Sunday, October 31, 2010

Men's Egg Halloween Night at Atom

I really wanted to go get to Harajuku by 4pm. But as things were to happen it ended up being 5pm, then 6pm..... haha. I took the train there this time instead of walking, and i exited out the wrong way and had to walk quite a bit more. But it was kinda worth it since i got scouted by 2 genokai on my way to the station. *crosses fingers*

I finally made it there about 545ish and ash was still delayed. ALot of people were snapping pictures (even though i only wore a lolita dress just for fun before i can buy my costume ) When ash came, we went to takeshita dori to pick out our costumes. I knew this one place in which i saw when i was 16 (first time in japan) that had some pretty interesting party clothes so we went there. We picked matching outfits in black and white then went off to an accessory story to buy matching flowers to put in our hair.

We got back at my place at around 7. THE fastest halloween shopping EVER. haha I helped ash do her hair as shes not used to the hime way of styling. and we headed out to shibuya to take purikura and eat some ramen before i go. (she said, maybe we go first and eat a little onigiri and then eat ramen after, im like remember what happend last time??? i nearly died, if i dont eat properly before drinking i get to the point were i need FOOD NOW and can barely walk)

Surprisingly there was no line up. Apparently the event started much earlier and we just caught the tail end of the show. Oh well, it didnt matter since i was really only there to club THEN + men's egg models floating about the dance floor. (but it would have been nice to see though!)

From the very begining i can feel the tension on the dance floor... the fangirls are obsessively glaring like crazy. It felt kinda uncomfortable. we kept changing floors because at one point 2 foreigners were following us. Lucky for us, we ended up on the 6f when kyla came and she found us easy. We danced the night away. At around 2ish the club got really really congested. I was trying to make my way to the washroom and got completely stuck.... then somehow shoved around and got sandwiched between ayumu and someone else as he was trying to make his way back on to the floor. (nice!! =D but.... washroom..... D=........) so i gave up trying to get to the washroom for a bit.

So i rejoined the dancefloor with my friends and partied with some random cute NICE girls. Eventually, i finally made it to the washroom but could not find my friends after so i gave up and left the hiphop floor to join the main floor (im sick of hiphop anyway)

I headed out but it took awhile and got stuck on the staircase for a bit. Some guy asked me to come down by the lockers for some photos for men's egg night because they like my costume. So i went down and they took some snaps and got me to fill out a form. I couldnt read half of it unfortunately..... I made my way up to the main section eveutally and partied out by myself with some other cute nice girls. I found it was either the really normal ones who were really mean, or half the really pretty ones. But there were alot of sweet girls there too so that took the edge off of it.

I got thirsty and started to head to the bar and then i hit another congested spot. (guess what? another model hahah ) I got to the point where i just let the crowd take me wherever since i cant seem to get to where i want to go very easily.... and i got pulled into Tanaka daichi's group and locked between the bar and him. (not that im complaining) I managed to order my drink as the boys cheers and got some more shots. tanaka daichi gave me one too and i was able to cheers with him. He was really nice~ but that didnt last long as girls started to get very very agressive. and literally just rushed in and cut in. His friend and i exchanged glances and shruged and were like oh well, and introduced ourselves (and.. yet again i forget peoples names soo quickly..)

My feet were too sore to dance anymore and so i sat down for a bit, and a guy offered me a drink so i was like why not~ I thought he was a host or something but apparently just a hairdresser. We chatted for a bit and decided to go to the front entrance cuz my feet were really starting to hurt. I called out my friends and they came down and i parted with the hairdresser and my friends and i went to eat ramen then went home.

What a fun night. =3

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tokyo International Music Market

My friend Yuki Nagame whom I went to odaiba with 2 years ago, contacted me out of the blue to introduce me to his friend Takuo who needed a English speaker to explain Sync Music Japan’s concept to foreign guests at the Tokyo International Music Market.

Though I have already found work and am steadily working at night I decided to give this a shot because it seemed very interesting. I spoke with Takuo for a little while on skype about what exactly Is Sync Music Japan. However, my Japanese isn’t very good nor is Takuo’s English so we decided to meet up before hand in person to talk about it.

A couple days later, I met up with Takuo in Shibuya and we talked about it in McDs. The information packet he gave me was in English so I was able to understand it not too badly. We also talked about some other things unrelated to the project. Takuo is a guitarist who is a graduate of Keio University who is going to go for his masters in Law. Currently he is in a band and he likes visual-kei however other bandmates of his who are willing to do visual kei style do not yet have experience in it so he asked me if I would help design the band’s image and help with possibly future graphics such as logos and album covers and so on. (in other words something like a manager or something or another) We talked about this casually for a little while and then got on the topic about singing. I wanted to hear the way he sings so he took me to karaoke for a few hours. His voice was quite good.

Because we both have to wake up early the next day, he left on first train and I tried my best to sleep early. (although quite unsuccessful ) The first day, I met everyone at shingawa. Our leader happened to be the head of Myspace Japan. We hanged up the posters and there was a briefing on what the company is all about.

The day went by pretty quickly and it was quite fun being able to talk to various people in the music industry. (because im writing this almost 6months later I do not remember their names) Two of the most interesting people who came to our counter were a musician producer from france who had a lot to say about marketing Japanese artists for a world market. According to him, which im inclined to agree, Japan has a very particular taste in what becomes pop and if Japan were to want to market themselves to the world they will need some outside ideas. Because of the nature of Japanese culture, way of doing things and way of thinking being so highly monitored its difficult to come up with ideas that can appeal to more than just a Japanese audience and thus outside producers main purpose is to brace Japanese artists for the global market. Another interesting person that I met was a woman from Canada who is doing an anthropology study in Japan focusing particularly in pop culture/youth culture. I had quite a interesting chat with her about various things.

Through-out the 2 days of the TIMM, I was able to experience a different feel of life in Japan. That of one of the day and rather more “normal” culture. (as opposed to the night culture and the youth culture of gyaru/gyaruo, hosts/kyabas) Of course working at night during these days were tiring as hell but I think it was all worth it. It was a nice break with hanging with university students and doing things in the day. I guess this is what I call the “light” life. But all in all I still do prefer the night life more.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Story of a Korean Gackt
Ash and i often hang in Shibuya and take walks around to keep healthy and maintain weight. One of these days we sat in front of Hachiko and ran into an old friend of hers named Jun. He's a graduated fashion student from korea who currently works for a fashion company.

The first thing he said to me was that my chest was flat and said to ash why does she hang out with 12 year olds (he was being honest about thinking i was 12). Ash and I were shocked. I was wearing a golds infinty loose fitting one piece. The part which was supposed to meant for the chest often rides up sits flatly on top of the top part of my chest before it slops into my breast. Ash too her hand and pulled the loose part under my bust in tight and he was like WTF where that come from. We also told him im 21 and he was again shocked.

Jun speaks english but very poorly. He said something very convoluted that came across as the exact opposite of what he was trying to say. The way he worded things was that I'm not his type. What he meant to say that He is prob not my type and I wouldnt be into him even though hes into me or something along that line.

He apparently started a new a job and so he didnt really have much money. We all went to Donki to pick up some drinks and we drank at my place. Jun, is a very hard person to describe. Hes extremely excentric and loves himself maybe a little too much. He looks quite alot like gackt in many photos. We had alot in common. Hes very handsome until he opens his mouth and out comes out random outbursts of hysterical laughter and random weird english. I was attracted to his assholeness and excentrisim.

Apparently he too was attracted to me and we hit it off quite quickly. However everytime he calls me to hang out its late at night....I complained about this and he said he just started his job so he dont have any money. I said its alright i mean we dont have to do anything that requires money just want to have a normal date with him during the day thats all. The best he could do is once he went out with me around 7. Most of the time its after 12 and into the morning. I kept waiting for him to take me out on the days he has off but he still never contacts me til late at night... He'd often call me at 12 and say he is in shibuya waiting for me when I'm in Shinjuku at work and so on......

However the story doesnt end here as we will see more and more of him as the year progresses

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Lock Up
Shun from the gothic event contacted me again and said he wanted to hang out. So i agreed and so we met in shibuya. He asked me what did i want to do. I said ive been looking for a purikuracho. He told me ok so then lets look for it. We looked around all over shibuya only to find lots of notebooks but none with sticker paper. We gave up and thought about what shall we do next. Shun told me theres an izakaya thats like a prison and asked if id like to go. I said id do~ and he called to make a reservation. There was still some time before the reservation so he then suggested that we go visit Yusuke at Deals Design.
We went to Deals Design in Shibuya and we chatted with Yusuke and the tencho to pass time. I stared at all the different accessories while Yusuke was cleaning the jewlery. There was a gothic fashion show coming up but it seemed that all the events seemed to happen on saturdays in which i couldn't go since i have started working. Yusuke and the tencho kept teasing thier female staff saying shes like one of the boys not really a woman. Shes alot older than she looks and so on.

It was eventually time to go and we went to the Lock-Up. The entrance is like that of a cave. We go down, down, down and down. We confirmed our reservation and the hostess hand cuffed us together and lead us to our jail cell. There were various kinds of drinks and so on. I ordered one that came in a beaker of alcohol with a syringe with "blood" in it. There were various of other things. We ate mostly normal food other than the Russian roulette shu cream. One was stuffed with wasabi. I lost and got the wasabi one haha it nearly killed me. Shun ordered some tequlia capsules that came in different colors. I didnt know what it was so he asked me the blue pill or hte red pill. Although i dont remember which one i picked it tasted awful. It was a burst of concentrated tequila in your mouth.

Every hour or so theres a break-out of monsters that will come rattle the bars of your jail cell and slam things to scare you. It was pretty fun. Shun and i talked about various things like disney land, aquarium and roller coasters. I said i havent been to those kind of places before and he said he wants to take me sometime. Later he showed me photos of his room. It was all gothic with a taxidermy crow, candles, skulls and so on. He says hes a vampire. I asked him which kind of blood does he like the most. He said it doesnt matter if its A, B. O, AB, as long as its rich in blood cells. We talked about visa issues and how am i going to stay after my visa is up. He said he will marry me if i cant find something before my visa runs out. I told him thanks although i would prefer not to get married in such a fashion. But i suppose if it really boiled down to it.....

He sells things online overseas so his english comprehension is rather good even though he could not speak a word.

We spent quite alot of time at the Lock-Up. He said he could go home, but... he didnt really want to go... I told him i was planning on fixing my hair color with toner and he told me that he had a hairdresser friend who can do it for me. So we rushed back to my home and grabbed the hair dye and jetted to his friends house. We missed the last train...........................

The only one left only goes as far as ikebukuro so we took it there and took a cab to her house. When we got up to the apartment to my surprise there was a passed out Yusuke on the floor. Appearently they have been drinking the entire time. We drank some too as shun's friend did my hair. We talked about various things and eventually went to sleep.

When we awoke it was broad daylight and shun and i walked to the station and then parted ways. It was quite a fun night~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Skiddish Host in Shibuya and Hair Problems
While walking around Sentagai in shibuya and a blonde boy and a black hair boy looked at us. We didnt think much of it as we walked into Sega to take some purikura. We then exited Sentagai to find them waiting for us near Tsutaya. As the blond was talking confidently to Ash, the black hair boy was trying talk to me while i listened carefully as to what he was saying and processed in my mind. I was not having too much of a problem understanding only that i couldnt really give out an answer too easily. I watched him gradually get more and more skiddish like he was going to cower into himself while he talked to me. Ash looked to my side and asked him what was wrong. He told her quite frankly that he thinks that im mad at him or annoyed or something.

She then went on to explain how im actually not Japanese and that i was only looking like that so i can understand what he was saying to relieve his tension. He understood and his sholders started to come down from his ears as he shyly asked for my number. I gave it to him.

Its now been the 3rd attempt to make it to the International bureau to get some paper that the border forgot to give me to describe what kind of activity my visa is good for... Its cold and windy and I gave up trying to walk there from the station and instead took the bus this time. It was pretty easy this time and i ran into 2 gals from europe who recognized me from E_G. We chatted a little about gal fashion while they were processing my request. I was then called and claimed my passport. After i got out Yudai (the black hair boy) invited me out on a date. He asked if i can bring my friend so he can bring his blond friend too. However Ash was in NO WAY wanting to see this guy. (he was full of himself while being unattractive) I rushed to Shibuya and fixed my hair with a comb and portable hairspray while my mom called me and i was talking to her. I met up with Yudai at Hachiko. He took me to sentagai. We didnt know what to do so we took purikura and ate at Gusto for dinner. He then dropped me off in front of 109 where i met with another friend whom wanted to talk to me about a possible job offer.

The next week I was all ready to go to the hair salon and get my roots done with the cupon in hot pepper. I went to the hair salon and they told me they could not bleach my roots without taking out my extensions. However i had in no way enough money to pay for a new set and i cannot go without my extensions at all because otherwise i cannot style my hair the way i want to. I was kinda stuck. I then phoned my friend Kyohei to ask for advice. He is a scout who talked to me who apparently knew ashly. He took me in like kind of a big brother. He didnt know what to do. It was raining and i was standing in front of the alta talking to him while i noticed a guy who was watching me. I got off the phone and he talked to me. I told him my problem and he told me he knows a good salon. He takes me to progress in Kabukicho but they were full til later. I hanged out with this person for a little while. He treated me out to dinner and i got my hair done a bit later. They again told me they cannot dye the parts with the extensions on it... so i got my roots fixed on top.. but they were still orange.... and my other roots where the exte are were still black. Ugh it was such a big mess but i guess it couldnt be helped. I put on my hat and Yudai contacted me again and I met up with him in shibuya

Yudai and I met up in Shibuya and ate parfait at Cafe Gusto. Then took a walk and chilled out talking about random things. To my surprise i could actually hold a relatively ok conversation now. Apparently he ran away from kyushuu to come to Tokyo to pursue his dream of being an actor. He became a host after being scouted for it. He didnt finish highschool.

He was very cute but I felt a bit uneasy since he was so young. He said age doesnt matter. I said that it might not now but think about it. Heres a question: About what age do you want to get married? Not to me necessarily but in general? He said 25. I said here is in lies the problem. LETS say that we do end up liking eachother and everything is just fine.... Ill be 28 by the time you are 25. Thats too late for me. At the same time i would prefer to marry around 24ish which would make him only 21. Which is kinda too young for most boys. He saw my point. It was nice though. The dates were really sweet and innocent. Made me think of the highschool dates in which i didnt really have much of a chance to experience.

I ran into him a few more times or rather kind of often. He got teased for the purikura and thats when he got all embarrassed and started to ask me to go to his club and be his customer. I refused to do so, so we kind of ended it off there. He tried kind of hard then faded away while contacting me here and there through mails.