Monday, September 20, 2010

Long walk from Shibuya to Shinjuku

Sept 11th. It was ash's day off and we decided to walk to shibuya out of the blue. We were both quite poor at the time so if we could help it, we didnt like to use the train. It took around 30mins to walk to shibuya. We then walked around for a few hours just enjoying the scenery and so on. Our feet started to hurt a bit and so we decided to go home. We walked and walked and someone from across the street called ash's name, or what we thought was her name. We crossed the street to see if it was someone we knew. It wasn't and we were like uh......... weird. We continued to walk but since we crossed that street we missed the turn off in which leads back to home.

We walked and walked and walked. We were lost. We kept on going i was so tierd at one point I was sleeping and walking at the same time and i started to half dream (while walking) and a bush turned into a old japanese man with grey hair but in dreads dressed like a jamacian. (yes i know random) but it was such an odd image it woke me up haha.

Appearently by looking at the train stations we passed by we ended up going through aoyama, yotsuya and into shinjuku. We were in part of shinjuku I had never been in before. I thought there was something a bit off about the place we were in. The men were dressed a bit strange and there were rainbow things everywhere. I got chased down by a host club boy with a really ghetto flier. When we exited that street i looked at the sign and it said 2-chome. LOL I ended up in the gay district without even knowing but wait... why would a gay host club give me a flier? 0_0

We left shibuya around 1130ish and ended up in Kabukicho by accident around 4am. We were walking through and there were alot of morning host about the approch when 2 boys cut them off. One was named Raito and the other was named Jun. They protected us from the morning hosts bothering us and suggested to go to a bar. We were suspicious they were trying to take us to a host club since the building they were bringing us to was Club Prince's. But, they were actually honest and tried to take us to a bar. However the bars were closing up so they just took us to the family mart bought a couple drinks and we sat in front of the game center and drank (yes we can drink in public in japan) talking about random things. They claimed to be normal bar boys but we figured out pretty quickly they were defiantly hosts. They had to start work soon since they are morning host as well so we exchanged numbers and went home finally in a big loop.

A week later on the 19th Ash and i were going to hang out with Raito and Jun. Thier day off is monday so when they get off work on sunday in the afternoon they can hang out at night. We met in front of the alta. It was easy to spot raito and his VW earrings. Jun had not yet arrived yet. Raito said it was strange of him so he kept calling and kept calling Jun eventually picked up and there was some sort of conversation that happend that i dont quite understand but the end result was that he was not coming so ash decided to go home. Raito was quite upset with Jun as at the time i could not speak Japanese and wanted Ash to come along as well.

Raito took me to Karaoke. I had a kind of low cut shirt and a black man was like "nice titties" i got mad and yelled back to him in english and he started yelling back at me while Raito was signing up for karaoke. Raito asked if i were ok and i said yea, hes just rude. We had lots of fun singing some vkei songs and when it was over he then walked to me to ash's house and helped me move my suitcases to my house near yoyogi koen. It was my first time going there. Raito had a navigator which made things alot easier for us and we found the place no problem However, time was starting to slip by and there were no more trains left so we stayed at my place and chatting about random things mostly showing things on the computer and videos and so on. (since i could not speak too well) We fell asleep and Raito went home sometime monday evening. It was kind of cute because we spoke using online translators and so on for words we did not understand etc.

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