 12 and into the morning. I kept waiting for him to take me out on the days he has off but he still never contacts me til late at night... He'd often call me at 12 and say he is in shibuya waiting for me when I'm in Shinjuku at work and so on......

However the story doesnt end here as we will see more and more of him as the year progresses

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  1. i know him!!! i also thought he looked like Gackt when i met him, haha... shame he indeed turned out to be an ass...