Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vegas Collections

As you might assume, I took ALOT of photos in vegas. So I'm going to share with you a couple of photos from my "collections" via category. (not all just my fave photos. I took like 500 over the weekend)

Brand Whore photos XD Im too much of a broke ass to buy anything but take a photo anyway XD The store fronts of these places were soo pretty

Scenery Collection. Heres some pictures of my top fave places in Vegas.
Venetian Hotel


Cakes. Vegas has the most beautiful cakes ive ever seen!

Well, there's really alot more but this entry will become wayyy too long so, I'll just link you to my albums and you can see the rest. =3 I also took some photos of some interesting fashion finds (day 1/2) (day 3/4)


  1. wow!! these pictures are awesome ❤

  2. awww my son thinks ur a princess

  3. I love vegas, I've been there so many times already but it never gets old. Can't wait until I can acutally gamble and club there though, that'll be different,, hha. I couldn't help but notice you live in Vancouver too, cool. :P

  4. Ah yea that would be very fun ^_^ I was old enough to club and gamble but I'm not really into gambling so the clubbing and the architecture was enough for me.

    I USED to live in vancouver, I now live in Tokyo though.