Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gothic Event and Matsuri

I have been looking forward to this event all month. Ash told me she met this one guy a bit back who invited her to a gothic event. Shes not particularly into this kind of thing alone so she said it would be nice to go with someone. At the same time a guy we both know on mixi invited us to his house party but since shun asked first we decided to go with that.

We met up with him in shinjuku and he took us to this karaoke eating place and we pre-gamed and sang some songs. Jyouji who works at doggie bag sang Dir en Grey very well I was sooo happy! its rare to hear someone sing the songs i like well in karaoke. Yusuke did a impression of toshi from X-Japan. Yusuke is soo funny he has soo much character.

We got to the event at Christon Cafe and dance the night away. There was an S&M show, and someone's b-day celebration. While watching the S&M show, Shun kept trying to get one or both of us to volunteer for it. We both looked at him like what? and didnt go. We also met the guy in charge of decadence who was playing with a lazer pointer. When ever it hit something with rinestones the light shatters into a million pieces.
We all had soo much fun and at the end of the day my legs and ash's was soo tierd we could barely walk. Outside Shinjuku station there was this really strange scary blow up ad though......
Random Matsuri. My old friend Celeste from my old highschool came to visit Japan and so i told her to meet me in Shibuya. To my surprise there was a big matsuri with lots of people around. I met up with her at hachiko and we watched the matsuri for a bit then headed to Harajuku. We went to Meiji Jingu. Its been 5 years since ive last visited this place. I finally know the name of the big shrine i went to when i was 16. We took lots of photos then continued on to takashitadori.

I showed her around and taught her how to eat very cheap in Japan. I invited her to to come to atom with me but she was not prepared for club at all. We rested and ate dinner at my place and then she went home to prepare. Ash met up with me a bit afterwards at my house and got ready with me. Celeste then contacted me to say that there was a special arts event near by her hotel in asakusa so she decided not to come and so ash and i went instead.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You can't really judge motive from behavior necessarly

I know i have a shit load of things i wanted to update in this blog but i feel kinda lazy.

To all those boys and girls who like to play games/or "test" their girlfriend/boyfriend to find out thier "true" colors... be warned it often backfires leaving both parties confused and hurt in the end. It almost never ends well.

Here is why. Usually those who do these sort of things premeditate that if so and so does this then it means this if she/he doesnt then it means that. But human emotions aren't as simple as that.

One might think oh this man is a good person because he did this and that good deed. He might be good in societies eyes but maybe he only did them for personal glorification, or did it not out of hte kindness of his heart but maybe only because it was a sense of duty

On the other hand you have people with good intentions but their line of action seemd to be be "bad"

for example someone decides to trick someone into a situation where it looks like they have broken up, they do this to check how much that person really likes them via checking up on them to see how horrible they feel after. (this already sounds pretty cruel doesn't it?) If they get over it fast, then they never liked them that much, if they are crying their eyes out then they must have loved them right?

but what if, that person is the type of person who doesnt show thier feelings on the outside and tells the contrary so that their friends wont worry about them and sob away at night. How would the original person know about this right?

There are other situations in which the same behavior is the same for both opposite feelings. eg. a person wants to test if the other likes them for money or for them.

The person, purposely makes everything look super unstable in the relationship and makes everything look like its gone terribly wrong then goes MIA for awhile to see how they react. The person freaks out naturally. Then the person says oh so shes obessive and it MUST be because she only wants money is why shes freaking out. But if you think about it, someone who really loves that person would freak out just the same. Thus this plan dont work at all

There are too many factors and you cant see everything that goes on. Save all this bullshit drama and face problems a bit more head on. And also, if its not broken DONT TRY TO FIX IT. if you dont see flaws dont go digging for them! or you just might come across some things that if given the natural course of the relationship would never be a factor or problem to begin with.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Long walk from Shibuya to Shinjuku

Sept 11th. It was ash's day off and we decided to walk to shibuya out of the blue. We were both quite poor at the time so if we could help it, we didnt like to use the train. It took around 30mins to walk to shibuya. We then walked around for a few hours just enjoying the scenery and so on. Our feet started to hurt a bit and so we decided to go home. We walked and walked and someone from across the street called ash's name, or what we thought was her name. We crossed the street to see if it was someone we knew. It wasn't and we were like uh......... weird. We continued to walk but since we crossed that street we missed the turn off in which leads back to home.

We walked and walked and walked. We were lost. We kept on going i was so tierd at one point I was sleeping and walking at the same time and i started to half dream (while walking) and a bush turned into a old japanese man with grey hair but in dreads dressed like a jamacian. (yes i know random) but it was such an odd image it woke me up haha.

Appearently by looking at the train stations we passed by we ended up going through aoyama, yotsuya and into shinjuku. We were in part of shinjuku I had never been in before. I thought there was something a bit off about the place we were in. The men were dressed a bit strange and there were rainbow things everywhere. I got chased down by a host club boy with a really ghetto flier. When we exited that street i looked at the sign and it said 2-chome. LOL I ended up in the gay district without even knowing but wait... why would a gay host club give me a flier? 0_0

We left shibuya around 1130ish and ended up in Kabukicho by accident around 4am. We were walking through and there were alot of morning host about the approch when 2 boys cut them off. One was named Raito and the other was named Jun. They protected us from the morning hosts bothering us and suggested to go to a bar. We were suspicious they were trying to take us to a host club since the building they were bringing us to was Club Prince's. But, they were actually honest and tried to take us to a bar. However the bars were closing up so they just took us to the family mart bought a couple drinks and we sat in front of the game center and drank (yes we can drink in public in japan) talking about random things. They claimed to be normal bar boys but we figured out pretty quickly they were defiantly hosts. They had to start work soon since they are morning host as well so we exchanged numbers and went home finally in a big loop.

A week later on the 19th Ash and i were going to hang out with Raito and Jun. Thier day off is monday so when they get off work on sunday in the afternoon they can hang out at night. We met in front of the alta. It was easy to spot raito and his VW earrings. Jun had not yet arrived yet. Raito said it was strange of him so he kept calling and kept calling Jun eventually picked up and there was some sort of conversation that happend that i dont quite understand but the end result was that he was not coming so ash decided to go home. Raito was quite upset with Jun as at the time i could not speak Japanese and wanted Ash to come along as well.

Raito took me to Karaoke. I had a kind of low cut shirt and a black man was like "nice titties" i got mad and yelled back to him in english and he started yelling back at me while Raito was signing up for karaoke. Raito asked if i were ok and i said yea, hes just rude. We had lots of fun singing some vkei songs and when it was over he then walked to me to ash's house and helped me move my suitcases to my house near yoyogi koen. It was my first time going there. Raito had a navigator which made things alot easier for us and we found the place no problem However, time was starting to slip by and there were no more trains left so we stayed at my place and chatting about random things mostly showing things on the computer and videos and so on. (since i could not speak too well) We fell asleep and Raito went home sometime monday evening. It was kind of cute because we spoke using online translators and so on for words we did not understand etc.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm Finally Back After 1.5 Years!

When I arrived in japan I was not able to properly text Ashley so I took the narita express to Shinjuku anyway and used a pay phone to contact her. Thankfully she picked up her phone right away and we were able to meet in Shinjuku.

She helped me carry my luggage to her place as I cannot move into my place yet til the 10th its very funny watching 2 little gyaru carry luaggage their own weight across the train system.

When I first arrived I saw a big cockroach to greet me at the door. I screamed and freaked out. >< I later was cleaning some spill from my suitcase and I saw another one.. I screamed and tried to get away but slipped on the watter that was on the floor and couldn’t get up cuz I continued to slip while screaming…..

I took a shower to get ready for atom…. Then I saw ANOTHER ONE and I could not get away since I was not dressed… so I had to change in the presence of a roach.. I hate japanese bugs….I screamed so loud that ashley’s mom could hear me over skype on the next floor heard me.

I was insistent on going to atom for my first night and Kayla joined us too~~~ we had a lot of fun and got a lot of free drinks. But the champagne made my chest tight and I couldn’t breathe so well. Kyla and I took a nice stroll back home and I recovered.

The next few days were just getting my things that I need to get and such. Hanging around getting a feel of the place.

The other night we just decided to hang out in kabukicho (we live close to Shinjuku) just for a walk and got stoped by a lot of hosts trying to get us to go to their club. But we weren’t too interested just wanted to have a walk to familize with the area.

We met some pretty funny characters here. There was a host that was soo drunk he was wavering all over the place he was really funny. And another one that was just like an animal. Ash made fun of him after he said how do u think of my appearance. And she said well.. looks like u don’t have a penius nor a butt….. etc and he just kinda came rushing to us like an animal. (but not really, it was hilarious as the hosts behind bursted out laughing)
We then waited for our friend Masa from club one to get off duty so we can hang with him. He was so adorable. He also had a one of those fox tails that are soo popular these days like the ones ash and I bought as well. Soon after we were just chilling out on the sidewalk a adorable grandma came over and sat with us. She was soo funny. She was saying that ash and I were “bijin” and masa was ikemen. She apparently has a lot of international friends so she spoke… good English to be frank. She said that she wanted to Masa to practice so she said good morning is what in japanese. He said ohayo~ and she says no no no, ohayo GOZAIMASU. Morning is ohayo etc.

She caught me by surprised when she kissed me 0_0 but I wasn’t too bothered other than the suddenness since she was kinda oddly clean and had nice teeth and she had a cellphone. Masa says shes no ordinary obachan.

I was talking to Masa and saying that my fave host is Ichijyou Makoto which is his tenchou. He also fangirled with me over his tenchou. He was really kind. He would have hanged with us more but he had to go back to work so we went off and walked around some more.

We then got stoped by a catchman who had a very nice butt as Kayla would say hahahaha that introduced us to a club Lapis (if you read host knuckle or any other mag with hosts in it, “SASA “works there) We all got in for 1500yen for all you can drink. (really good deal since the drinks alone would cost that much haha) shoukai is very fun and very cheap. The hosts rotate around spending 10mins or so sometimes longer sometimes less introducing themselves while giving their business card. They will talk with you hopping for a connection. While we drank and they drank as well. The memorable ones in this club were shinji who lived in Vancouver for a bit, luna who I just seem to liked talking to, makoto who had a really nice jacket, yu-ji who I remembered had the best face who came to our table and one guy whom I forgot his name but had quite the presence who seemd like he loved himself too much. There was also another one whom Ive also forgotten his name but was hiliarous who did movie impressions. HAHA he did a bunch and asked if we could requestn sometimg. I couldn’t think of something off the top of my head but then I said Titanic and yu-ji played the part of kate winslet and he played the part of jack on the flying scene. HILARIOUS. At the end of our time, we were told to pick a host to walk us to the door. I picked yu-ji, ash picked shinji and Kayla picked the pretty narcissistic one.

When we got out it was daylight and raining. We then got approached by a half French host and some others. They treated us to karaoke then asked if we could go to their club for 1000yen. Sure why not? Its kinda a fair trade nyway since they paid for our karaoke.

Club Deep was very fun as well. I clicked best with Haku (half French ) and kaede who seemd to have quite a good head on his shoulders. To be perfectly honest a lot of the host we’ve met seemd to have only 2-3 channels in their mind. Sex, money or brands. But every so often you get ones with an actual brain like shinji who is hosting because after he got out of post secondary there aren’t any job openings yet in his field. Kaede who seemd to pay enough attention in school to understand relatively a lot of what I was saying in English when I had difficulties in japanese as long as I spoke clearly.

We had lots of fun there. Of course its not something id do everyday or even very often. But it was fun nevertheless. Shoukai is fun and cheap. Host clubs only cost when u go back to the same clubs and visit a particular host which I think, would be kinda boring. The shoukai style with the host circling round like a speed dating feel, is much more entertaining of a feel in my opinion. Otherwise hosts off duty are quite fun as well.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

American Tour 2010 + Last in Vancouver

Last days in Vancouver

Monday: viki asked me to do a hair trial for the shoot we were to do. I actually thought we were shooting that day…… but we weren’t.. Lin was there and we got caught up and everything

Tuesday: Beach Gyaru meet with Sakura Bomb and Bulaklak tribe

As kinda expected… no one but sakura bomb and bt showed up.. orz… Vancouver really needs to stop being so damn lazy. Complain about not having gyaru meets and when people make one, everyone backs out last minute. Well, then why bother having a meet? I can EASILY just call my friends to hang out sheesh!

Aside from that, we had a fun day taking purikura, eating sushi at tanpopo and icecream at the beach.

Wednesday-Thursday just running errands trying to get things d

one I think on one of these days I went out to buy some things and a camera. I got such a deep discount on it~! Its worth 250 dollars but there was a sale on for 70 dollars off, but since it was last one I got an additional 10% off. AND haha, by mistake of the box, the scanner scanned the oringal price as 150 instead of 149 so I got the whole thing for 151 including taxes~!

Friday: Mom and my last day out together.

We slept in and walked around crystal mall and walked around for a bit then headed off to richmound nightmarket after eating giant sushi at sushi king on 70th. The nightmarket has some nice things this year and mom and I got some good deals on things.

At night we relaxed and ate smoked salmon.

Saturday Last day out with my Dad

I needed to run some errands and discuss some banking things with my dad. So he was kind enough to drive me around as I picked up my vacc bags, prints from Costco and sell my books to book off. I caught up with my dad over lunch. We at chinese style crab, very delicious.

Sunday Last day out with friends, Farewell bbq party

It was a very last minute party but in a way it was nice this way. Only a few of my closest friends were there, and most others have hanged out with me at some point earlier. The food was absolutely delicious and we just sat back and ate for 4hrs while talking and talking and talking having fun chilling out. We also took some photo on link’s garage roof top. I liked it a lot. Thanks very much bevan for organizing it for me ^^ I originally was going ot have a huge party but time ran out. But really, I think I like it better this way as I don’t have the energy to entertain 100 people. (I didn’t sleep at all on sat)

Monday more errands more packing. Whilist packing, I found I could fit everything in, but my bags weighed like 80lbs or more. 0_0 after checking and finding out the 50lbs limit it then became a process of packing repacking packing repacking packing repacking. I was turning into another messy stressball. In the end I couldn’t finish everything on time and opted to cancel the shoot

Tuesday final day. I was supposed to do the hair photoshoot with viki but I ran out of time and energy. I swear I almost got sick but I slept it off. So I dropped off some bags of clothing at her house, apologized, and ate lunch with dad. Then another process of packing repacking packing repacking….. I then realized I can never finish by 4am even if I didn’t sleep. I phoned bijua and told him im taking the evening bus instead.

My mom who was hounding me for not leaving the house in a mess wa

s quite sympathetic towards me at the end and told me not to worry about it. She helped me pack and kept me company during the whole process. We slept properly this night it was quite a nice luxury.

Wednesday, Seattle and last moments with mom. On the way there in the car, it finally hit me and i started to cry as i know ill miss my mom quite a bit. She did a bit too. We got to the trainstation early and weighed my bags LUCKY! 46lbs and 49lbs JUST made it. Made me worry so much~! With that out of the way I felt a great weight was lifted from my shoulders (but transferred to my arms since I am really carrying min 200lbs of stuff XD that’s like 2x my own weight! )

The train staff were very helpful and friendly. It all went by so fast that all I had time for was a quick hug from mom. Im going to miss her so much~


I arrived kinda late and couldn’t really do much other than have bubble tea and play jenga with martin and bijua… Though we had lots of fun just catching up and such. (and totally owning bijua’s ass in jenga MUAHAHAHA) At the airport they both stayed waving goodbye til the very last moment as i walked through the security gate. The lady in front of me was very touched by how much my friends cared about me.


Mann~~ that flight was long. From seattle to charolotte NC to newyork. I had such a tough time with my luggage and got picked up by a bad cab driver that wayyy over charged me. The price is too embarrassingly high to say here but ill just tell u it was way expensive….I literally got off the cab swearing but then, I was calmed by the presence of my lovely gyarusa members and their cute sleeping faces.

The first day we went to the broncs zoo however we got lost and arrived about 2hrs late. I wonder if any of the people who said they were going to show up actually showed up but disappeared since we were too late? Anyhow, we had a lot of fun in the zoo other than my feet being in supreme pain from my shoes. Afterwards we decided to go to times square after changing our shoes haha

When we arrived at times square we were like OMG WHY DIDN’T WE JUST COME HERE TO BEGIN WITH?! Times square is soo beautiful. It was totally like a northamerican Tokyo. We ate at Ruby Foos, and wow was the food ever delicious.

Saterday we headed off to Chinatown to take purikura before we go karaoke and also to meet some of the NYC gals. The purikura was a chinese one so we figured itd be cheaper. But it ended up costing 55 dollars for 4 sets… shawnas reaction was 55… DOLLARS?! But it was already printed so it couldn’t be helped. The worst part was that she said it was already discounted.. what a rip off~

After meeting with the NYC gals, we headed to karaoke and tones of fun there. Then we went to eat giant curry and then went to a japanese bookstore and split off. We wanted to go look for a liquor store for pre drinking but I tell you this, it came to a shock to us that liquor stores are excessively hard to find open past 7/8 ish. Really now? I thought this was NYC.

We went back home, got changed and went to Websters hall for a fun night clubbing. We met 2 more gyaru there, they were sooooo damn cute~~~ we danced the night away til we were dead drunk and feet beyond pain.

On Sunday, unfortunately Emily and Justin were unable to stay longer with an affordable price so they could not make it to the pinic after all. We met up with a couple people from yesterday and they came in Lolita. We really had too much food but it was nice to have a big meal for once since ive been really only eating things like 1 dollar begal and 1 dollar hotdogs etc.

We headed to flushing after meeting up with amber. We met a lot more other people when we got there and took tones of purikura. The system was a bit strange since its tokens rather than dollars. Weird huh?

Shawna and I went home relatively earlier, I packed up and chilled til around 3am where I caught a NORMAL cab back to JFK and headed off to LA.

Los Angeles

When I arrived in LA I was worried since I couldn’t see my friends anywhere and they were not picking up their phones. I was really strapped for cash so I was trying to figure out a more cheap way of getting around other than cab but a more do-able way than dragging 200lbs of luggage by myself on public transportation.

I was kindly directed to a shuttle bus after I decided to just show up at my friends doorstep and hopefully they will show up eventually. As I was sight seeing on my shuttle bus trip they eventually called me and I felt at ease.

I arrived there and I met miju while he was doing another girls hair and chilled out with Yuta and Cha. We caught up a bit then headed to a friend of Miju’s named Bridgette. Bridgette was very nice and we chilled out around the kitchen while miju did her hair.

The next few days consisted just chilling out relaxing and watching movies. Some highlights was eating ramen in which we arranged the toppings to make a smily face, have a little slumber party with popcorn movies etc on miju’s bed, yuta walking into a stand and having all the dvds fall over, eating icecream at icepan where cha got to most delicious deluxe looking one XD and watching silent hill in my literal closet room with miju. (yes I lived in cha and yuta’s closet for the week) and making/eating bi bim bang with miju and monkey. But most of all.. CHA’S KARRAGE!!! <3>

On the last day I finally got to meet diamond gyarusa~~ we got up early enough for miju to do my hair and michi later came to pick me up to go to kira kira purikura place after getting super stuck in traffic in the hot hot weather. I was soo happy to finially meet diamond gyarusa. They were soo sweet and nice. We took shit loads of purikura. I mean why not? This is the only kind of souvenir I think is worth buying. There were many cute imported items around but since im going back to japan I need not to buy them there.

Afterwards we went to drink bbt which I tasted pretty much the WORST bbt ive ever tasted….. and ate some noodles. Michi then took me to a Korean party and I met some more of diamond and drank GOOD bbt. At I

I got back at cha/yuta/miju/monkey’s place around 1am and packed my stuff to go. The line up was quite long but I made it through in good time and said bye bye to my friends. Then … there was security check… damn that line was long I fell asleep standing a lot but not for very long since it was super cold and the line was OUTSIDE. Alas I made it through and was off to Japan.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Anime Evolution and Lolita Press Coverage

Monday: 24hrs and Cho Sun

With only 2.5 more weeks left, things have gotten quite busy. I started my “AE Rush” like every year about 1 week prior to AE, finishing up the new art sets to sell. This year I was working on Hetalia set and Katekyo Hitman Reborn group single. Suddenly on Sunday night at about 3am, Emerald messaged me to join her for an interview with 24 Vancouver newspaper. She told me that the original people droped last minute and the only replacement was insufficient as a Lolita. So I decided hey why not, one day wont kill right?

When I got there apparently the press came an hour early and the photographer already left by the time I got there. We were interviewed via camera and such. Afterward Em and I hanged out showing eachother some kpop. Her showing me the new and me showing her the old as we waited for the cho sun Korean newspaper to come as well as the person who set up the press, Charles.

Around 4pm Charles and the Korean press came. We did a shoot and interview and then the lady was nice enough to drive Charles and I to the skytrain. Charles then invited me to join the interview with the Sing Tao newspaper for the day after.

van cho sun:


Tuesday: Sing Tao

I find out 5am in the morning as I rushing to get my hetalia set done that emerald is sick and cannot make it and to look for a replacement. Luckily I was able to get a hold of Viki to join us. The reporter for Sing Tao was quite pleasant. He took some shots of us in waterfront station and in front of the gas clock in gastown. He seemd to be having quite a lot of fun watching tourist snap photos of us as well.

After the interview, we showed Charles some alternative clothing stores and ate at this cute little restaurant that’s one of viki’s favorites.

Sing Tao:

Wednesday: Courier

Today was the day I originally was going to have my extensions fused. So I woke up early and made my way to vikis house, got them fused and quickly hime-ed up my hair. I rushed to waterfront station to get there JUST in time to slip into the shoot. They didn’t ask any questions from us just did a shoot…

I haven’t really gotten a chance to hang with anne, and I was really in a mood to go straight home like I was supposed to after I put that much effort into my hair so I joined em , eric and anne to a Korean restaurant for dinner.

Anne and em are so fun. Their sarcasm makes me feel at ease.



Thursday Rush

The last day before con……………. I was supposed to have everything done by wed night and order the prints to be printed online however, I was still running quite late and didn’t finish everything til about 5pm. I made my way to the bank to get change for my float, save on foods for some denture glue for fangs (that I didn’t end up using after all ) and then Costco and went for the 1hr service. I was supposed to go to ubc to pick up my pass but that seemed pretty much impossible with the time limit I had.

I relaxed, organized my prints and cut the sheets of the smaller ones. This was supp

osed to be my first day to sleep proper hours (as opposed to the 2-4hrs ive been getting each day all week) but that didn’t happen. = = ;;

Friday First day of the con and Lolita Fashion show

My mom helped me chase the bus that was heading to UBC and I opend up shop for the first day of AE. Sales were pretty good and I was happy with the location. I sold out of Aoi and Kouki on the very first day. However by the end of the day I was one big ball of stress as I was fretting how to restock, an

d stressing over the fact that the artist villa closing time in right in the middle of the Lolita fashion show. The show was had a few complications due to people arriving late, some mix up communication and so on. You know.. the usual XD jkjk. But all in all the fashion show was quite a success ^^

I wish I stayed for the photoshoot after but I was too tierd and just hanged out wit

h bevan, Sylvia and Link.

Saturday Alarm Hazard

I was so drop dead tierd that I passed out the night before without setting my alarm. My mom set it at 630am but I was supposed to wake up at 5am. I got ready as usual but had difficulties tying my own obi… I rushed on my way to AE and tried to get some prints from London Drugs before I got there but it deemed to be too expensive…and took too much time. I arrived at the artist villa by around 11pm.

Bussiness was a bit slower than the day before but I got a bunch of commissions that kept me busy throughout the day.

After artist villa I walked around for a bit and ran into some old friends. Anne, Mei, Melissa, and Kero Wiz, did a mini photoshoot with Ken and I was off on my way home hoping to sleep a little more.

This time I was determined to set my alarm…

Sunday Emergency

I awoke this fine morning feeling well rested…. WHAT well rested?! Yea that’s right. I set my alarm, it didn’t go off, and I was stressing like shit. 930am was the time I woke up, and 5am was the time I was supposed to wake up…..

I didn’t have time to do my hair so I just threw on a kogyaru uniform, called people and my dad came through for me to give me a ride to UBC. I quickly straightend my hair and shaped it. Luckily it was already puffy from the day before.

I arrived at UBC around 11am however my thins were in storage and I had to wait for someone to come with the key. I made it down and opend up shop by 1130.

Sunday was a pretty big profit day as well. After all of it, Charles called me ot see if I wanted to eat dinner with him. I thought it was a group dinner but it wasn’t and I decided to eat dinner with my mom instead.