Thursday, September 9, 2010

American Tour 2010 + Last in Vancouver

Last days in Vancouver

Monday: viki asked me to do a hair trial for the shoot we were to do. I actually thought we were shooting that day…… but we weren’t.. Lin was there and we got caught up and everything

Tuesday: Beach Gyaru meet with Sakura Bomb and Bulaklak tribe

As kinda expected… no one but sakura bomb and bt showed up.. orz… Vancouver really needs to stop being so damn lazy. Complain about not having gyaru meets and when people make one, everyone backs out last minute. Well, then why bother having a meet? I can EASILY just call my friends to hang out sheesh!

Aside from that, we had a fun day taking purikura, eating sushi at tanpopo and icecream at the beach.

Wednesday-Thursday just running errands trying to get things d

one I think on one of these days I went out to buy some things and a camera. I got such a deep discount on it~! Its worth 250 dollars but there was a sale on for 70 dollars off, but since it was last one I got an additional 10% off. AND haha, by mistake of the box, the scanner scanned the oringal price as 150 instead of 149 so I got the whole thing for 151 including taxes~!

Friday: Mom and my last day out together.

We slept in and walked around crystal mall and walked around for a bit then headed off to richmound nightmarket after eating giant sushi at sushi king on 70th. The nightmarket has some nice things this year and mom and I got some good deals on things.

At night we relaxed and ate smoked salmon.

Saturday Last day out with my Dad

I needed to run some errands and discuss some banking things with my dad. So he was kind enough to drive me around as I picked up my vacc bags, prints from Costco and sell my books to book off. I caught up with my dad over lunch. We at chinese style crab, very delicious.

Sunday Last day out with friends, Farewell bbq party

It was a very last minute party but in a way it was nice this way. Only a few of my closest friends were there, and most others have hanged out with me at some point earlier. The food was absolutely delicious and we just sat back and ate for 4hrs while talking and talking and talking having fun chilling out. We also took some photo on link’s garage roof top. I liked it a lot. Thanks very much bevan for organizing it for me ^^ I originally was going ot have a huge party but time ran out. But really, I think I like it better this way as I don’t have the energy to entertain 100 people. (I didn’t sleep at all on sat)

Monday more errands more packing. Whilist packing, I found I could fit everything in, but my bags weighed like 80lbs or more. 0_0 after checking and finding out the 50lbs limit it then became a process of packing repacking packing repacking packing repacking. I was turning into another messy stressball. In the end I couldn’t finish everything on time and opted to cancel the shoot

Tuesday final day. I was supposed to do the hair photoshoot with viki but I ran out of time and energy. I swear I almost got sick but I slept it off. So I dropped off some bags of clothing at her house, apologized, and ate lunch with dad. Then another process of packing repacking packing repacking….. I then realized I can never finish by 4am even if I didn’t sleep. I phoned bijua and told him im taking the evening bus instead.

My mom who was hounding me for not leaving the house in a mess wa

s quite sympathetic towards me at the end and told me not to worry about it. She helped me pack and kept me company during the whole process. We slept properly this night it was quite a nice luxury.

Wednesday, Seattle and last moments with mom. On the way there in the car, it finally hit me and i started to cry as i know ill miss my mom quite a bit. She did a bit too. We got to the trainstation early and weighed my bags LUCKY! 46lbs and 49lbs JUST made it. Made me worry so much~! With that out of the way I felt a great weight was lifted from my shoulders (but transferred to my arms since I am really carrying min 200lbs of stuff XD that’s like 2x my own weight! )

The train staff were very helpful and friendly. It all went by so fast that all I had time for was a quick hug from mom. Im going to miss her so much~


I arrived kinda late and couldn’t really do much other than have bubble tea and play jenga with martin and bijua… Though we had lots of fun just catching up and such. (and totally owning bijua’s ass in jenga MUAHAHAHA) At the airport they both stayed waving goodbye til the very last moment as i walked through the security gate. The lady in front of me was very touched by how much my friends cared about me.


Mann~~ that flight was long. From seattle to charolotte NC to newyork. I had such a tough time with my luggage and got picked up by a bad cab driver that wayyy over charged me. The price is too embarrassingly high to say here but ill just tell u it was way expensive….I literally got off the cab swearing but then, I was calmed by the presence of my lovely gyarusa members and their cute sleeping faces.

The first day we went to the broncs zoo however we got lost and arrived about 2hrs late. I wonder if any of the people who said they were going to show up actually showed up but disappeared since we were too late? Anyhow, we had a lot of fun in the zoo other than my feet being in supreme pain from my shoes. Afterwards we decided to go to times square after changing our shoes haha

When we arrived at times square we were like OMG WHY DIDN’T WE JUST COME HERE TO BEGIN WITH?! Times square is soo beautiful. It was totally like a northamerican Tokyo. We ate at Ruby Foos, and wow was the food ever delicious.

Saterday we headed off to Chinatown to take purikura before we go karaoke and also to meet some of the NYC gals. The purikura was a chinese one so we figured itd be cheaper. But it ended up costing 55 dollars for 4 sets… shawnas reaction was 55… DOLLARS?! But it was already printed so it couldn’t be helped. The worst part was that she said it was already discounted.. what a rip off~

After meeting with the NYC gals, we headed to karaoke and tones of fun there. Then we went to eat giant curry and then went to a japanese bookstore and split off. We wanted to go look for a liquor store for pre drinking but I tell you this, it came to a shock to us that liquor stores are excessively hard to find open past 7/8 ish. Really now? I thought this was NYC.

We went back home, got changed and went to Websters hall for a fun night clubbing. We met 2 more gyaru there, they were sooooo damn cute~~~ we danced the night away til we were dead drunk and feet beyond pain.

On Sunday, unfortunately Emily and Justin were unable to stay longer with an affordable price so they could not make it to the pinic after all. We met up with a couple people from yesterday and they came in Lolita. We really had too much food but it was nice to have a big meal for once since ive been really only eating things like 1 dollar begal and 1 dollar hotdogs etc.

We headed to flushing after meeting up with amber. We met a lot more other people when we got there and took tones of purikura. The system was a bit strange since its tokens rather than dollars. Weird huh?

Shawna and I went home relatively earlier, I packed up and chilled til around 3am where I caught a NORMAL cab back to JFK and headed off to LA.

Los Angeles

When I arrived in LA I was worried since I couldn’t see my friends anywhere and they were not picking up their phones. I was really strapped for cash so I was trying to figure out a more cheap way of getting around other than cab but a more do-able way than dragging 200lbs of luggage by myself on public transportation.

I was kindly directed to a shuttle bus after I decided to just show up at my friends doorstep and hopefully they will show up eventually. As I was sight seeing on my shuttle bus trip they eventually called me and I felt at ease.

I arrived there and I met miju while he was doing another girls hair and chilled out with Yuta and Cha. We caught up a bit then headed to a friend of Miju’s named Bridgette. Bridgette was very nice and we chilled out around the kitchen while miju did her hair.

The next few days consisted just chilling out relaxing and watching movies. Some highlights was eating ramen in which we arranged the toppings to make a smily face, have a little slumber party with popcorn movies etc on miju’s bed, yuta walking into a stand and having all the dvds fall over, eating icecream at icepan where cha got to most delicious deluxe looking one XD and watching silent hill in my literal closet room with miju. (yes I lived in cha and yuta’s closet for the week) and making/eating bi bim bang with miju and monkey. But most of all.. CHA’S KARRAGE!!! <3>

On the last day I finally got to meet diamond gyarusa~~ we got up early enough for miju to do my hair and michi later came to pick me up to go to kira kira purikura place after getting super stuck in traffic in the hot hot weather. I was soo happy to finially meet diamond gyarusa. They were soo sweet and nice. We took shit loads of purikura. I mean why not? This is the only kind of souvenir I think is worth buying. There were many cute imported items around but since im going back to japan I need not to buy them there.

Afterwards we went to drink bbt which I tasted pretty much the WORST bbt ive ever tasted….. and ate some noodles. Michi then took me to a Korean party and I met some more of diamond and drank GOOD bbt. At I

I got back at cha/yuta/miju/monkey’s place around 1am and packed my stuff to go. The line up was quite long but I made it through in good time and said bye bye to my friends. Then … there was security check… damn that line was long I fell asleep standing a lot but not for very long since it was super cold and the line was OUTSIDE. Alas I made it through and was off to Japan.

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