Friday, July 30, 2010

Las Vegas - Day 3

Today i woke up pretty late so i didnt get to walk around as much during the day. Basically i only had time to get ready for the gala night eat dinner then attend. Afterwards. we decided to go do a bit of shopping/looking around before we head back to the hotel. I got a nice pair of 5inch black heels XDD. I was trying to hold out til japan but my last pair of non boot shoes broke on my today =( . Besides, it was only 44 dollars and ive been needing a pair of black shoes for quite awhile now though never got around to buying a pair since i mostly wear white.

It was starting to get late so we rushed back to the hotel and changed into our club clothes and literally jogged (or in my case, trot, damn it felt like a horse LOL ) to club Haze in hotel Aria. We couldnt make it in before 12 to get the free cover but oh well, luckily it was only 20 cover. It was a bit of a long wait but definatly worth it! The club was soo awesome~!!!! its like a shibuya club only with non-asian people. Honestly, i thought alot of the girls were hot LOL. (guys not so much).

We started with a yager bomb, however it was 2x the size of a normal one 0_0. totally got me pretty drunk after that drink because i was running on a completely empty stomach! After about 30mins i was almost sober again though. Then we drank some other stuff that was free (tip only). We danced the night away, it was just soo awesome.

Eventually my feet couldnt hand much any more so i took alot of breaks. At around 3:00 i was having a hard time breathing. So we left the club. It was really difficult for me to walk around. I just couldnt breathe soo well with the hot air all around and my feet feeling like im walking on hot dull glass. We sat around the waterfall at Aria for a bit then headed back to the hotel. Bevan and I sat at monte carlo, while michelle, the only one who can walk (shes wearing flats) ran and got some McDs. When we arrived at the hotel, we decided to eat and sit around in the large bathroom in our suite so not to disturb others in our room and to rest ourselves on the nice cool tiles. Yup a pretty classy after party if you ask me LOL

So that brings me to here typing in my blog before i go to sleep =3 so goodnight/morning to you all =P

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  1. awww hope your breathing is better now hun