Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm Finally Back After 1.5 Years!

When I arrived in japan I was not able to properly text Ashley so I took the narita express to Shinjuku anyway and used a pay phone to contact her. Thankfully she picked up her phone right away and we were able to meet in Shinjuku.

She helped me carry my luggage to her place as I cannot move into my place yet til the 10th its very funny watching 2 little gyaru carry luaggage their own weight across the train system.

When I first arrived I saw a big cockroach to greet me at the door. I screamed and freaked out. >< I later was cleaning some spill from my suitcase and I saw another one.. I screamed and tried to get away but slipped on the watter that was on the floor and couldn’t get up cuz I continued to slip while screaming…..

I took a shower to get ready for atom…. Then I saw ANOTHER ONE and I could not get away since I was not dressed… so I had to change in the presence of a roach.. I hate japanese bugs….I screamed so loud that ashley’s mom could hear me over skype on the next floor heard me.

I was insistent on going to atom for my first night and Kayla joined us too~~~ we had a lot of fun and got a lot of free drinks. But the champagne made my chest tight and I couldn’t breathe so well. Kyla and I took a nice stroll back home and I recovered.

The next few days were just getting my things that I need to get and such. Hanging around getting a feel of the place.

The other night we just decided to hang out in kabukicho (we live close to Shinjuku) just for a walk and got stoped by a lot of hosts trying to get us to go to their club. But we weren’t too interested just wanted to have a walk to familize with the area.

We met some pretty funny characters here. There was a host that was soo drunk he was wavering all over the place he was really funny. And another one that was just like an animal. Ash made fun of him after he said how do u think of my appearance. And she said well.. looks like u don’t have a penius nor a butt….. etc and he just kinda came rushing to us like an animal. (but not really, it was hilarious as the hosts behind bursted out laughing)
We then waited for our friend Masa from club one to get off duty so we can hang with him. He was so adorable. He also had a one of those fox tails that are soo popular these days like the ones ash and I bought as well. Soon after we were just chilling out on the sidewalk a adorable grandma came over and sat with us. She was soo funny. She was saying that ash and I were “bijin” and masa was ikemen. She apparently has a lot of international friends so she spoke… good English to be frank. She said that she wanted to Masa to practice so she said good morning is what in japanese. He said ohayo~ and she says no no no, ohayo GOZAIMASU. Morning is ohayo etc.

She caught me by surprised when she kissed me 0_0 but I wasn’t too bothered other than the suddenness since she was kinda oddly clean and had nice teeth and she had a cellphone. Masa says shes no ordinary obachan.

I was talking to Masa and saying that my fave host is Ichijyou Makoto which is his tenchou. He also fangirled with me over his tenchou. He was really kind. He would have hanged with us more but he had to go back to work so we went off and walked around some more.

We then got stoped by a catchman who had a very nice butt as Kayla would say hahahaha that introduced us to a club Lapis (if you read host knuckle or any other mag with hosts in it, “SASA “works there) We all got in for 1500yen for all you can drink. (really good deal since the drinks alone would cost that much haha) shoukai is very fun and very cheap. The hosts rotate around spending 10mins or so sometimes longer sometimes less introducing themselves while giving their business card. They will talk with you hopping for a connection. While we drank and they drank as well. The memorable ones in this club were shinji who lived in Vancouver for a bit, luna who I just seem to liked talking to, makoto who had a really nice jacket, yu-ji who I remembered had the best face who came to our table and one guy whom I forgot his name but had quite the presence who seemd like he loved himself too much. There was also another one whom Ive also forgotten his name but was hiliarous who did movie impressions. HAHA he did a bunch and asked if we could requestn sometimg. I couldn’t think of something off the top of my head but then I said Titanic and yu-ji played the part of kate winslet and he played the part of jack on the flying scene. HILARIOUS. At the end of our time, we were told to pick a host to walk us to the door. I picked yu-ji, ash picked shinji and Kayla picked the pretty narcissistic one.

When we got out it was daylight and raining. We then got approached by a half French host and some others. They treated us to karaoke then asked if we could go to their club for 1000yen. Sure why not? Its kinda a fair trade nyway since they paid for our karaoke.

Club Deep was very fun as well. I clicked best with Haku (half French ) and kaede who seemd to have quite a good head on his shoulders. To be perfectly honest a lot of the host we’ve met seemd to have only 2-3 channels in their mind. Sex, money or brands. But every so often you get ones with an actual brain like shinji who is hosting because after he got out of post secondary there aren’t any job openings yet in his field. Kaede who seemd to pay enough attention in school to understand relatively a lot of what I was saying in English when I had difficulties in japanese as long as I spoke clearly.

We had lots of fun there. Of course its not something id do everyday or even very often. But it was fun nevertheless. Shoukai is fun and cheap. Host clubs only cost when u go back to the same clubs and visit a particular host which I think, would be kinda boring. The shoukai style with the host circling round like a speed dating feel, is much more entertaining of a feel in my opinion. Otherwise hosts off duty are quite fun as well.

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