Sunday, October 31, 2010

Men's Egg Halloween Night at Atom

I really wanted to go get to Harajuku by 4pm. But as things were to happen it ended up being 5pm, then 6pm..... haha. I took the train there this time instead of walking, and i exited out the wrong way and had to walk quite a bit more. But it was kinda worth it since i got scouted by 2 genokai on my way to the station. *crosses fingers*

I finally made it there about 545ish and ash was still delayed. ALot of people were snapping pictures (even though i only wore a lolita dress just for fun before i can buy my costume ) When ash came, we went to takeshita dori to pick out our costumes. I knew this one place in which i saw when i was 16 (first time in japan) that had some pretty interesting party clothes so we went there. We picked matching outfits in black and white then went off to an accessory story to buy matching flowers to put in our hair.

We got back at my place at around 7. THE fastest halloween shopping EVER. haha I helped ash do her hair as shes not used to the hime way of styling. and we headed out to shibuya to take purikura and eat some ramen before i go. (she said, maybe we go first and eat a little onigiri and then eat ramen after, im like remember what happend last time??? i nearly died, if i dont eat properly before drinking i get to the point were i need FOOD NOW and can barely walk)

Surprisingly there was no line up. Apparently the event started much earlier and we just caught the tail end of the show. Oh well, it didnt matter since i was really only there to club THEN + men's egg models floating about the dance floor. (but it would have been nice to see though!)

From the very begining i can feel the tension on the dance floor... the fangirls are obsessively glaring like crazy. It felt kinda uncomfortable. we kept changing floors because at one point 2 foreigners were following us. Lucky for us, we ended up on the 6f when kyla came and she found us easy. We danced the night away. At around 2ish the club got really really congested. I was trying to make my way to the washroom and got completely stuck.... then somehow shoved around and got sandwiched between ayumu and someone else as he was trying to make his way back on to the floor. (nice!! =D but.... washroom..... D=........) so i gave up trying to get to the washroom for a bit.

So i rejoined the dancefloor with my friends and partied with some random cute NICE girls. Eventually, i finally made it to the washroom but could not find my friends after so i gave up and left the hiphop floor to join the main floor (im sick of hiphop anyway)

I headed out but it took awhile and got stuck on the staircase for a bit. Some guy asked me to come down by the lockers for some photos for men's egg night because they like my costume. So i went down and they took some snaps and got me to fill out a form. I couldnt read half of it unfortunately..... I made my way up to the main section eveutally and partied out by myself with some other cute nice girls. I found it was either the really normal ones who were really mean, or half the really pretty ones. But there were alot of sweet girls there too so that took the edge off of it.

I got thirsty and started to head to the bar and then i hit another congested spot. (guess what? another model hahah ) I got to the point where i just let the crowd take me wherever since i cant seem to get to where i want to go very easily.... and i got pulled into Tanaka daichi's group and locked between the bar and him. (not that im complaining) I managed to order my drink as the boys cheers and got some more shots. tanaka daichi gave me one too and i was able to cheers with him. He was really nice~ but that didnt last long as girls started to get very very agressive. and literally just rushed in and cut in. His friend and i exchanged glances and shruged and were like oh well, and introduced ourselves (and.. yet again i forget peoples names soo quickly..)

My feet were too sore to dance anymore and so i sat down for a bit, and a guy offered me a drink so i was like why not~ I thought he was a host or something but apparently just a hairdresser. We chatted for a bit and decided to go to the front entrance cuz my feet were really starting to hurt. I called out my friends and they came down and i parted with the hairdresser and my friends and i went to eat ramen then went home.

What a fun night. =3


  1. wow that sounded like such a night @____@
    I'm glad you had so much fun XD
    I hope to party with you some day X3

  2. it does sound like you had an awesome night! :) you looked great as well! :)

  3. Sounds like a great night to me! ;D

  4. Sorry in advance if the question sounds a bit intruding but..

    Do you get paid by dressing up? Are you a model? If not, what exactly is your job?

  5. Awesome. Looks like u had a lot of fun.

  6. ahh;3 Sounds great and both of you look fabulous.

    No one like crazy fangirls indeed.

    Your writting actually is so good that I could stay here reading it all day long

  7. oh wow XD sounds fun indeed. i wish i could party with friends like that. girls can get so catty around hawt guys >________>

  8. same poster as above XD i saw you blog from lady l's gajin gyaru tips 1. i just wanted to thank you and your friend ashley for the tips. made me doubt myself less :D i also found your youtube videos on hair styling, they are sooo helpful. i would totally watch you vids and read your post if you add stuff ;) arigatou~