Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Las Vegas Final Day

I was only able to sleep for 2hrs before i packed up to leave. It was quite the scramble and we almost didnt make it out in time because bevan took a long shower and michelle still had the shower. We all packed her stuff for her. We checked out and put our luggage in the storage and went upstairs the the food court to eat. I was in a super pissy mood cuz i was uber teird. I drank a double shot of coffee and mcD and it didnt make anything better. I chewed holes into my straw i was so pissy. Too bad cuz there was this cute todler i should have taken a picture of cuz he was riding his parents suitcase as they tolled it along

There was a bit of confusion about the shuttle busses but we all managed to get on on time. I started to feel sick. When we got to the airport, i rushed to the washroom after check in to throw up. I guess my stomach didnt like the fish nor the coffee huh~

I managed to get it all out of my system before i boarded the plane though which was good. We had a connect flight to portland to van. There was a long waiting time in portland airport. Bevan showed me some funny comics on his iphone and one reminded me of Kyo alot XD i sent it to him when i got home.

The plane was TINY! soo small haha~ We arrived in Van around 1130pm. ==;; so much for the yukata party lol. The air was soo cool and moist it was refreshing.. yet freezing! Wendy's mom drove us all home and that was that~ What an awesome vacation~! had loads of fun. Vegas is awesome~~~~~ Id like to go back sometime.

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