Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You can't really judge motive from behavior necessarly

I know i have a shit load of things i wanted to update in this blog but i feel kinda lazy.

To all those boys and girls who like to play games/or "test" their girlfriend/boyfriend to find out thier "true" colors... be warned it often backfires leaving both parties confused and hurt in the end. It almost never ends well.

Here is why. Usually those who do these sort of things premeditate that if so and so does this then it means this if she/he doesnt then it means that. But human emotions aren't as simple as that.

One might think oh this man is a good person because he did this and that good deed. He might be good in societies eyes but maybe he only did them for personal glorification, or did it not out of hte kindness of his heart but maybe only because it was a sense of duty

On the other hand you have people with good intentions but their line of action seemd to be be "bad"

for example someone decides to trick someone into a situation where it looks like they have broken up, they do this to check how much that person really likes them via checking up on them to see how horrible they feel after. (this already sounds pretty cruel doesn't it?) If they get over it fast, then they never liked them that much, if they are crying their eyes out then they must have loved them right?

but what if, that person is the type of person who doesnt show thier feelings on the outside and tells the contrary so that their friends wont worry about them and sob away at night. How would the original person know about this right?

There are other situations in which the same behavior is the same for both opposite feelings. eg. a person wants to test if the other likes them for money or for them.

The person, purposely makes everything look super unstable in the relationship and makes everything look like its gone terribly wrong then goes MIA for awhile to see how they react. The person freaks out naturally. Then the person says oh so shes obessive and it MUST be because she only wants money is why shes freaking out. But if you think about it, someone who really loves that person would freak out just the same. Thus this plan dont work at all

There are too many factors and you cant see everything that goes on. Save all this bullshit drama and face problems a bit more head on. And also, if its not broken DONT TRY TO FIX IT. if you dont see flaws dont go digging for them! or you just might come across some things that if given the natural course of the relationship would never be a factor or problem to begin with.


  1. I also think this is really stupid.. but i must admit i've gone MIA too just to find out if anyone really cares :(
    But i don't think it was that extreme anyway

  2. You´ve spoken everything.
    If it´s not broken,you don´t have to fix it.
    I don´t know what is MIA,but anyways
    I kinda understand that.
    Sometimes the "true colors" are pretty ugly.
    Everytime I say for my friends: If you really love the person and knows that he/she loves you back, than you dont´t have to do this sort of things. ´Cause you don´t have to.