Friday, July 9, 2010

Visa Obtained! Art Revived

The last of my paperwork has finally been done. I went to pick up my whv at the Japanese Consulate today. It was really soo fast and so simple i was almost left thinking "thats it??" the guy didnt even look at my eticket 0_o But can never be too careful right? So now im all set, and I just have to wrap up a few things such as getting rid of my old stuff and preparing to leave.

On another note, I finally have been able to get a Artist Villa Table at the Local Anime Convention here in Vancouver <- go here if you are intersted in finding out what im talking about. I've been selling my art every year for a long time but this was the first year where i didnt get a table right away. I was almost going to go off believe i wont be attending this year. But, alas, i got in =3. So now, I have alot of work ahead of me. I'm going ot be spending the next month or so preparing a new line of work to sell on my last and final year at AE. I really hope that i do well >.< (the photo on this entry is a little peek at a work in progress. edit: its now finished =3 ) OH~! yea~ i forgot to ask. Those of you who are reading this, if you have any suggestions or requests you can ask here. I mean not of personal portraits but I wouldnt mind some input or ideas on what you think or what you would like to see. I specialize in drawing hot men. My style.. is very complex. But this is an anime con, and i DO need money (as being unemployed, my freelance artist status is at full time now) So feel free on suggesting some animes, pairings you like, or vkei rockers, gyaru/gyaruo models. etc <-- a link to my past works. Ive improved significantly but havent had the time to work on things til now

I think this is a good way to spend my time wihtout spending the money =3

(a hair nazi even on paper.... LMAO jkjk)


  1. Sorry for being way too curious, but what are your plans for Japan? :) Working Holiday or something like that?

  2. To finally start living my life ^_~

  3. Draw characters from popular anime
    gurren lagann
    those would sell really well.

  4. So we're basically doing the same thing ^_~
    Nice :)

    So, good luck with the money. Hope you can sell a lot of your drawings :D 頑張れー!

  5. as funny as this sounds...
    the preview that you've posted reminds vaguely of Sally's eyes. XD

  6. thankyou everyone for ur support~

    anon-> lol~ the drawing is done now. Its kouki from d=out im going to edit this entry and post it up ^^

  7. you are sooo good.
    i'm super jealous. >_<

  8. I shall have to come look for you when I'm there. Good luck with selling things, its what I plan to do next year.