Monday, October 11, 2010

The Lock Up
Shun from the gothic event contacted me again and said he wanted to hang out. So i agreed and so we met in shibuya. He asked me what did i want to do. I said ive been looking for a purikuracho. He told me ok so then lets look for it. We looked around all over shibuya only to find lots of notebooks but none with sticker paper. We gave up and thought about what shall we do next. Shun told me theres an izakaya thats like a prison and asked if id like to go. I said id do~ and he called to make a reservation. There was still some time before the reservation so he then suggested that we go visit Yusuke at Deals Design.
We went to Deals Design in Shibuya and we chatted with Yusuke and the tencho to pass time. I stared at all the different accessories while Yusuke was cleaning the jewlery. There was a gothic fashion show coming up but it seemed that all the events seemed to happen on saturdays in which i couldn't go since i have started working. Yusuke and the tencho kept teasing thier female staff saying shes like one of the boys not really a woman. Shes alot older than she looks and so on.

It was eventually time to go and we went to the Lock-Up. The entrance is like that of a cave. We go down, down, down and down. We confirmed our reservation and the hostess hand cuffed us together and lead us to our jail cell. There were various kinds of drinks and so on. I ordered one that came in a beaker of alcohol with a syringe with "blood" in it. There were various of other things. We ate mostly normal food other than the Russian roulette shu cream. One was stuffed with wasabi. I lost and got the wasabi one haha it nearly killed me. Shun ordered some tequlia capsules that came in different colors. I didnt know what it was so he asked me the blue pill or hte red pill. Although i dont remember which one i picked it tasted awful. It was a burst of concentrated tequila in your mouth.

Every hour or so theres a break-out of monsters that will come rattle the bars of your jail cell and slam things to scare you. It was pretty fun. Shun and i talked about various things like disney land, aquarium and roller coasters. I said i havent been to those kind of places before and he said he wants to take me sometime. Later he showed me photos of his room. It was all gothic with a taxidermy crow, candles, skulls and so on. He says hes a vampire. I asked him which kind of blood does he like the most. He said it doesnt matter if its A, B. O, AB, as long as its rich in blood cells. We talked about visa issues and how am i going to stay after my visa is up. He said he will marry me if i cant find something before my visa runs out. I told him thanks although i would prefer not to get married in such a fashion. But i suppose if it really boiled down to it.....

He sells things online overseas so his english comprehension is rather good even though he could not speak a word.

We spent quite alot of time at the Lock-Up. He said he could go home, but... he didnt really want to go... I told him i was planning on fixing my hair color with toner and he told me that he had a hairdresser friend who can do it for me. So we rushed back to my home and grabbed the hair dye and jetted to his friends house. We missed the last train...........................

The only one left only goes as far as ikebukuro so we took it there and took a cab to her house. When we got up to the apartment to my surprise there was a passed out Yusuke on the floor. Appearently they have been drinking the entire time. We drank some too as shun's friend did my hair. We talked about various things and eventually went to sleep.

When we awoke it was broad daylight and shun and i walked to the station and then parted ways. It was quite a fun night~

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