Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gothic Event and Matsuri

I have been looking forward to this event all month. Ash told me she met this one guy a bit back who invited her to a gothic event. Shes not particularly into this kind of thing alone so she said it would be nice to go with someone. At the same time a guy we both know on mixi invited us to his house party but since shun asked first we decided to go with that.

We met up with him in shinjuku and he took us to this karaoke eating place and we pre-gamed and sang some songs. Jyouji who works at doggie bag sang Dir en Grey very well I was sooo happy! its rare to hear someone sing the songs i like well in karaoke. Yusuke did a impression of toshi from X-Japan. Yusuke is soo funny he has soo much character.

We got to the event at Christon Cafe and dance the night away. There was an S&M show, and someone's b-day celebration. While watching the S&M show, Shun kept trying to get one or both of us to volunteer for it. We both looked at him like what? and didnt go. We also met the guy in charge of decadence who was playing with a lazer pointer. When ever it hit something with rinestones the light shatters into a million pieces.
We all had soo much fun and at the end of the day my legs and ash's was soo tierd we could barely walk. Outside Shinjuku station there was this really strange scary blow up ad though......
Random Matsuri. My old friend Celeste from my old highschool came to visit Japan and so i told her to meet me in Shibuya. To my surprise there was a big matsuri with lots of people around. I met up with her at hachiko and we watched the matsuri for a bit then headed to Harajuku. We went to Meiji Jingu. Its been 5 years since ive last visited this place. I finally know the name of the big shrine i went to when i was 16. We took lots of photos then continued on to takashitadori.

I showed her around and taught her how to eat very cheap in Japan. I invited her to to come to atom with me but she was not prepared for club at all. We rested and ate dinner at my place and then she went home to prepare. Ash met up with me a bit afterwards at my house and got ready with me. Celeste then contacted me to say that there was a special arts event near by her hotel in asakusa so she decided not to come and so ash and i went instead.

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